Forming Communities

These groups are at many different stages of development. Some may be a bunch of people with an idea, some may be at a very advanced stage - perhaps about to purchase a property and looking for people with capital and commitment. Bear in mind that much of the information may be aspirational.

If you're starting up a new project and are looking to attract more people then e-mail us. We would expect Forming Communities to have reasonably thought through ideas, 10 or 12 prospective members and perhaps a website or a legal structure already. We will require some information and a postal address from you before we consider giving you a listing within this section. If you're an individual or small handful of individuals or families looking for more people to consider different ideas then do put a notice in the People forming a Group section within the Noticeboard.

This is what we're attempting in Lincoln/Lincolnshire over the next year. Our project is based predominantly upon an idea around sharing, and cooperation. Sharing knowledge, practical skills, craft skills, and cooperative principles and values in a more community minded way. In principle it is less about making money and more about getting things done, where every member can directly benefit as well as the local and wider community. (Which we believe to be the original aims of the pioneers of cooperatives, dating back at least to the Rochdale pioneers of the early 19th century) The workers cooperative aims would be to set up and run projects that can create an income (financially and through trade bargains, LETS), mentoring and taking a guiding role over them. A kind of management hub over the various income generators.

****Seeking New Members!!!***

Members wanted for a new housing co-op Our aim is to set up a new housing co-op in Morecambe and we are looking for more members! We’re all enthusiastic about creating a supportive community and want to hear from people who would like to become part of this project with us. We are looking for people who believe in working towards social change, in the many forms this can take, who are committed to a simple green lifestyle and who would be happy to live in a vegan house. The project is starting, so we need enthusiastic people that can commit time and energy to make it happen. If you think you'd like to get involved or if you want to find out more, please get in touch! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

We are 6 adults (one child, four dogs, one cat) all working in woods and with a business plan to buy a wood together to work together. We are not incorporated yet, but will be very soon. We want to get on with the work, so we intend to buy the land this year and get on with planning applications and felling timber immediately after. We have a wood in mind. Our aim is to be free of debt in 15 years, autonomous (free from government subsidy), self-supporting (electricity/ water/ wood/ maybe even food on site) and long-lasting. We are based in West Wales. The woods here are conifer plantations often on old broadleaf woodland sites. We want to gradually remove the conifers to sell the timber and replant with broadleaves. We currently work felling timber, thinning, pruning, doing arboricultural work, renovating old buildings, doing hydro-electrical work, saw-milling timber, selling timber, planting trees, doing metalwork, winching timber, processing firewood and delivering wood.

Brighton Cohousing is interested in setting up a project somewhere near Brighton.

Searching in Devon and Somerset.

We are a cohousing group with detailed planning permission and the resources to build 23 Passivhaus homes in Colchester for occupation in 2017.
So far we’re mainly professional people (55+) and we are actively recruiting new members able to purchase a house or flat.

We are developing a cohousing project, with a view to using land at Collina Street in Maryhill, Glasgow.

We are actively seeking new members to get involved and help make this project happen.

Public meeting - Sat 26 November, 10am, Maryhill Hub, 186 Wyndford Road, Glasgow, presentation and Q&A followed by tour of the proposed site. Sturdy footwear and outdoor clothing advised.

Cohousing is a model where a group of people build, develop and run their own community. Everyone has their own private home, but there is also a ‘common house’ where residents can come together to share activities and meals together as often as they want.

Clachan Cohousing aims to self build our project using energy efficient construction techniques, and use renewable energy sources to create homes with low carbon footprint and low energy bills.

ClanAlba Housing Co-op are looking for gainfully employed/unemployed members...more info soon

We are a group of veggie/vegans looking to form a Co housing eco community in South West England. We are currently considering an ideal small holding in East Devon, which has a number of individual homes with potential for adding more.The property is on a South facing slope of nearly 20 acres with ancient trees and its own water supply We are looking for one or two more people or families to invest in 1-3 bedroom units. Based on permaculture and cohousing principles, we'd like to forge a healthier way of life: grow most of our own food and fuel; generate our own energy; share skills; provide a place for courses, activities, holidays, retreats; and create an abundant biodiverse forest garden to share. The property we've found is in a rural setting, there is a village nearby which has bus links to the nearest large town. For more details please visit our website / contact us.

We are currently a group of 5 people (with other potential members on the edge), a Couple, 10 year old girl, another male and 2 females (so we have a fairly even gender spread so far).
We intend to share cooking facilities and pool cars, but will have our own personal space.
We plan to buy a house with land and outbuildings so there will be ample room for expansion and storage. The property we buy will likely need some restoration.

Our vision is to create, within the next 3 years, a housing-based community in Cardiff that will encourage social interaction and mutual support whilst reducing our carbon footprint. The development will include self-contained and accessible homes along with a shared co-house and other facilities for communal use (laundry, tool and bike shed; external space for food-growing and leisure; car pool etc).
Housing, designed to maximise planned and informal social contact, will be built in line with ecological sustainable principles. A mixed tenure development, it will include 15-25 private, shared and rented homes, in partnership with a Housing Association. Collaboration in the planning, design and running of our community will develop the trust and friendships between all who live there.

This project was started by a group of friends in October 2011. We had all been thinking in our own way of how it could be possible to live in an environment that would be nurturing and supportive, full of interest with different people and activities while at the same time ecologically sound and with moderate running costs. Cohousing seems to offer all of this (and more) and with nothing available in Northern Ireland we are setting up our own project.
Our aim is to create a housing community that works for the world we live in now and into the future:
A place designed for neighbours to create, share, work and play together while retaining space for household privacy.
Run by the members, for the members, with a supportive and friendly environment.
Inclusive and diverse (by age, background, religion, politics, nationality etc.)

Cohousing Woodside will be a community of 30 households where at least one occupant per household is aged 55 years and over. The new-build homes in Muswell Hill,North London, (estimated completion date May 2017) will be owned on 999 year leases (no rentals). Our Development Plan may be seen on our website. There will be a common house and the opportunity to join in shared activities, including meals and gardening. Members will manage the common facilities, and all residents are invited to take part in the life of the community.

We are still getting to know each other and sorting out our hopes and expectations in 'signing up to be neighbourly'. Our working groups are developing the Common House, policies for group living, car sharing arrangements and other aspects of group life. New members are welcome and an 'early-bird' discount applies. We hold monthly meetings locally with visitor Q & A sessions.

This project is on hold for the time-being, following the unexpected passing-away of the lady whose vision it was.

We remain hopeful that something can be salvaged for the future. What follows will give some idea about what was trying to be achieved.
To create a community based eco-village modelled on villages as they were 100-150 years ago:


- People work where they live.

- People create their jobs at home.

- Three/four generations live closely together. (a care-village within the village)

- The commitment to and care for each other is “from Cradle-to-Grave”.

- The emphasis is also on restoring the Human Values and re-connect with their own inner guidance / higher self / God.

- Walk our Talk with Compassion for Self and Others

- Children learn to take responsibility and make things for themselves.

- There is a co-operative nature/forest school based on home-schooling.

We are converting our 33-acre ex-Forestry Commission plantation (purchased in 2000) to agroforestry or forest farming. We produce and sell free range chicken, pork, bacon and smoked duck. All livestock play an integral role in the management of the land, eg pigs root out existing weeds and prepare the ground for planting forage crops and trees. Wwoofers are welcome.
We intend to purchase a farm and divide it into an appropriate number of smallholdings to form a commonwealth and build low-cost housing. Ownership of land and housing will be vested in the commonwealth. Prospective members must be able to demonstrate their commitment to high welfare livestock production - membership invitation achieved by working on existing holding.

Although we are still looking for other members we have a strong core group of 6 people and are in process with business applications and are looking for suitable property in the mid Wales area. Some of us have property we will sell.We are looking for others to join us who would be able to bring some capital to the venture although this is not exclusively so. The main thing is to feel in tune with our vision.We would very much like to have some younger people join us as it feels important to have a wide age range. It is our intention to have our own accommodation within the community as small family units and we will all work within the community, although some may have other work outside.

We’re a group of people with a shared aim; to work together to co-create ecovillage / co-housing projects in Wales. We aim to share resources, and work to live sustainably, with the additional support that can be gained from living nearby to one another. Options for these projects include Community Land Trusts, and Co-operatives, although some of us are also looking into ‘Freeman’ eco-villages. One of the main ideas evolving from the North Wales meetings is a peace village project of ‘united diversity’, where, similar to the Sieben Linden Eco- village, groups of two or more individuals with land next to each other form areas where they specialise in their chosen way of living. The idea is that people will thrive in the individuality of their chosen way of sustainable living, in the part the land they live on, while having the opportunity to form a group or co-operative with others who share specific goals and ways of living, and support each other in doing so.

Eco-hamlets UK was started with the aim of helping to create small sustainable neighbourhoods all over Britain. Rather than creating large, complex and expensive projects, the idea is to create small settlements that may be developed quickly, and more easily than larger projects, and that can fit into small niches in imaginative ways. Inspiration comes from Permaculture, Co-housing and Transition. Due to planning laws, in most of Britain we need to work with expensive sites and existing housing, and find creative way to make homes more affordable than normal, both to buy or rent, and that put people before profit. In Wales, there is also potential for low-impact housing, using the recent policies of the Welsh Government. The WEST WALES ECO-HAMLET is our first project. Still in its early stages, there is potential for renovating an existing pair of stone semi-detached houses, new build “conventional” eco-houses, and low-impact housing, on a site with a field and woodland.

Enlinca (Environmental Living In Cambridgeshire) is a group working towards the establishment of a (probably new-build) co-housing community with possibly 10-30 separate living units of varied size together with a central Common House and shared and personal outside space. We came together in 2000 and registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee in 2003 and currently have about 8 active members including 2 families. Our ages range from 4-70 Some of us have houses to sell and others rent property or have shared ownership arrangements.

We are a group aiming to launch and manage a cohousing project in Sheffield, and active in promoting cohousing more generally. Our vision/mission is to live on a site that is multi-generational, of mixed tenure, and eco-friendly. For this purpose, in 2012 we set up a company limited by guarantee – Five Rivers Cohousing Co. Ltd. – and we are meeting regularly, investigating sites (including with Sheffield City Council and Sheffield Housing Company), and developing our collective ideas for location, architecture and site layout, collective facilities and gardening, and so on. With some 13 members at present, we welcome more to join us.

As of yet we are not living together, but we are working on it!
Our intention is to offer a space for people to live in peace and find what is right and true for them. A place for people to reflect on life and feel their way. It will be a place where people can really be themselves, to live creatively, freely, openly and honestly. A place that welcomes and invites true expression and ‘realness’. A place where people can choose to live simply, with nature, cultivating their garden and watching the clouds drift by.
When we find a place to set up- There will be the possibility for people to stay for short periods, or for long periods of time and for people to make Freeriver their home. Life will become very simple and natural, like a tribe people will begin to become a family and develop close meaningful relationships.

In 2010 a small group of people in Herefordshire with strong ecological and social values got together to form a Cohousing group. 12 months was spent creating ideas for a project that would be sustainable, vibrant, and diverse. A vision statement was crafted and some new recruits were brought on board. Our desire has always been to create a beautiful place to live; to live in harmony with the natural systems that support our lives; and to protect and enhance the biodiversity of our local environment. We wanted our community to be accessible to people of all ages and from all financial circumstances. Other important aims are to enjoy ourselves, live meaningful lives; and where possible share our own experience and learn from and with others.

Seeking Intentional Community Pioneers: We are developing an intentional community initially based near Cambridge (UK), and looking for an inspiring pioneering team. It will be a humble and hardworking residential community, which includes accommodation in two shepherd’s huts, two rooms in a converted stable and a caravan. The community will be sustained through commercial endeavour, which during the six months trial period is The Missing Sock ( near Cambridge and KindahappyKafe ( in Norwich. The aim is to have an intentional community supportive of the charity The Missing Kind ( We are looking for interactive fun-loving people with a passion for wellbeing, catering, entertainment, housekeeping, administration, maintenance, gardening and animal care.

Norwich Cohousing has purchased a plot of land at Sussex Street just north of the city centre, and has formed a Community Interest Company to take the project forward.
The site already has planning permission for 17 two and three-bedroom units, plus 2,500 square feet of communal space. The units are likely to be all open market or privately rented unless we can engage with a housing association.
The site is urban, so outside space is limited, but it's in a lovely street with the river nearby and opportunities for getting involved in local allotments or forming a community garden.
The city centre is in walking distance, and Norwich is a great city to live in - not too big and not too small! There are schools nearby and the University is in cycling distance.

Our vision is to establish a Cohousing Community in Netheredge; Sheffield. We intend to refurbish and build, and subsequently to use resources, in as ecologically sustainable way as possible. We have just received planning permission on the building that we have purchased and the refurbishment is about to start! Because of this we are actively seeking new members (Nov 2016) as the project takes on a pace.

Members will have their own individual living space and the opportunity to use communal spaces for the sharing of cooking, eating, gardening, meeting, relaxing and having fun together, as well as sharing with the wider community in a variety of ways.

We own 22 acres of woodland and pasture near Bromyard in Herefordshire and we are creating an ecological and personal growth community, living as self-sufficiently as we are able. We are two committed adults plus several regular participants who may or may not become long term residents.

We are off-grid. We are managing our woodland in accord with a Woodland Management Plan we have agreed with the Forestry Commission and will use timber from it to build a community house big enough for 10 adults plus children. We have an architect working with us and we will be putting in for Planning Permission when we are ready. We already have permission for a round-wood timber framed barn for use in connection with our forestry activity and are cutting and preparing timber for this barn..

A sustainable affordable self/build rural co-housing project is looking for new members. The idea is to provide affordable land for self-build eco-friendly houses and work units with minimal impact on the environment. There will be a low-impact communal building with shared facilities and all services will be provided off-grid, both in individual dwellings and communally, using renewable energy devices. The project is not envisaged as a commune, but as a community of independent households sharing access to communal building and agricultural land.
What we have:

- 23 acres of agricultural land in South Somerset

- planning application prepared with help of leading low-impact planning consultants which took a year to put together but now ready for submission

- 4 households committed to the project
What we are looking for:

- 6 more like-minded households prepared to share commitments and results

Pont-y-Gafel 'Bridge of Faith' is the farm that sold the land for the formation of the Lammas eco-village. We are currently exploring avenues by which we could open up the farm house and outbuildings for the development of a Christian intentional community. We have a mortgage to pay and would like to invite couples, singles or families of faith with capital to invest to join us, perhaps dividing ownership and keeping the ideals of the teachings of Jesus.