Forming Communities

These groups are at many different stages of development. Some may be a bunch of people with an idea, some may be at a very advanced stage - perhaps about to purchase a property and looking for people with capital and commitment. Bear in mind that much of the information may be aspirational.

If you're starting up a new project and are looking to attract more people then e-mail us. We would expect Forming Communities to have reasonably thought through ideas, 10 or 12 prospective members and perhaps a website or a legal structure already. We will require some information and a postal address from you before we consider giving you a listing within this section. If you're an individual or small handful of individuals or families looking for more people to consider different ideas then do put a notice in the People forming a Group section within the Noticeboard.

We are a group of like minded people who are setting up an intentional community based on permaculture principles.
The community will be essentially land based with the aim of producing most of our own food and energy. We will earn our income from a wide variety of activities - as many as possible will take place on-site.
Accommodation will be based on co-housing with dwellings that are largely self contained but sharing many facilities.
We are looking to buy a property, a large house or farmhouse with land, which will be rural but near a village or small town. It will probably be in the west country - Dorset, Somerset, or Devon.
We are seeking new members especially those with capital and/or skills such as land based and building. We meet regularly in Devon but prefer to meet prospective members individually first.
Please visit our website to find out more about us.

We’re a group of four single adults in their 30s in the process of setting up a new housing co-op in south London, and are looking for new members! We’d describe ourselves as left-leaning, and most of us are involved in political or community activism. We’re setting up a housing co-op together as we enjoy shared living but don’t like the lack of control or security that having a private landlord inevitably entails!

We’re hoping to buy an existing property in south London (exact areas tbc between those in the group, but realistically in zone 3 or 4) which we would live in together with a degree of communal living e.g. sharing communal space and some meals. We hope to get somewhere with room for 5-6 people, with room to expand (perhaps for children in future...!)

Red Macgregor Housing Cooperative is in need of new members and anyone interested in living in an intentional community of over 50`s in the Scottish Borders should contact us.

We hope to acquire a large house with land to create a self sufficient community. The cooperative is registered as a fully mutual industrial and provident society. Therefore the property will be owned by the coop and members rent their own space from the coop.

We are currently looking for additional members and further investment for our first project at Red Pig Farm, Llandeilo, Wales.

Red Pig Farm is a 70 acre woodland on the edge of the Brecon Beacons. We are currently re establishing a mushroom growing business and developing a local food distribution enterprise.

We are looking for new members that have experience in agroforestry and related activities willing to commit to a One Planet Development application for a co-sufficent community farm.

For more information visit our website at

Or write to us at

Shangrileeds is a co-housing project based in Leeds which aims to build (within 4 miles of the city centre) a member-led housing neighbourhood, maximising social interaction between its residents whilst making a positive contribution to its surrounding community. We aim to build a community of 10 to 20 homes (from 1 bed flats up to 4 bed houses) and the project will include a ‘co-house’ which will include features for residents such as laundry, shared kitchen and meeting space, and will offer facilities for the local community. We hope to have a low impact on the environment subject to financial constraints, and be accessible to people on modest incomes, The project will be developed by a Mutual Home Ownership Society (MHOS), a democratically run co-operative company run by the members which will build and manage the project.

We are a lively group of people creating an “intentional community” in Milton Keynes. We are committed to living as sustainably as possible in a mutually supportive neighbourhood. There will be individual all-age self-build homes, but the core will be a mixed-tenure senior cohousing development aimed at singles and couples aged fifty years upwards.

We are actively negotiating on a site in south east Milton Keynes and are looking for new members to join us on our journey.

Our small International Community has a shared vision to create a way of Sustainable living where sharing co-operation and mutual exchange are the motivational philosophies. We have a legally constituted a Not for Profit Benefit of the Community loan stock Co operative to realise this vision.

This year soon we hope to purchase a spacious Country house with enough land to cultivate, and to build our own Eco homes, within 8 miles of Totnes, where we can run a wide range of Course Workshops and Retreats, all aimed to enable people to live ecologically and financially sustainable in a rural area of Devon or elsewhere.

At present there are about 2 families and 5 individuals involved in this community as future residential members, and about 5 more who are Associate Members. Each member has a £1 share and can invest whatever sum they can afford as loanstock and receive a reasonable interest for that investment.

In the light of the state of our society, in specific the housing crisis and living situation in London, we want to build an intentional community for like-minded people to live, create and evolve together. The 3 pillars of this community are commitment of time and energy of its members, common focus and inner work.

The community’s focus is to research a community building process. Goal is to create a blueprint of building and maintaining a community in a city and make the community idea, which has been widely forgotten, accessible again to groups of all backgrounds and ages. It’s about enabling individuals and groups to self organize for building their own supporting community depending on their preferences and circumstances.

Vivarium came into being in 2003 as a result of a group of friends aged 50+ considering the problems which they were facing as they grew older, especially in relation to housing and to their ability to afford the sort of housing and community setting which would be appropriate in later years. They came across Co-Housing, were attracted by its key features, and have explored and developed their interest in Co-Housing since then. Vivarium has been holding open meetings since 2003, has around 25-30 members, and has an active steering group who work hard to push the project forward. Our original constitution, agreed in 2003, was revised in 2007 as we moved towards charity status and now emphasises the benefits which Vivarium offers to the public at large through its educational and support activities. We intend to create a pilot Co-Housing development to demonstrate that Co-Housing is achievable in Scotland.