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Brotherhood Church

The Brotherhood Church originated as a Christian Pacifist Group over 100 years ago. Around 1892 it was jointly at Purley in Essex with Tolstoyans. In 1898 the Tolstoyans in the group decided to move to Whiteway in Gloucestershire. The rest of the group were Christian Pacifists and were based in Leeds. Both men and women were prosecuted and imprisoned in both first and second world wars for being conscientious objectors. After WW1, there was a strong feeling of the need to be more fully involved in the land - members felt it very important to treat the land in the right manner as well as animals and humans. In 1921, a seven and a half acre field was bought and houses were built without resort to planning permission - two of the houses were pulled down by the council and rebuilt by the members several times.

This land is probably one of the oldest organic holdings in Britain as it was part of our principles to treat all things in a right and just way. We live out an ecological lifestyle, some refer to us as anarchists. Our Members and Trustees do not all live here at Stapleton but give their support from all corners of Britain.

Visitors are always welcome - but please contact us to arrange a date. A first visit would normally be up to a couple of days or so.

community does not share income community does not require capital from members community does not have broadband internet access community does not generates any of its own electricity community does not use solar energy community buildings not insulated to a high standard bicycles not used a lot community has organised system for carsharing community is accessible by public transport community shares utilities community has tool-sharing system community has organised systems for recycling community has some kind of ecosewage system community is involved in land management community grows a lot of vegetables animals kept communally regular communal meals community does not have policy which restricts smoking community buildings at least partially wheelchair accessible

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