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Tipi Valley

To be honest, we’re a bunch of hippies, some of us ‘originals’. Tipi Valley is high in the Welsh hills, on 200 acres that we have bought bit by bit over 35 years. Our oldest land has already reverted to temperate rainforest.
The idea is that we are part of nature, living within nature. Thus all our homes are low-impact dwellings such as tipis, yurts, domes and thatched or turf-roofed round houses.
We are a village, not a commune, and everyone is responsible for their own economy. We do not have regular business meetings, and we never vote. It works by consensus and personal relationships. Dogs are not welcome. And cats have a very negative impact on the environment.
VISITING: We have a large communal TIPI called the ‘Big Lodge’ where we gather and where guests may usually stay to experience the lifestyle first-hand. Bring sufficient warm bedding, a roll-mat to sleep on (we use sheepskins) & food; also a good torch & candles.You look after yourself,cooking over the open fire in the Big Lodge, fetching water from the well, gathering firewood, and cutting rushes for the floor. We don’t want payment and we don’t run a WWOOFing scheme of work in exchange for food etc. You must provide your own food. We do not expect you to work for us other than keeping the Big Lodge a welcoming place.
Sorry to need to have to mention this - but it is essential to poo in the shit pits provided and absolutely nowhere else! Some visitors think it is ok to poo wherever they like just because the land is so wild. But people who do that just make some villagers wish we had no visitors at all, so please please don’t do that or we might end up as a closed community! If in doubt, ask!
Parking is very limited. If you bring your vehicle then e-mail first and I will send you a map showing where you can park. SatNav is SA32 7UQ.
It is horribly wet sometimes, and then the ground is sodden. When the weather is wet conditions in the Big Lodge are very much more difficult and a struggle with the elements, eg drips off the tipi poles, and wet firewood = smokey fires. My advice is: don’t come when it is so wet, come another time during a drier spell, or you probably won’t enjoy it! The firewood you gather is likely to be dampish anyway unless you visit during a prolonged sunny period, so you might like to buy a wheelbarrow load of nice dry wood for £10 from Nikki up at the house.
This web-site is kept up to date, so check just before you come for any latest information, eg in case the Big Lodge is not available.
Village spirituality is natural, mostly expressed in chanting and drumming at the sweatlodge (sauna) and at Big Lodge get-togethers. Over 90 home births. Education at local Welsh-speaking schools. It’s a survival lifestyle, 100% nature. Always take your footwear off when entering a dwelling. Most people wear wellies. Arrive before dark or get very lost. It’s wild! Rik x x

LATEST INFO: I should just advise visitors wishing to stay in the Big Lodge that our present Big Lodge is coming to the end of its useful life, and we need to make a new one as soon as we can. In the meanwhile, you’re still welcome to stay in it, it’s just that it’s a bit tatty, leaky and dark inside.