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D&D 25th Anniversary EditionDiggers & Dreamers is the starting point for many people in Britain who are interested in communal living and want to find out more.

If that includes you then take a look at our UK Directory to see just how many different ways there are to experience life within an intentional community. Volunteering and WWOOFing are amongst the best ways to to try it out for yourself. Once you've decided that you really want to go for it then Places needing Members is the next stop. You can also try putting a message on People needing Communal Places but communities rarely headhunt so don't expect a huge number of responses!

Perhaps you'd like to get involved in setting up a new place. People forming a Group is our noticeboard for those at the very early stages whereas Forming Communities are usually quite a bit further down the developmental road.

Properties might suit Communities is where people who are trying to sell or make people aware of a particular vacant property can place a message. Finally our General Noticeboard is for anything else that might be of interest to D&D users - perhaps educational and retreat centres that offer some experience of communality; organic smallholdings looking for help and much more!

Diggers & Dreamers first appeared in printed form in 1989 and - in its various incarnations - has now been an invaluable resource over many decades. Publishing books about communal living remains very important to us. The 25th Anniversary edition contains many fascinating articles as well as a directory. Our popular Review series looks at particular ways of shared living (currently Cohousing and Low Impact Living) in more detail. D&D's various history books (like Communes Britannica) underline the fact that communal living has always been around and is here to stay!

If you really want to then you can buy all these books from Amazon but it's much better to get them from a co-op! Order online from Edge of Time.

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Whiteway Colony is a Tolstoyan Community which was set up in 1899 by middle class socialists. In 1998 The Colony celebrated its centenary as a unique pioneering enterprise. Today it occupies the same forty one acres of communally held land with which it began, where colonists live in their own homes as individual families. Unfortunately today, with no spare land available, a person has to buy...

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  • Oakleigh Community in Sheffield have a room coming available in January. £300/calendar month includes most bills. If you are interested in contributing to their household, get in touch and tell them
  • Diggers and Dreamers first came out in 1989 and we’re pleased to announce that communal living in Britain is as vibrant as ever. There are many different ways to “do” intentional community... u