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Wanted.. A new home, Mid Wales / Shropshire area..

Hi.. Im a well Travelled, Spiritual 53 year young, Woodman/ Metalman/ Handyman/ Traveller/ Outdoors man. I live in my hand build motorhome and tow a workshop on wheels.. Im now looking for a very quiet park up or to move indoors for myself and my cat.. I want to move back to Mid Wales/ Shropshire area.. Anything concidered... Thank you and Blessings. 07707640282 Spike...

message posted by Spike
Live in Helper Required

Hi :) We are a family with young 3 children looking for a spiritual, non religious live in helper to join us on our beautiful quinta in Central Portugal.... We are vegetarians so we don´t eat meat or fish, but we raise sheep for milk to make cheese and chickens for eggs. We have a simple life attune to nature living off the land growing vegetables and harvesting fruits. Being totally off grid we have our own water and solar/wind power system. As a live in helper you would reside in our Comuna House, helping out around the property and assisting to look after the children in exchange for your food and board. Previous experience with children and a love to be living in nature would be an advantage.. Single mothers are welcome... Email us directly at with your details.....thanks

message posted by Da Luz
Any single guys here into the off grid lifestyle?

Hi, I'm looking to meet a single guy interested in meeting a single woman (that would be me) to share our passion for alternative ways of living and being in the hope of one day turning our passions into a reality. Just an idea I'm putting out there to the universe. So a bit about me: I'm in my early thirties, have my own small business, live in SE England and have no children (not counting my venus flytrap). I would like to meet someone who is looking to escape the mainstream for a life more attuned to nature and animals. I'm open to ideas if you have any (answers on an email please). Thanks for reading kind stranger x

message posted by emmyclaire
Creative collaboration

Hi Folks, Am a musician and performer and am looking for a creative connection with someone to move forward ideas with. Ive space and talent and finances and am free in my life style. If any of this appeals please get in touch. Thanks

message posted by matt-Art
Looking to POOL RESOURCES to establish project in the tropics – seeking partners with similar vision.

Clearly there are many of us who have had enough of this system and would like to find a real, practical and sustainable alternative. I am looking for like-minded (free-thinking, but non-esoteric) people to buy some land and plant a food forest, develop permaculture and related projects. I am flexible on the location, but I will explain my personal preferences below. I have considered places like Eastern Europe as it can be very cheap to buy a farmhouse with lots of land. I have also considered southern Europe, which could certainly be a good option. It would be viable to purchase a house and land in the southern European countries for a very reasonable price. But, southern Europe is still not tropical, and although the winters are short and mild compared to northern Europe it still gets cold/chilly in winters and warm clothes and heating would be required. (Even the Canary Islands cannot be compared to the true tropics, although I would be willing to consider this as an option if somebody gave me a serious proposal). Personally I have a strong preference for tropical countries where there is a full 12-month growing season. (I have also found that truly tropical weather is very health giving. In my own case, it has helped me to block the advancement of arthritis and even reverse it somewhat. From personal experience, I have learned that chronic “diseases” such as arthritis are viewed primarily as a source of ongoing profits for the disease industry – and they have no intention of ever cutting-off the source of their lucrative careers and their juicy profits). Additionally, I have focused my search on tropical countries which permit foreigners to reside permanently and purchase land in our own name – with no ownership restrictions imposed on foreigners. I have researched the matter somewhat already, but I am open to other opinions and ideas. Essentially I am looking to make a shared investment – although the details are open to discussion. Other people who seek to initiate such projects/communities have adopted a vulture capitalist (purely profit-seeking) approach – by buying large tracts of land (more than 25 hectares) and then dividing it and reselling the plots separately. Although this can be very profitable I am seeking to partner with like-minded people rather than make a profit from the venture. So, the idea would be to purchase a large area of land together, and then jointly enjoy the benefits of a MUCH CHEAPER PRICE PER HECTARE. If land is purchased in large plots (before subdividing it) the price is considerably cheaper – often far less than USD10k per hectare. I have seen large farms for sale where the price per hectare can be USD5k or even less. Obviously, various factors need to be considered: Location/ accessibility by road, access to water, altitude, and soil type, etc. There are various ways we could proceed: The land could be purchased by a trust or a corporation, or we could purchase it outright as a shared investment/venture. If you prefer, we could draw up binding contracts to immediately apply to divide the land into separately owned plots after the purchase. These are just details which would need to be discussed and ironed out. What is really important here is our intention and to be able to achieve the objective of finding an AFFORDABLE path to pursue an alternative way of living. One option could be to negotiate jointly with the seller, stating that we seek to purchase some tracts of land individually. In this case, it may be possible that the seller is willing to legally divide the land before the sale/purchase but still give us a good price per hectare. In this scenario we would each have our own legally titled farms on neighbouring plots. Another advantage is that we could have as much individual autonomy or cooperation as we choose to have. Once the land is purchased there are many things we can do – many possibilities to create a food- forest and also pursue some related activities to generate an ongoing income to purchase materials, etc. To avoid any conflicts I expect that we would need to negotiate the matter carefully, and do it all through lawyers so that we all feel 100% safe and sure – so that we can fully focus on the real shared objective. I don’t have any love for lawyers, as they are part of the endemic corruption I am seeking to escape from. However, I suspect that in this matter lawyers would be a necessary evil. I am simply seeking peace and harmony, so conflictive or “complicated” people with excessive unresolved “issues” would not be suitable for this venture. Also, I am not rich at all, but I am now in a position to make a “small” investment and it would be FAR CHEAPER to purchase a larger tract of land together with a few others who share the same idea. If you have a similar vision of escaping this imposed slavery, then please feel free to contact me. All the best.

message posted by martind
Accommodation, Pembrokeshire

House share available for one or two persons in nice victorian house in small hamlet by estuary in south pembrokeshire. Use of whole house and productive organic garden overlooking the waterway.English as a Foreign Language tuition available as an option.Working studio in house also.No extra utility bills. DSS ok. I am into personal development but not dogmatic.Contact either via this site or direct on 07392060754 or Thank you.

message posted by Glyn
looking for somebody

hi everyone,I am a lady late fifties looking for a partner to maybe buy property france or barge france for alternative living,,maybe even cob house,loads of ideas but not sure I want to do it alone,not the same adventure.sure there must be somebody out there,preferably male whom is in same situation,late fifties,slim,blonde,grey??sense of humour and quite arty,anybody want to share an adventure??please email too short

message posted by polyanna66

We are a ten acre eco friendly smallholding and events centre located in the beautiful county of Powys on the England/Wales border. We house a unique range of eco buildings and have always developed in sustainable ways. For a long time we functioned as an arts and environmental centre, but now we use the place for accommodation, courses, weddings and special occasions. The river, the wildlife corridor, and the views and natural beauty all help to ensure the visitors are stimulated and inspired. We currently have two types of opportunity available. The first opportunity is as a seasonal helper between the start of April and end of September. The role will involve assisting in the general management and running of the centre. As this role requires commitment for the full season and various responsibility, we offer a profit share to the right person along with food and accommodation. Duties will include coordinating volunteers, helping guests, maintenance, general upkeep, gardening and cleaning. This role would suit someone with a good level of English, with practical, social and organisational skills looking to gain relevant experience for future career prospects. The second opportunity is an ongoing one for various people looking to gain voluntary experience. We welcome people from all walks of life who are keen to immerse themselves in the day to day running and upkeep of a smallholding and events centre. Hours will vary depending on the tasks for the day and we often find that volunteers want to make their mark on the place by doing something creative and imaginative. We look for self motivated people who can work well on their own or together with other volunteers in exchange for food and accommodation. It's a great spot for walking with Offa’s Dyke only a short walk away. The Montgomery Canal Towpath is also close by, a conservation area in which you can enjoy the abundant wildlife and plant life. If you feel energetic, a walk up to Breidden Hill and Rodneys’ Pillar offers a challenge, from where you can enjoy magnificent views of the surrounding countryside. The Centre backs onto The River Vyrnwy and many of our guests dip their toes in to the river to cool off and take in the beauty of the surroundings. We have several bikes and canoes that the volunteers are welcome to use to explore the local area. Wildlife is in abundance in and around the centre with over 120 varieties of birds including sparrow hawks, woodpeckers, barn owls , great crested tits, swans and turtle doves. We also regularly see otters, badgers and foxes. For those looking for nightlife, there are numerous country pubs offering good food and drink close by. We're easily accessible from Shrewsbury by bus. Shrewsbury can be reached by train from Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool Airports in between one and two hours.

message posted by Sychpwll

Are you looking to live sustainably on the land, enjoy a relatively quiet life but at the same time would like to be part of something that serves a higher purpose? Ananta sacred space is an off grid healing retreat center in north east Spain that has a vision to become fully self sustained with a small community and food forest whilst healing the environment with the regular use of homa fires (the ancient vedic practice of agnihotra). We have availability of 1 stone cottage for a conscious couple or two friends who are practically minded, interested in simple, clean living, permaculture, forest gardens and open to the spiritual side of life. A monthly contribution of 70 euros per person towards water and other costs would be required. Income opportunities are available through the retreat center and can include doing therapies, food preparation, or their own workshops. For a taster experience there will be volunteering opportunities from November 2017 - April 2018, meet ups with the founder will take place this Spring/Summer in Somerset, UK or via skype. Contact here for more info. Thanks

message posted by Charlotte Phillips
Farm life in Northern Poland

I am Polish but was born in Britain and have lived in Zambia and Canada. 20 years ago my partner and I bought a 30 hectare run down farm on the edge of a small village in the beautiful forested Kashubia area of northern Poland with the intention of living as self-sufficiently and sustainably as possible while also integrating with the local community and possibly finding others to share the farm with us. However it soon became clear that this way of life would not suit my partner and he became a full time English teacher with much of his life spent in a town 25 kilometers away although he still harvests his firewood from the farm's own pine forest. I on the other hand, with the help of many wonderful WWOOFers have continued to develop a large organic vegetable garden and keep sheep (for wool), horses (for farm/forest work and pleasure) and chickens. Milk, cheese and butter come from a neighbour's farm. I am also a hand weaver and spend the long winter evenings weaving shawls, scarves etc. My other great interest is alternative theatre and I work with a group of young people from this area, researching local history and creating plays which tell the stories we discover. I also help with local music and theatre festivals. The farm is rich in wildlife, birds and plants with lots of different habitats, marshland, ponds and birch woods. Other people in the village include builders, a mechanic, teachers and forestry workers. Three years ago I moved out of the farmhouse into a small cottage nearby and I live there alone - no TV, fridge, washing machine etc but good internet, radio and time to sit on the porch and observe birds and animals and the changing seasons. I am 65 years old and still have many plans and dreams for what I would like to do here - there is so much potential but even with WWOOFer help I find it difficult to do much more than keep myself in home grown food (being vegetarian means I supply about 75% of what I eat and give away/sell some too). I am looking for someone, preferably two people - friends or a couple, who would like to come here on a woofer basis but with the option of staying longer and becoming more involved in developing some land based activities. You would need to be practical and independent, able to live in a fairly isolated place (the village is quite far from any shops or pubs, with poor public transport connections!) and not mind living very simply - the only accommodation I can offer is a well insulated wooden cabin with a wood stove and a butane gas cooker but no electricity or running water. A solar installation to generate electricity might be possible to install at the cabin but I don't want to do this until I meet someone who really undestands these systems. I am happy to share my cottage bathroom (wood fired hot running water!) as well as occasional vegetarian meals and electricity-lit evenings. If you decided to stay longer than a few weeks you would need to have or find a source of your own income for anything you need other than what we can produce here. This place would suit either a very practical person wanting the space to grow or make things or writer/musician/artist needing a quiet place to work in exchange for some help on the farm.

message posted by Ewa Orzechowska
French property lying idle - needs ppl with skills to bring it back to life

Anyone interested in living in the French countryside - Charente region - rolling hills, plenty of greenery/forestry and in the middle of farming country near Confolens? Very sizable property suitable for community living after some renovations. I am happy to consider rental offers or accommodation in exchange for renovations; house habitable already with water/elec etc - barns also available for renovation and expansion of living space. SO MUCH POTENTIAL, seems a shame for it to be lying idle :(

message posted by Frances
Wanted: Energetic, happy, mature, calm, nurturing, respectful, reliable, possibly spiritual lady/s 40+ with integrity to help set up small, caring, supportive community :-)

I am a 55 year old lady going through a challenging menopause with no real family who yearns to live in a small, loving, supportive "chosen family" type of community of up to maybe 4 - 6 ladies/persons. I have my own large home with a smallish garden in a popular seaside town on the south coast of England. I am gradually setting my house up to live off grid and as sustainably as possible. I am planning on turning my garden into growing as much clean, organic food as it will produce, hopefully, using modern vertical and urban gardening techniques. I am not a gardener but I am aware of aquaponics and hydroponics and hope to find someone who will help me eventually incorporate these into the mix. My other main project is to build a small cabin at the bottom of the garden, perhaps in cob, to gain experience of building a small rocket mass heater and stove with a composting toilet and solar panels etc. I believe that getting the right people together and building a strong unit together is the vital foundation and once we have our core unit right, I would consider selling up and moving to a place with a little more land available with space for more cabins and a camper van or two. (I also want to acquire a van to convert to a camper that I can tour in with my chosen family eventually). I have reached time in my life for change and having spent my life around men, I now need to feel the mutual support of some women too but of the few close friends I have already, sadly none are able to follow my dream with me either through illness, family commitments or no particular desire. So, initially, I am looking for reliable, respectful, calm, warm, friendly, energetic lady/s with a sense of humour, integrity and desires to live in a self sufficient, permaculture type way and as green and frugal as possible. I believe with Brexit happening and Trump in power, the world is an even less stable place. Also, there are no guarantees any more for future pensions and so the best defence is as much independence as possible. I am also very disillusioned with modern living and feel the unnatural stresses of the consumer society. If you like the sound of this, and have any permaculture, gardening, building or cooking skills or are willing to pitch in and turn your hand to anything and be part of a cohesive unit, please do get in touch. Or if you have any advice or suggestions, I am keen to listen as I have never done anything like this before nor have I personally known anyone who has. PS - For information only, I don't smoke or drink and am celibate. I do enjoy some forms of music and play the drums but am respectful of both my own peace and quiet and that of those around me.

message posted by Sprogella Sprog
Reach out

Dear friends, My name is Rade,i am 39.I have a beautiful 10year old daughter Aurora. After maybe living a slightly monastic life, busying myself with my current life situation which had many challenges I have forgotten the beauty of sharing the journey with someone. It is in the last year or so that quite often,especially when working on my off grid project in Portugal,I long for company,a friendly and kind face,someone to laugh and eat and work and meditate and do yoga and sit in silence and sing out loud and chant quietly and just be with... A personal ad is something I thought i'd never do but here I am,going with the flow and following the longing. I am male(just in case my name sounds it could go both ways and i am looking for a female company),love yoga and meditation,working outdoors,working with wood,cooking,playing with kids,healing,being healed,dancing,swimming,praying,being like a kid in Nature... Even if you feel like you'd just like to chat and share, please get in touch,it could be nice.i like meeting new people. My number is 07799050109. Sincerely and with Love, Rade

message posted by rade
Looking for a place to grow old gracefully

Peaceful place, Garden, growing things, Animals and Art. Looking for a situation with like minded people or person in which to settle...A cabin, Static trailer...with storage for my stuff..I am looking to purchase maybe a static..I am a healthy fifty +...Not sure where i may find such a place but keeping the dream.

message posted by Livewell59
9 acre Finca Catalonia

9 acre finca has olives, almonds, vines and 3 bed house ,lovely views, 4 kilometers to village which has everything - in need of repair and tlc, sell for £35,000 or will swap for something of equal value, canal boat or WHY

message posted by Thomas Davison
Lady Carpenter

Hi,my names Sam I'm a lady Carpenter in my late 40's looking for a lady or group of ladies who need someone to help around the place in exchange for a place to stay. Wether it be an out-building I could convert into a liveable space, a plot I could build a small chalet or put a caravan.As you can tell I'm looking for a long term placement not temperary. As well as being a time served Carpenter by trade I also have maintenance skills,love landscaping and gardening,The list could go on but I'll leave it there for now. Why am I asking for a lady ? well I've worked in a male environment for most of my life,I have no problem with men in general ,but wish there to be no confusion about how I'd pay my way.So If your a bloke,sorry but please don't reply you'd just be wasting your time and mine.Besides I would much rather work in a female environment. I'm a hard worker with an easy-going outlook on life, Have never been in trouble with the law,Am not religious but have no problem with those who are. I have a good sense of humour (which I believe is a must in today's world ) . I plan that whatever spare time I have I'll make handy crafts and sell at local fairs ext to sustain myself. I have worked my entire life ,I wish to live closer to nature among good people in a more sustainable way ( I no longer want to be a member of the rat race ) I want my existance to make a difference. Basically I'm looking for somewhere to call home and someone to call friend ,if you think you could be that place and person then I look forward to your reply. Cheers Sam

message posted by Samantha Staniforth
Wanted:caravan parking or barn/yard to rent/anything??

(Updated Apr'17)I'm medically retired NHS paramedic and looking for parking to rent for a touring size caravan in which i live full time.Currently im staying on authorised camping and caravan sites in Warwickshire/Oxfordshire no longer desperate to move, just looking for something a little longer term. Ideally a quiet spot on a farm or in a forest/woodland area or small certified caravan site. May consider a work on site arrangement in lieu of rent if mutually beneficial.I currently work part time as a photographer and writer but ive experience with heavy plant and machinery and large livestock /heavy horses and have an hgv license. I will also consider caretaker/security/warden position for cottage,house,cabin,bothy ,forest or woodland etc or as live-in or on-site caretaker /housekeeper in lieu of rent over winter months or longer term - Ive plenty of experience and can provide references if required...must be a pet friendly arrangement (I have a cat companion). Unlikely id be interested in a large commune or spritual development centre to be fair so if you are one please dont waste your efforts writing to me.(so many do) Ideally im looking for highlands or islands of Scotland or Yorkshire Dales, but I'll consider other parts of UK (Northern England /Wales /South West).

message posted by CristianoR
Sicily land with rustic house to rent or buy

A place in the sun in Sicily to rent or buy, Lovely place in the countryside with olive groove, almonds prickly pears and much more. An ideal place if you want to live off grid or pretty much self sufficient. I will consider it for rent or sale or a payment plan.

message posted by Frankie
Seeking park-up in exchange for work

Hi. I'm Be. I'm a single, homeschooling mum. Me and my little family includes a dog and, currently 3 cats, 2 who could potentially be re-homed if necessary. We are looking to find a, preferably, long term/permanent park-up where we can be in exchange for work..happy to pay some money too within reason. I'm pretty handy in general and have the following skills; woodwork, gardening, treecare, management (i manage family areas at festivals during summer), musician, workshops (drumming/singing/dance), cook and can pretty much turn my hand to most things. If you think we could be of benefit to each other then please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you :)

message posted by Sista B
Help Needed on our Small Farm -

We are looking for people to exchange part time work on our farm for accomodation and food. Very comfortable self catered accommodation in our "hut in the woods". Beef Cattle, Sheep (April Lambing), Vegetable Boxes, Bees, Chickens, Ducks, Horses, Trout and Ferrets. Ideally a couple or friends and a long stay would be welcome. Check out our website for a detailed description of our approach to farming and pictures...

message posted by Simon Schwerdt
Female writer seeks quiet, non-smoking flat or house to rent

Female writer seeks quiet, non-smoking flat or house to rent on my own; in Bucks, Berks, or Sussex. I don't have a car or any pets. I do get around on a bicycle where possible; so a train station that can be reached in up to half an hour is essential. I'm holistic-minded, and mostly vegetarian. I will also consider co-housing / communal options where there is much personal space and privacy. If you have a place to rent that you think may be suitable I'd be very glad to hear. Thanks.

message posted by Frann
Caravan / Cabin Wanted

Hello, I am looking for a caravan/cabin in a rural setting for the occasional getaway,from London. Happy with something basic - don't want the mod cons etc. Will pay for use. Looking for peace and quiet. I am not driving so preferably somewhere I can get to without too much of a problem . Open to ideas. Thank you.

message posted by Julie Rutherford
Peacefull park up engine or horse..North Wales

Lovely wilderness place off grid for 6 months offered in return for some general basic diy.No cats dogs or fowl and owing to a person with a criminal record freeloading spoiling the balance previously,a statement of no criminal record is requested along with a reference.Thanks.Please be aware as is usual with off grid. we are involved in harvest and our internet is a days trudge or 6 mile drive away so not quick replys maybe.

message posted by greendancer
remote accommodation wanted to rent

I I am a single 55 year old female and I am looking for a small remote place to rent that is quiet...prefer mid wales. I am a self aware conscientious tenant...I have arthritis on the hip so recieve disability benefits but can manage some stairs..prefer level accom.

message posted by spiritual single
KindaVillage - Inspiring a kinder community

The Missing Kind, a UK based charity, are in the process of setting up their first 'KindaVillage'. We are currently looking to secure property in Carmarthenshire, Wales, UK where we are aiming to create a self-sustaining ecovillage as a base for an intentional community. This will be a community where wealth and success are measured not by personal ownership, but by that of giving. As well as being a co-housing site, our aim is to develop social enterprise businesses as part of the village, based on the passions of those who engage with the project. Examples might be: an organic cafe and/or bakery, crafted ethical products for sale, organic vegetable growth, as well as enterprises that provide social and elderly care, environmental education, wellbeing and alternative schooling facilities for the local community; attracting tourist and retreat trade. We are however open to any social business ideas that come from people committed to helping us make a success of this venture and at the same time secure a future for themselves within the KindaVillage environment. Such social enterprises will provide income to sustain the intentional community and ultimately profit to reinvest in further KindaVillage development. We are actively seeking pioneers to join the intentional community and help us realise this project. People who are not only looking for a home but a social purpose. People with the right attitude and skills and who don't mind working hard as part of a team to secure a happy future for themselves and others. We are right at the start of this project and if you would like to join us on the journey then we would encourage you to read further details on our web-site and send us your application KindaVillage will be a community demonstrating the wealth in sufficiency for a healthy, happy, purposeful life, from joyful birth to contented death.

message posted by AbbietMK
And now for something a little different...

Enterprising, young couple are looking for sponsors to secure land and help fund a community project. Ideally 50 acres + with water source in the South or South West of the UK. To create a space for communities to reconnect with the land, its wildlife and learn about sustainable, low-impact living. If you can help support us, please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you!

message posted by Alice and Justin
Accomodation required- all i got is my labour to pay :-(

technically homeless for 9 years....Targetted Individual, no papers, no bank accounts, no benefits or access to papers or funds of any kind....... all i got to trade is some skills...i can build pcs, decorate, basic electrics, plumbing (not qualified) and roof over my head at minimum, but a smoker as well....although homeless i do have some possessions....unfortunately some of it is quite bulky as i'm bit of an artist as well..... with no is all a big risk, me being so heavily targeted.....and i know total charity case, so demeaning.....but not long left here.....37HD telly, few bits of furniture.....things available in trade to anyone that can help me survive? much larger situation I am in....but I'm not a criminal, wanted for murder or anything like private and personal to post here....but if you're curious PM me?

message posted by JakeMaverick
Family looking for place to put mobile home, rent similar or cottage...

Hi,we are a family looking to contribute as well as learn new skills within a community or similar set up...we have a 5yr old daughter and a small lurcher dog. We both possess many skills that may be of use within a community and are willing to learn more,i have gardening,catering,poultry,growing experience and my partner is a therapist with various skills including qi massage... I'm 48 and my partner is 42,we are looking to really settle down on the land somewhere and get ourselves established,my partner is Catalan so speaks Catalan/Spanish and English. We are both spiritually aware people and try and live our lives from a very nature based and conscious level,we do eat meat so looking for somewhere that is open to this fact and is open to raising our own animals for food. Many thanks for reading,any questions just ask... Blessings Andy&Lluisa

message posted by Andrew Radley
Olive grove in Liguria Italy

3,500 sq metre olive grove in liguria Italy, stone rustico and strawbale/cob dwellings set in a tranquil olive grove on a mountain with beautiful views of valleys and sea, the rustico sleeps 3, it has a wood burning stove, a roof window to watch the stars and an outdoor kitchen, covered roof terrace,outdoor shower with Eco hot water system and solar power for charging lights, phones etc, and a compost loo with fabulous views.there is a traditional woodburning pizza oven. The handcrafted round strawbale cob dwelling, sleeps 2. Kitchen, French doors to terrace, a beautiful and unique home with round roof window. The rustico is very successfully being rented out on Airbnb and olive oil from the 100 olive trees is sold in Paris, there are fig, plum and apricot trees and 2 fenced areas for growing veg, water is from a local spring and rain collection, the land is being sold with everything to move in, and live an Eco and sustainable lifestyle,, the land is situated in a stunning, tranquil,and unspoiled area up a small road track above the beautiful medieval village of Ceriana, it's a 20min walk down the walking track is the old village of Ceriana, non touristy and with festivals throughout the year and twice a weekend during the summer, 3 bars ,3 restaurants, 3 general dealers a chemist and a hairdressers are in the village which has a maze of alleys to explore We are 7 miles from the Med and 11 miles from the druid village of Baiardo with stunning views of the Alps. There are lots of walks around the valley and a natural swimming pool. For full details, photos and answers to all questions.....Email Alan

message posted by Alan Davidson
looking to wwoof/workaway with like minded

Interested nature enviroment wild life/animals.. history particulary saxon.occult ,natural living..working out side

message posted by penda