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Central Bulgaria - willing hands and hearts

I'm looking for some hands attached to willing hearts to progress a long-term project in Bulgaria. I have a property here for which I have been given a vision of a healing retreat using many modalities including arts, crafts, music, sound and Sacred Geometry. There will be a dome to be used for various functions and several workshop spaces - one for seminars and 3 for Arts and crafts. Any help is welcome from clearing the garden and preparing the ground for the dome to making a foot path and attractive garden with veggies and flowers. It is in a beautiful quiet rural village - with other in-comers (several English/Irish) who are involved with organic food production. My place has Apple, Pear, Walnut, Hazel nut and grapes. I am quite practical myself so you might learn some new skills: welding, carpentry, plumbing for example, as well as having many years experience living in Spiritual communities and co-creating alternative festivals and workshops, including Sacred Geometry and Drumming (though not at the same time lol) There are many great opportunities in Bulgaria, so its worth just coming for a while to check things out. I look forward to hearing from you. Please tell me about yourself and your interests. Give me an idea of who you are; age, skills experience etc. By return I will send more info on myself and this project.

message posted by Rob H
Farm Helper wanted for Organic Market Garden (Devon)

We are a no-dig Market Garden (Soil Association certified) on the edge of Dartmoor supplying the local area with organic salad, veg, fruit, flowers and eggs. We specialise in producing a flavoursome highly nutritious and unique salad mix containing a wide variety of leaves, flowers and herbs. Growing veg is part of a bigger land-based project using agroforestry and permaculture techniques; we are also very keen in developing educational opportunities as well as campaigning around sustainable food production and good nutrition based on real foods and good farming. We are looking for a hard-working, enthusiastic support worker who is passionate about good food and interested in no-dig to join our growing team for eight-months from mid-February- mid October 2017 (potential for extension and/or future co-operation for the right person). We offer accommodation in a large tidy and comfy caravan plus £50 per week as a living allowance and plenty of good, healthy organic food (veg, fruit, meat produced to highest standard, staples). Possibility of further income through our small shop. In return we ask the helper to work five days a week, for approx. 7 hours a day to be enthusiastic, practical and willing to learn. Responsibilities will include; •Plant care: Sowing, watering, planting, transplanting, hand weeding •Livestock: looking after poultry (daily egg collection, mucking out, feeding, etc) •Ground preparation (creating new raised beds, composting, mulching, etc) •Farm infrastructure (fencing, building new hen houses, polytunnel doors, etc) •Woodland management (coppicing, cutting wood, woodchipping, etc) •Land management (scything, planting trees, bramble clearing, mulching, etc) •Harvesting and packing produce Person specification: •Physically fit and able to work on all weathers •Happy to follow instructions •Able to work on your own as well as with other staff and volunteers •Able to adhere to procedures and standards as explained •Interest in no-dig methods •An appreciation of wildlife and the wild nature of the land would be valuable; and an interest in nutrition and real food would be ideal. •Land-based work experience and advantage Applicants should send an email to outlining why you are interested in the position, what experience you have in market gardening or other land-based skills and what is your interest in food and nutrition. You can see more about us by looking at our host profile on WWOOF and having a look at the website for our small farm shop (which we are in the process of transforming into a workers co-op) at The deadline for applications is Monday 30th January. Please feel free to circulate the position to other interested individuals and get in touch if you have any questions about this opportunity.

message posted by garcia
Skills and time offered

Hi there I am a 53 year old single woman looking for some accommodation for me and my very well behaved Scottish Deerhound. I am a writer, Buddhist, generally easy going. I can claim some housing benefit towards costs but am happy to do work (DIY, food growing,looking after animals or children etc. Ideally would like a couple of rooms to myself if not a whole property. Good at renovation so don't mind what condition. I am open to discussion about any mutually convenient situation as long as there is mutual respect. Any are in the Uk considered. Currently running my own business growing ingredients and selling 35 different chilli products on farmers markets along with writing. Please feel free to email with any questions. Many thanks Debby

message posted by Country fan
Help Offered

I would love to help those with a similar outlook achieve their projects in exchange for a genuinely welcoming living environment, whether that be short or long term. I am particularly passionate about growing fruit, vegetables and herbs, using organic permaculture methods where possible and I love cooking enjoyable as well as nourishing foods using fresh ingredients. I enjoy learning new things and I'm not afraid of physical work. I work as a Lifestyle Coach using natural therapies such as yoga and meditation, herbs, homeopathy and massage to promote wellbeing. If you think I can help in any way I would love to hear from you.

message posted by glaring_anomaly
Do you need a maintenance man / gardener for your country estate? Decent van dweller seeks peaceful place to park.

Favour for parking spot returned by weekly payment unless you have a large garden, establishment or country estate and would like to employ me for up to twenty (or even up to forty hours per week if you have plenty of work) each week as a gardener or multi skilled building and grounds maintenance man on your estate ? I'm a quality and very capable multi skilled worker and have been employed in similar positions at various places in the past. I have good references and would be open to negotiation regarding payment for work done. I’m ideally searching for a land or estate owner who is based in the countryside, anywhere within the West Midlands / Central Wales / Shropshire / Staffordshire or Worcestershire areas of the UK although I would be very willing to settle in any country area of the UK if I could find a maintenance job with enough weekly work. I am a very decent, forty eight year old, presently single, long haired, peace loving, alternative minded, river cottage biased male van dweller who has an eye for detail and a love of nature, wildlife and being outdoors. I'm not very materialistic and I choose to live in a standard sized Ford Transit van. I am looking for a safe and peaceful place to park on evenings and weekends or full time parking if I worked on your land. I would be very open to renting out a large garage or secure shed too if you have one for let in order to store my stuff which is currently in storage elsewhere. This isn't a necessity though if you do not have any storage! I would be happy to act as a watchman while on your land or provide occasional company for an old person or for any woman who lives alone and who would like to feel more protected or less lonely. My van is taxed, insured and roadworthy. All I would need would be: access to an external cold water supply, access to a washing machine, tumble drier and or clothes line. I would be very happy to shower outside behind a screen at the rear of my van using my own low voltage hot power shower system so I would need no access to any house other than for letter collection that is if you were happy for me to use your address as a care of address for my post. Very occasionally I may need a 240 volt connection but I do have solar panels and extra batteries on board so this would be very rare. I would be happy keeping myself to myself (if preferred) parked up in a quiet corner of a field or in someone’s country garden or estate where there is access to the road. I own a new high quality Balmoral lawnmower which gives perfect stripes on quality lawns plus other tools and gardening equipment. I am very decent and respectable, well spoken, polite, intelligent, fit and healthy and I don't take drugs. I enjoy alternative off grid living, I'm a country loving man who does not enjoy crowded town and city areas and I am fed up of parking over night in laybys on noisy main roads or in busy places in towns. I would love to find a nice spot to park up in the countryside on private land somewhere.I would also be willing to integrate with new nice alternative people on a nature biased alternative biased commune set up somewhere too. If you have up to twenty or more hours of work per week then I would be most interested. Alternatively I would just be happy to pay a weekly fee just for a parking spot. If you are interested and if you are based in the above areas of Britain (or anywhere in the UK if you have enough permanent weekly work) then please send me a message and say what you would expect in return for the parking space on your land ? If you charged me a weekly fee then how much would that be or how many hours of gardening / maintenance work would be available per week that's if you have any work ? I very much look forward to hearing from anyone who is interested. If you are interested then I can send you a few photos of myself and also arrange to chat over the telephone and meet-up to discuss the terms. Kind regards, Gram.

message posted by Gram
Room in a Peacefull House

Large single room available to rent (possible Housing Benefit)in my 2 bedroom terraced house in Mid-Cheshire. Reduced rent as I continue to renovate and re-decorate. Not available till after New Year 2017 Good Luck

message posted by matnwest
Mechanic..Stockperson....Woodsman...Legal help -North Dartmoor area.

Help wanted on beautiful 52 acre "working" nature reserve,comprising of a mix of Culm,flower rich meadow and mixed woodlands.This help could be from maintenance work on old plant and machinery. to a stockperson to creating a low density stocking regime to manage the land. Cattle particularly are needed to graze the Culm, to keep it in good order.for the wildlife.Also pigs to clear bramble and a range of fowl/animals. This could be based on a barter of skills/opportunities to an independent,"sympathetic" business' leading longterm to a self build. Permaculture,sustainability,organics and aesthetics are basic principals for any projects on the land.The land will be going into trust.Any fund raising would help (shared)?...whether from grants/crowdfunding or sponsors.I am useless with forms,computers or bureaucracies!...Martin

message posted by MrMapleBee
9 acre Finca Catalonia

9 acre finca has olives, almonds, vines and 3 bed house ,lovely views, 4 kilometers to village which has everything - in need of repair and tlc, sell for £35,000 or will swap for something of equal value

message posted by Thomas Davison
Looking for people for houseshare in northern England or Scotland

I am looking for a place or people to live with who are honest and genuine who would be interested in sharing a house/home together that is built on peace,mutual trust and respect for each other ..interested either in a place that is already established or people up for renting somewhere together to create something that is good,fair,communal and centered around the people who live there and not on money etc .. I am 43 and interested in art,music, films and would like to share with people who are like minded and have sort of similar interests but not necessarily identical..please contact me if you would like to talk further..thanks

message posted by g.b1
Long term volunteers needed on self-sufficient farm in Norway

We are a young couple, who run a small organic farm in southern Norway, producing food mainly for our own consumption. We have farmed here for 3 years now, with the help of many woofers along the way. Our goal at the moment is to produce as much of our own food as possible, while living in a way that is environmentally sound, and close to nature. We grow our own grains (barley, wheat and oats) alot of root crops, and as many other vegetables as possible. We also keep two milking cows, and make our own cheese, butter etc. We have chickens for eggs, and sheep for meat, and a working horse who helps us plough the fields and transport firewood etc. We also have alot of forest which provides us with all our firewood needs. After these first few years we are really feeling the need for long term volunteers, as opposed to woofers, who generally only stay one month. We have started to find it a bit draining to have new people here all the time, especially when we find ourselves teaching people the same things over and over again. We also believe this is a great opportunity for people who want to learn about small-scale farming, self-suffiency and living on the land, and the longer you stay, the more you learn! Of corse we are still very much on a steep learning curve, but we feel we have alot to share already, and if anyone had a particular interest then we would be happy to try to teach them as much as possible, e.g: growing vegetables, home dairying, traditional haymaking etc. Our farm is very old, and needs lots of restoration work. All the buildings are made of wood (mainly log-built) so we would love to have someone with carpentry or building skills, but any practical skills are useful of corse. We live a bit old-fashioned in many ways- we don't have a tractor so all the farm work is done manually or with the horse. We also don't have an electric washing machine or a fridge, and we don't have a bathroom. Instead we use a compost toilet, and a do our washing in a bike-powered machine. So if you want to stay here, you must be willing to live without many modern comforts. We do have running water and electricity. We would like this to be an exchange, so we would give you food and lodgings in exchange for your work. Ideally we are looking for people to stay several months, or even years! But if you can't stay that long but are really interested just contact us and we can discuss it! email:

message posted by hanna testroet
Property Advice/Help Wanted

I have a very small two-bed semi detached cottage with garage and small garden in the Scottish Borders. It's in a small village but set slightly back from a main road, so access is good all year round but it isn't really quiet and rural either! Unfortunately the cottage is pretty run down and suffers from penetrating damp downstairs, making it cold and unpleasant to live in, though it does have an open fire with a back boiler and is double-glazed. I need to move for personal reasons but realise that trying to sell in it's current state would be very difficult, and trying to rent it out even harder as I would need to do substantial upgrading to meet current legislation. It would be a good project for an experienced DIY person, but that's not my thing and I need my savings to move. So, is there anyone out there who can suggest how I might get round this problem? I don't want to try those property companies that offer to buy your house for a fraction of it's value. Perhaps someone could advise me on rent-to-buy schemes as this might be a way to offer the property to someone who is able to renovate but lacks the funds to buy. I'd like to offer it at a low rent to someone who will renovate, but as it doesn't meet current letting standards I couldn't offer it on a standard short assured tenancy agreement. Any sound advice welcome. Many thanks.

message posted by Ewan
Opportunity at Radford Mill Farm, Somerset

We have a 2 bedroom cottage semi-detached to our farmhouse and are looking for a couple or family who might like to join us and work on the farm to offset the rent (which is normally £550 a month). We are particularly looking for at least one person with good building skills as there is a lot of renovation to do on our mill and farm buildings and we need someone with a range of experience and talent in this area. You must be able to work competently on your own initiative. We are an organic vegetable farm with some livestock, and we host various events, so there is often other work available as well. Some people run their own small businesses from the farm and you might want to combine working on the farm with your own venture. We may be able to provide you with land or space to support this. This is a beautiful valley in Somerset and we are looking for people who want to change their lifestyle and make this their home. We aim to live sustainably and there are a range of current residents from 3 to 73. If you want to check us out see If you would like to visit us please send us an email - -

message posted by Liz Vickerie
Man, woman & doggy ready to move on!

New Year Greetings! Hello. We are Polly & Michael, both 53yrs old, looking to make a move (either together or individually)to a household or community where we can contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle and be an active part of the 'solution'. In brief, we are both reasonably fit & strong (though Mike is a-waiting surgery on a torn tendon at present), and are committed to social justice and the welfare of our planet. Michael has considerable survival/bushcraft skills, knowledge of horticulture & woodland management and experience of team-leading; I'm more artistically-inclined, qualified in person-centred counselling with experience in social care. We share political awareness and an earnest desire to be earning our keep in a way that is positive for humankind/creatures/Earth. We are both good workers and respectful of others' space. We do not have capital so would need to rent our accommodation (or work in lieu of). I also have a senior gentleman of a dog who would, of course, accompany me/us. We feel drawn to Devon/Cornwall or, at the other end of the spectrum, Yorkshire or Scotland! Thank you for reading this. Please do message me for further details if both or either of us interest you. Blessings, Polly

message posted by Polly Milner
House in Hull forming a community of four people

TULIP HOUSE This is a new intentional co-living community for 4 people; currently with two members and looking for 2 more. We are looking for long-term members but shorter-term tenancies are also welcome. The owners have set up the house with the intention of the tenants living along the lines of permaculture principles – earth care, people care, and fair share. It is a privately owned house within which the tenants will rent a room with an individual tenancy agreement (which includes ALL bills) organised through a local estate agent. The available rooms are £425, £450 and £475 per calendar month. Rent doesn’t include food. This is an ideal opportunity for people who want to make the first steps into co-living and community, or someone who enjoys living in community but doesn’t have the time to dedicate to the full process at this time in their life. The intention is to incorporate communal and sustainable living ideals and practices in a way that doesn’t need a huge time or financial investment up front. The present tenant has an interest in co-living, green living, gardening and growing food and holistic wellness and has had experience of communal living and intentional community and she would like to work with others to create a home where people look out for each other and intend to live with these principles in mind. The intention is to experiment with communal living practices, with a house meal (ideally with some food we have grown in the garden) every couple of weeks, followed by a house meeting in which we check in with each other, offer support, communicate about any issues within the house, and decide upon anything that needs to be discussed with the landlord where necessary. The house was bought in November 2014 and needed extensive work. The restoration of the house has been done as sympathetic and as low impact as possible, especially given its location within a conservation area. Upstairs, the house has 4 bedrooms, 3 rooms to share two bathrooms (house bathroom upstairs and shower room downstairs). It is partially insulated and fully double glazed throughout. It has solid floor with underfloor heating downstairs, gas central heating upstairs and hot water and electric provided, in part, by solar panels. Downstairs there is a kitchen with dining area and garden room/seating area with large doors and windows opening directly on to a small south-facing garden with raised beds for vegetable growing. There is a living room with open fire and a yoga/meditation room with open fire and wood floor. Hull is the British City of Culture in 2017. There will be lots of creative opportunities in the city. It is an exciting time and opportunity for the city and for those living in it. For more information: Contact Linkagency Hull tel 01482 212212 or email Or visit our website

message posted by Linda Hobbs
Seeking workspace.....

I am looking to locate a workspace, such as a barn, where I would be able to renovate my elderly vehicle for a short time. It would need to be in a relatively mild or warm climate but also dry. In return I am able to offer advice, assistance and help to a small group in areas of building and conversion work with all trades covered... I am 66 years, but also relatively fit, non smoker, little alcohol and frustrated with difficulties in advancing my little project due to incessant inclement weather....and from time to time unreliable persons without diligence and skill. It could be in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal even UK but not in the westerly outposts... Please write in confidence....

message posted by devilliers
Seeking small-holding for rent to buy

We are a family of four + a dog, currently living off-grid in a unique narrow-boat on the British waterways. We are looking to make a return to land in the near future and we are seeking a small property / cabin with acreage to make this a reality (the more 'off-grid' the better! At present, we have a commitment to an ill family member but if the right property became available, we are in a position to rent for a period of time with a commitment to buy (this can be sealed in a contract). We wouldn't be looking to spend more than £60K on a property with land and so we expect that it may well be run-down and needing lots of work / repair. We are based in the north of England and we'd prefer to stay within the UK although we are open to where. Please do get in touch if you feel you have anything to offer - we are not afraid of a project!

message posted by carrie_flynnt
Looking for land

We have advertised many times on here before but haven't so far been fruitful but I've got a hunch that what we're looking for does exist and is waiting for us, so here goes another ad! We are a married couple with grown up children, who have flown the nest! We live currently in the Spanish Pyrenees but are from UK. In 2012 we made an epic journey on foot with our horse Maggie and 2 dogs to these mountains, where we have set up a horse rescue centre - you can see more on FB : Helios- a home for horses and humans. The work we are doing is very special because it's simply providing horses with a safe place to live in peace and humans the opportunity to connect on a deep level with these animals. The effect this can have on people is tremendous - healing and awakening. Our current piece of land, that is rented is no longer secure, as the owners are looking to build. We so need to continue with this project and feel it's of great importance in Spain! We would love to find someone who values a project of this kind and would be Interested to put land into a trust for animals. If you are out there and have or know someone with a piece of land (5 hectares or more) with a good water supply, a cabin or small house, where we can live and work with our horses, then you would make us and the animals extremely happy. We are prepared to travel for the 'right' place. I don't think you would regret being part of our future, as our horses would bring magic to any piece of land! Thank you

message posted by Julia Ventham
Caravan / Cabin Wanted

Hello, I am looking for a caravan/cabin in a rural setting for the occasional getaway,from London. Happy with something basic - don't want the mod cons etc. Will pay for use. Looking for peace and quiet. I am not driving so preferably somewhere I can get to without too much of a problem . Open to ideas. Thank you.

message posted by Julie Rutherford
Lady seeking help

Lady seeking help on 20 acre organic farm. we run a small hideaway campsite I grow some vegetables and fruit. and produce jams eta to sell on site keep a few chickens for egg production I have a small plant nursery, mainly cottage garden and herb plants. I would like to make use of a large crop of willow, for weaving projects for autumn or spring. for any of you artistically inclined, there is a container needs camouflaging, to help blend in . help in the garden I am situated on a Biological heratage site the Lancashire coast There is an RSPB site nearby. There is also a boatyard and canal just over a mile away and numerous public footpathes Free accommodation and food provided. Peter (who recently stayed for 6 months) said: 'I have really enjoyed my time here. The work is varied. And the food and accommodation are great. You get to meet a varied amount of people from all over the world.'

message posted by Christine Dickinson

Ananta Sacred Space is a beautiful, off grid healing retreat center out in the sticks of Spain. Perfect for a couple or small group of people who are looking to get out of the rat race, perhaps run their own workshops and generally live a more simple, calm and self sufficient life. A very reluctant sale. Check out the facebook page with all its details or ring Charlotte direct on 0034 600266820 Thanks *

message posted by Charlotte Phillips
Anyone need help?

Hi. I'm a mature, loving and free spirit who enjoys hard work and community. I volunteer to help people around where I live with the things that are overwhelming in their lives and homes. I decorate and build, garden and clear out, harvest and create. Kids and animals take to me, I'm a story teller, entertainer and in my working trade a hypnotherapist. Would anyone like me to visit to inject a different energy and perspective, clean up old habits, help with projects of any kind? I like to travel, meet new people, gain a sense of satisfaction from giving and am relatively unrestricted with regard to time and freedom, my kids being older now. I believe that the revolution is disobedience and withdrawal from society and so I am interested to learn of community and sustainable living.I'm big into unification theory and have just returned from a trip to Croatia with Nassim Haramein and the Bosnian pyramids with Semir Osmanagiche so it would be nice to share the information I have learned about the connected universe and ancient civilisations. My number is 07791156006 if anyone wants to get in touch. Namaste! Alison x

message posted by Alison Roberts
Accommodation, Pembrokeshire

House share available for one or two persons in nice victorian house in small hamlet by estuary in south pembrokeshire. Use of whole house and productive garden overlooking the waterway.English as a Foreign Language tuition available as an option.Working studio in house also.No extra utility bills. DSS ok. I am into personal development but not dogmatic. Thank you.

message posted by Glyn
Looking for land

Hi, We are looking for 3-7 acres of woodland around Wales/Hertfordshire/anywhere around that part of the country, nearby water to built a teaching/learning/development center for the community. Any suggestions are more than welcome!

message posted by Lotus
Expression Small School in Central Portugal

Hi, We are looking for alternative Teachers for a new project opening in Central Portugal. We are a large group of home educating parents who are setting up an International School here. Children can attend from 4 to 18 and we support them in a relaxed and unpressured environment. They learn by projects and interested lead learning activities. Please feel free to get in touch if you have a background in Teaching, but are looking for somewhere where you can work alternatively with the children without the need for exams, tests, and national curriculum control. We would love to hear from genuine Teachers who have a passion for learning and at the same time are looking for a move towards a more relaxed way of life. We are based an hour from Castelo Branco. Thanks, Zoe

message posted by Zoe 4
Accommodation in Surrey wanted

Hello ! Low~cost considerate shared accommodation in Surrey sought.

message posted by Rachel Moore
Lovely 5 Bed Village Detached House For Sale - Isle of Wight

For sale - A lovely five double bedroom detached house (3 bedrooms have fitted wardrobes and the master bedroom has a shower cubicle and hand basin), large lounge, separate dining room, fitted kitchen, separate downstairs cloakroom/utility room with washing machine and tumble dryer and large first floor bathroom with separate shower cubicle. There is a sun lounge, which gives internal access to a double garage, which also has external access via two double garage doors from the driveway at the front of the house , which is a large block-paved in and out drive and provides ample additional parking. The large garage space could be used for work shops or as an arts and craft area. To the back of the property there is a large terraced garden with fairly steep steps to a large flat area, which is currently made up of a grassed area and shingled paths, but could be used to grow vegetables etc. Also on the large flat area of the garden there is a fairly large wooden summer house, with views over the roof of the house to the sea. This would make an ideal space for a writer or an artist to work from. The back of the garden goes up to the under-cliff road with lovely views of the cliffs behind the house. The property is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and further stunning views of the sea and under - cliff can be seen from the very large first floor sundeck once again, providing a wonderful space for a creative person to work from. The property is situated in a quiet private road which has other individually styled detached neighbouring properties. The house is on main drains and has oil fired central heating, as the village doesn’t have gas. At both ends of the private road where the house stands is access to two wooded areas with less than a five minute walk through to two of the stunning local sea coves. There is a small village post office/ general stores less than a five minute walk from the house and it is less than a ten minute drive into local shops, school and beach in Ventnor The house may be of interest to an artistic and creative group of individuals or family/families who want to live in an area of beauty to inspire their creativity The sale price of the house is £350,000 and is all set up for immediate occupation and includes all white goods, beds and the majority of other furniture. Bed linen and crockery etc can also be included, if required. We will consider part-exchange on another property/properties up to the value of £100,000, overseas or, in the UK (the difference to be paid to us), as I am looking to release money from this property and to possibly part - exchange for a cheaper property as I plan to set up a new project working with a community coaching and supporting homeless young people. If you would like further information and photographs of the property please contact me on

message posted by Denise Mileson
looking to wwoof/workaway with like minded

Interested nature enviroment wild life/animals.. history particulary saxon.occult ,natural living..working out side

message posted by penda
Wanted:caravan parking or barn/yard to rent/anything??

(Updated Jan '17)I'm looking for parking for a touring size caravan on a farm or in a forest/woodland area. Happy to pay small rent for said parking or for rent of a small barn and yard or to help out with some light work on site part time in lieu of rent ( my income is limited) Im a medically retired nhs paramedic but Im also competent to operate diggers,plant and machinery,drive hgv's and used to large livestock and heavy horse breeds.Im pretty active but due to past serious injury im not able to help with very heavy manual work. Im also open to some kind of caretaker/security/warden position for cottage,house,cabin,bothy ,forest or woodland etc or as live-in or on-site caretaker /housekeeper in lieu of rent over winter months or longer term - Ive plenty of experience and can provide references if required...providing Its a pet friendly arrangement (I have a cat companion). Ideally im looking for highlands or islands of Scotland but I'll consider most parts of UK but it MUST be rural and reasonably remote and peaceful location.

message posted by CristianoR
Work for accommodation wanted, lake district cumbria

OK so here goes, my partner and myself are looking for a possible work for a self contained property of some sort. I have loads of experience in all manner of rural work, animals, maintenance, horticulture, walling, building trades and so much more....I'm a very earthy,country sort of chap and my girlfriend is eager for a more rural life and is keen to learn, but likes her creature comforts like internet,electric and hot water. We are both quite alternative and are looking for a long term situation, we are willing to do any work on our accommodation that might be required. Ideally we would be looking to be as close to ambleside as possible (love the place) but are very flexible, also we would prefer if either I was full time (approx) or both part time to allow us to take at least part time jobs to cover cost of living (we both have experience in hospitality). We are both quite creative and would like to pursue that as a form of income in the future...I know its quite specific but this is very important to us, its a lifestyle we want desperately, we just want to settle down in the lakes, live a nice quiet, creative life within nature.....Anyone think they may have a place, or knows someone who does, please, please get in touch...we really are quite flexible and extremely hard working

message posted by Wytchwolfy
Olive grove in Liguria Italy

3,500 sq metre olive grove in liguria Italy, stone rustico and strawbale/cob dwellings set in a tranquil olive grove on a mountain with beautiful views of valleys and sea, the rustico sleeps 3, it has a wood burning stove, a roof window to watch the stars and an outdoor kitchen, covered roof terrace,outdoor shower with Eco hot water system and solar power for charging lights, phones etc, and a compost loo with fabulous views.there is a traditional woodburning pizza oven. The handcrafted round strawbale cob dwelling, sleeps 2. Kitchen, French doors to terrace, a beautiful and unique home with round roof window. The rustico is very successfully being rented out on Airbnb and olive oil from the 100 olive trees is sold in Paris, there are fig, plum and apricot trees and 2 fenced areas for growing veg, water is from a local spring and rain collection, the land is being sold with everything to move in, and live an Eco and sustainable lifestyle,, the land is situated in a stunning, tranquil,and unspoiled area up a small road track above the beautiful medieval village of Ceriana, it's a 20min walk down the walking track is the old village of Ceriana, non touristy and with festivals throughout the year and twice a weekend during the summer, 3 bars ,3 restaurants, 3 general dealers a chemist and a hairdressers are in the village which has a maze of alleys to explore We are 7 miles from the Med and 11 miles from the druid village of Baiardo with stunning views of the Alps. There are lots of walks around the valley and a natural swimming pool. For full details, photos and answers to all questions.....Email Alan

message posted by Alan Davidson