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Vegan Friendly wee housey in Glasgow

I can offer accommodation in double room on the outskirts of Glasgow. My property has double glazing and central heating throughout. Near to local parks shops and transport links. The double room for rent has inbuilt wardrobes,cabinets and so on. Rent is £200 PCM and deposit required to secure room.Rent doesn't include bills which are for gas and electric £40 PCM. House viewings available form 24/10/17 In process of creating a forest garden. I look forward to hearing frOm YOU!:@)

message posted by Chris Tomlinson
Help Needed on our Small Farm -

We are looking for people to exchange part time work on our farm for accomodation and food. Very comfortable self catered accommodation in our "hut in the woods". Beef Cattle, Sheep (April Lambing), Vegetable Boxes, Bees, Chickens, Ducks, Horses, Trout and Ferrets. Ideally a couple or friends and a long stay would be welcome. Check out our website for a detailed description of our approach to farming and pictures...

message posted by Simon Schwerdt
mindfull senior living in Spain

Female 60+, Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta orientated, practical, has the intention to start a mindfullness based small senior community near coast in Alicante or Costa del Sol SPAIN, with 1-3 other mindfull living 60+. Each having a separate living area, either in one house or nearby. Interests/hobbies from my part are music, arts and creative expression, holistic health & wellness (incl. cooking, veggie garden, yoga/meditation, satsang meetups). 60+ and interested?? Eager to hear from you. Joya

message posted by Joya
Permaculture/forest garden in France

Permagricole Near Bordeaux France Project Permagricole: Help needed My brother and I are setting up a permaculture/forest garden project on a large scale in south west france on a farm that was a cognac producing farm 15 years ago. It consists of a cognac distillery, which is huge and in good sound condition consisting of building s roughly the size of 6 large houses put together. It has 100 acres of meadow land, a lake, hedgerows and trees. My brother is presently running an organic farm in Orkney and will only be in France on occasions. I am planning to live on the farm permanently from early next year and looking for other people to help on the project. This could be long term or short term depending on what work. Short term: work would consist of 25 hours per week in return for healthy home cooked food and accommodation which will be basic at first but the plan is to build rooms within the building. There is already a toilet, shower and kitchen. Alternatively it would be possible to live in temporary tents/yurts etc if that is preferred. Long term: we are also looking for someone who has experience on a large farm and some experience with permaculture, this would be paid work. I have some experience with organic growing but not a lot regarding permaculture, but I am doing some courses to learn the basics. I am also an artist-blacksmith and homeopath. I like the idea of a group of us who work, grow and cook together: an intentional community. The farm and buildings have loads of potential but any projects would need to be sustainable, ecological and good for the world ☺. Let me know if this sounds interesting to you and if so lets chat and share ideas. Kath

message posted by Permagricole
Accommodation on small farm in South West Wales in exchange for work

Hi, I have a small, wildlife friendly farm with rare breed sheep and my own horses in South West Wales. I am looking for someone who is interested in having accommodation in exchange for work. The work will be varied, it may involve doing the daily checks/feed round occasionally, or helping with a task with the sheep. It may involve helping clean the holiday let on site which is the main source of income. But most of the time its likely to involve maintenance for which wood working and DIY skills will be important. Options for accommodation and the number of hours are flexible. I live in the farm house on site, which I am renovating, there is a static caravan with water and electric connection available. Or space for a caravan/van to be parked up. There is the option for people to earn extra income by holding courses on site or continuing with their own crafts or business. I think its more important to find the right match than produce a big wish list/must be description, but I would prefer someone looking for a long term base rather than accommodation for just a few weeks.

message posted by JGwen
Help needed.

old zenish organic hippy with references and good sense of humour.Not heavy work.Gwynedd area.

message posted by greendancer
French property lying idle - needs ppl with skills to bring it back to life

Anyone interested in living in the French countryside - Charente region - rolling hills, plenty of greenery/forestry and in the middle of farming country near Confolens? Very sizable property suitable for community living after some renovations. I am happy to consider rental offers or accommodation in exchange for renovations; house habitable already with water/elec etc - barns also available for renovation and expansion of living space. SO MUCH POTENTIAL, seems a shame for it to be lying idle :(

message posted by Frances
Moulin d'eau a partager en Ariege

Cherche gens energetiques et practiques pour partager un moulin d'eau en Ariege, 6kms de St Girons, au bord de la voie vert. 1 Ha, bon sol, ensoleille tout le jour et l'annee, sec mais avec de l'eau partout, un petit coin du paradis. On peux habiter la bas gratuit en contrepartie du travail, on peux acheter un partage un peux plus tard, il y a rien fixe. Je prefere des gens qui parlent Francais meilleur que mois, ce n'est pas difficile! Enfants bienvenue. Je suis anglais, 55 ans, homme de science. J'ai habite plusieurs fois dans les collectifs. A bientot!

message posted by fullywill
Farm Cornwall

Couple with home educated 6 yr old girl and 13 yr old boy (part time) with off grid farm in SW Cornwall are looking for energetic couple with young children or not . To help look after the farm and animals, and occasionally be responsible for the farm when we go away and be around especially during certain busy times of the year haymaking/TB testing etc. We are about 80% self sufficient.20 north devon cows.We milk 2 jersey cows once a day. make cheese . 4 pigs. 50 chickens. 2 shire horses and a sizable veg patch.Over the next 2 years we hope to plant 6 acres of woodland. We are passionate about; simple ,low impact living, being close to nature, pedal powered machinery ,and our jersey milk. We re use and repair as much as possible. We are industrious and enjoy physical work we seek to find the right balance of working hard ,creativity ,and play. We live close to nature in a simple small wooden cabin. We wish to promote gentle living and are looking for quiet caring gentle people who are willing to learn.

message posted by Paul Welch
At the beginning

I am at the beginning of my journey to finally create a home on and with the earth, to find a wild place where a herd of horses will live alongside people, where those who want to join me for a short while or longer will be welcomed A place where I can offer my work as a wilderness guide, a medicine woman, a cook of vegetarian delights, a singer of songs and sounds, a horse woman of exquisite tenderness, somewhere I can see the sun and moon rise and set, where it is dark enough to see the stars.... Maybe you know of some land that adjoins a national park or is owned by the National Trust? A place near the sea and mountains? A place where there is already a dwelling and/ or planning permission to create home? A place of beauty I so look forward.... In deep gratitude

message posted by Sara 1
Spain, tarragona: coliving oportunity on farm

7 acres, electr., water, some animals (2 horses, dog, cat´s, chicken) house, big farmbuilding with seperated living-unity and much more (small pool, greenhouse, many different trees,... ) ideally longterm but experienced helpers/ farmsitters welcome as well.

message posted by Dinah
Home/yurt and land for share. Catalonia

Im looking for 2 likehearted people who are interested in simple,clean living close to nature who would like to share this wonderful peaceful offgrid lifestyle with me. There is 1 high quality 18ft insulated, semi furnished yurt available appropriate for a couple.(I Live in a little stone cottage on the property) Monthly rent is 150euros and help with light work on the property. Includes use of washing machine , water, electricity, internet connection. I am interested in people who like a peaceful life and are interested in sustainability, permaculture and spirituality. I have 1 dog. Other pets are welcome. I have 2 other yurts 1 for guest accommdation - I offer airbnb and 1 yurt as a therapy space. I have plans to travel so am looking for people who dont mind that Im not there all the time and who are also happy to look out for the place when Im away. The property is set amongst vine yards and almond and olive groves, fig trees and pine forest. We are 7km from the nearest village with main line bus station and hospital, cafes and shops. The next big town with train station etc is just 35mins away.Fantastic rock pool swimming in the national park is 30mins drive and the beach is 1hr drive. Reus airport is 1.15hrs away and barcelona 2.5hrs. Car share can also be organised. For more info, photos or connecting via skype contact me here or via email at Some pictures although not all, can be seen on air bnb, .

message posted by Charlotte Phillips
Accommodation, Pembrokeshire

House share available for one or two persons in nice victorian house in small hamlet by estuary in south pembrokeshire. Use of whole house and productive organic garden overlooking the waterway.English as a Foreign Language tuition available as an option.Working studio in house also.No extra utility bills. DSS ok. I am into personal development but not dogmatic.Contact either via this site or direct on 07392060754 or Thank you.

message posted by Glyn
Family of 5 looking for a place to live and learn!!!

Hello, We are a family of 5 who have been touring around the UK in our caravan over the past year and then the last few months we have been working on farms or campsites. We have been homeschooling our children for 2 years now and love our lifestyle. We would like to help out on land and small holdings or farms gaining as much knowledge as possible. My Husband can turn his hand to most things very good at any construction work or computers. We are very open minded people. We have a caravan so if anyone out there needs some help on there land please contact us. Many Thanks Cally and Family

message posted by Cally85
Off-grid cabin/retreat to rent in Southern Spain.

Hi i'm considering renting out my off-grid one room 6m x 4.5m wooden cabin/retreat in Southern Spain. There's solar panels for power, a woodburning cooker and the water is pumped up from a spring in the orchard below. It's a mile down a dirtrack and it would ideally suit someone with a 4 x 4 or a rugged car or van. It's 10 minutes from the village Comares and half an hour from the coast. It's one hour from Malaga airport. There's land to grow vegetables and plenty of water. It's set in 4 acres and there are no immediate neighbours. The views are amazing. For more information/photos contact Ivan

message posted by Ivanidea
Wanted: Energetic, happy, mature, calm, nurturing, respectful, reliable, possibly spiritual lady/s 40+ with integrity to help set up small, caring, supportive community :-)

I am a 55 year old lady going through a challenging menopause with no real family who yearns to live in a small, loving, supportive "chosen family" type of community of up to maybe 4 - 6 ladies/persons. I have my own large home with a smallish garden in a popular seaside town on the south coast of England. I am gradually setting my house up to live off grid and as sustainably as possible. I am planning on turning my garden into growing as much clean, organic food as it will produce, hopefully, using modern vertical and urban gardening techniques. I am not a gardener but I am aware of aquaponics and hydroponics and hope to find someone who will help me eventually incorporate these into the mix. My other main project is to build a small cabin at the bottom of the garden, perhaps in cob, to gain experience of building a small rocket mass heater and stove with a composting toilet and solar panels etc. I believe that getting the right people together and building a strong unit together is the vital foundation and once we have our core unit right, I would consider selling up and moving to a place with a little more land available with space for more cabins and a camper van or two. (I also want to acquire a van to convert to a camper that I can tour in with my chosen family eventually). I have reached time in my life for change and having spent my life around men, I now need to feel the mutual support of some women too but of the few close friends I have already, sadly none are able to follow my dream with me either through illness, family commitments or no particular desire. So, initially, I am looking for reliable, respectful, calm, warm, friendly, energetic lady/s with a sense of humour, integrity and desires to live in a self sufficient, permaculture type way and as green and frugal as possible. I believe with Brexit happening and Trump in power, the world is an even less stable place. Also, there are no guarantees any more for future pensions and so the best defence is as much independence as possible. I am also very disillusioned with modern living and feel the unnatural stresses of the consumer society. If you like the sound of this, and have any permaculture, gardening, building or cooking skills or are willing to pitch in and turn your hand to anything and be part of a cohesive unit, please do get in touch. All messages will be answered. Or if you have any advice or suggestions, I am keen to listen as I have never done anything like this before nor have I personally known anyone who has. PS - For information only, I don't smoke or drink and am celibate. I do enjoy some forms of music and play the drums but am respectful of both my own peace and quiet and that of those around me.

message posted by Sprogella Sprog
Room in a Peaceful House

Large single room available to rent (possible Housing Benefit)in my 2 bedroom terraced house in Mid-Cheshire. Reduced rent as I continue to renovate and re-decorate. Good Luck

message posted by matnwest
Helping Hand Wanted

We are looking for a labourer/craftsman for a six month period from September 2017 to February/March 2018 to carry out various indoor and outdoor work through the autumn and winter period. The core skills we require are carpentry, solid DIY experience, land management, knowledge of eco living and fit and healthy for occasions where lifting heavy objects is required. We are asking for 6 hours a day, 30 hours a week. Working times may be flexible depending on the work load and progress of jobs. Accommodation is available in a bedsit or alternatively a parking space is on the land for a van. Are you compatible, energetic, warm, mature, positive, calm, respectful, reliable, good communicator, consistent and not shy of work for a fair return? We are in situated in Mid Devon amongst woodland and rolling hills with very close access to Dartmoor. Main road links along with rail links are readily accessible. We have 3 ½ acres of land to manage and are commencing the next stage of building our small retreat which includes re-developing current buildings and establishing new facilities. We are now at a stage of requiring additional help with carpentry , clearing land , dismantling old structures to replace with more modern rustic buildings for accommodation and courses run at the retreat. What we have to offer is a beautiful space to enjoy and explore and room to park your vehicle. We have full facilities with toilets , a hot shower , small kitchen (which occasionally requires flexibility of use if a workshop is on) and access to laundry equipment. A food allowance and stipend will be available for exchange of your labour. If you are interested to join us on our project please forward information about yourself, the skills you can offer, examples of previous work and any references.

message posted by Kiwispirit
Wanted:caravan parking or barn/yard to rent/anything??

(Updated Sept'17)Two years 3 months of pointless advertising to no avail but ever the optimist :/ ...I'm medically retired NHS paramedic and looking for parking to rent for a touring size caravan in which i live full time. Ideally a quiet spot on a farm or in a forest/woodland area or small certified caravan site. May consider a work on site arrangement in lieu of rent if mutually beneficial. I currently work part time as a photographer and writer but ive experience with heavy plant and machinery and large livestock /heavy horses and have an hgv license. I will also consider caretaker/security/warden position for cottage,house,cabin,bothy ,forest or woodland etc or as live-in or on-site caretaker /housekeeper in lieu of rent over winter months or longer term - Ive plenty of experience and can provide references if required...must be a pet friendly arrangement (I have a cat companion). Unlikely id be interested in a large commune or religious spiritual development centre to be fair so if you are one please dont waste your efforts writing to me.(so many do and not at all what im seeking) Ideally im looking for somewhere in highlands or islands of Scotland or Yorkshire Dales, but I'll happily consider other parts of UK depending on what and where. Feel free to message,ill always reply asap subject to internet available.

message posted by CristianoR
Opportunity for land based, low impact people.

Looking for people who are committed to living a low-impact sustainable life style and have land based skills for an off-grid small holding on the Somerset/Dorset border. Communal food growing/land maintenance/animal care. Will need to have own self-contained dwelling.

message posted by Faye Valentine
Need a place in Wales (women only, please) before April-ish

I'm looking for a place to live and to practice (herbs - I'm a Herb-Witch, and pretty good), and Reiki-Seichem) in Wales - any place near enough to a wild area will do. I need a shed-type place/annex/private little cottage (or a converted outbuilding) with electricity and preferably some sort of wood-stove or fireplace, and either permission to live in a corner of it or a space next to it to live in (cottage/caravan/yurt, I don't mind). Only places belonging to/inhabited by other women considered (I'm a young woman, and my family would get concerned…), and rent - please say how low you can offer, as I'll be living off my family's money until I can get enough saved up from working with the herbs and practicing (Reiki-Seichem and Crystal Healing). Oh, and some garden space to grow herbs in, and proximity to a town with decent shops would be useful ( organic food and so on….)… Contact me if you have a place, and for further details about me and what I could offer in exchange….

message posted by Rhiannon Lynn
Small Home Wanted :)

Small cottage/house/home wanted ideally near a church/chapel and stream/welI. I am a 39 year old single lady and a wanting to have a home in a community context where I can offer hospitality. Having worked in the the charity/Voluntary sector for many years I feel it would be helpful for me to have a home base to both offer hospitality and to be a launch pad from which to continue my humanitarian work. Open to area, but Suffolk, Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire & wales appeal. Yurt/cabin/bricks. Homely & practical needed.

message posted by Rachel M
Looking for a like minded "au pair"

Hi there, We're a little big family of 6, Kim (dutch), Fred (French) and our four kids of 8,6,3 and 10 months old. We're living in the Ariège, south of France, in a gorgeous spot. We are looking for a kind of like minded "au pair", who is familiar with or interested in attachment/natural/unconditional parenting, to come and stay with us for a longer period of time to help with our 4 children. We are homeschooling/unschooling, and would like you also to help with setting up the organic vegetable garden and some help in the house! Some keywords to describe us and things we care for : free birthing, co-sleeping, nappy-free, extended breastfeeding, non-violent communication, permaculture, biodynamic gardening, fermentation, homemade, wool, knitting, woodcarving, photography, no smoking/drugs/alcohol, barefoot, simple living, community, sacred plant medicine... We are living in the Ariège, in the foothills of the Pyrénées, in a rented house settled in 47ha of organically grown land. Amazing views on the mountains ! A very rich social network with many alternative people living around us. Our main job is to take care of these young kids so help with them would be very much appreciated, especially if you have some special skills or talents that they can learn from. We are looking for a "big brother" or a "big sister", to be part of our family for some time. It can get a bit hectic, chaotic with all these kids, but also very funny ! We have a big bedroom to offer (which is also used as a play room), in our house, so it is a bit challenging to have a lot of privacy ! Luckily the kids go to bed pretty early so at least evenings are calm ! We are pretty unconventional in our lifestyle, not sending the kids to school, not working, mainly trying to lead a simple life, as freely as we can. We eat good, local organic food, try to ban plastic from the house, use only eco friendly products, limit the exposure to EMR. Well, if you feel like joining our little crazy family for some time, please get in touch ! Fred & Co

message posted by horizon
spiritual community wanted by mature hard working Peter Pan

Looking to visit ,work , at a mature friendly none materialistic environment ...and like minded

message posted by penda
Couple looking for home to rent/exhange for work

Hello, we're John and Amanda and we're looking for a home to rent or exchange for work from us. Amanda is a writer - novelist, short story writer and freelance environmental sustainability journalist. She also runs her own online creative writing business. I've worked as a tree surgeon for years. We both love spending time outdoors in nature and wandering around. We are looking for somewhere private and rural/semi-rural ideally in the south/south west of England, Wales or the Scottish Highlands/West Coast; and would be willing to look at home for work exchange type deals as well as rental. I have worked in landscape related jobs for almost twenty years, most recently managing a woodland/forestry, have good practical skills including basic carpentry, painting, decorating and property maintenance. I've got plenty of grounds maintenance experience too, such as hedging, strimming, etc. We're mindful, responsible and considerate people and have lots of experience looking after various animals too - cats, dogs, chickens, donkeys, sheep and alpacas. Give me a call or send us a message if you have a potential home for us. 07513 852049. All the best, John

message posted by John Saint
Sicily land with rustic house to rent or buy

A place in the sun in Sicily to rent or buy, Lovely place in the countryside with olive groove, almonds prickly pears and much more. An ideal place if you want to live off grid or pretty much self sufficient. I will consider it for rent or sale or a payment plan.

message posted by Frankie
Help Offered

I would love to help those with a similar outlook achieve their projects in exchange for a genuinely welcoming living environment, whether that be short or long term. I am particularly passionate about growing fruit, vegetables and herbs, using organic permaculture methods where possible and I love cooking enjoyable as well as nourishing foods using fresh ingredients. I enjoy learning new things and I'm not afraid of physical work. I work as a Lifestyle Coach using natural therapies such as yoga and meditation, herbs, homeopathy and massage to promote wellbeing. If you think I can help in any way I would love to hear from you.

message posted by glaring_anomaly
Rural, Simple Wooden House in Central Brittany for rent

Hiya! We have a homely, simple 2 bed wooden house for rent that would suit some 'time out' from the hustle and bustle of the UK. It has 2 bedrooms, an open plan kitchen/sitting room with a log burner (wood provided) and a wonderful wooden veranda overlooking the garden which is surrounded by trees. It is quiet and secluded but just down the lane is a cycle path which is part of the Green Ways of Brittany (a network of cycle paths that are mostly old railway lines). From the cycle path you can reach the local village, Mael-Carhaix, or the local town, Rostrenen, a small town with a weekly market and the normal supermarkets/cafes/restaurants etc. Close by is the Nantes-Brest Canal, which again is tranquil and beautiful. There are copious amounts of paths and tracks in this area and several lakes nearby too! If you love nature, there are an endless amount of places to explore. We are pretty flexible with dates, but would like to rent it out for at least a month, for £500 inclusive pcm. We have had such lovely, restful and cathartic times here we just want someone else to enjoy it like we have. Any questions email me at

message posted by Hanna
Farm life in Northern Poland

I am Polish but was born in Britain and have lived in Zambia and Canada. 20 years ago my partner and I bought a 30 hectare run down farm on the edge of a small village in the beautiful forested Kashubia area of northern Poland with the intention of living as self-sufficiently and sustainably as possible while also integrating with the local community and possibly finding others to share the farm with us. However it soon became clear that this way of life would not suit my partner and he became a full time English teacher with much of his life spent in a town 25 kilometers away although he still harvests his firewood from the farm's own pine forest. I on the other hand, with the help of many wonderful WWOOFers have continued to develop a large organic vegetable garden and keep sheep (for wool), horses (for farm/forest work and pleasure) and chickens. Milk, cheese and butter come from a neighbour's farm. I am also a hand weaver and spend the long winter evenings weaving shawls, scarves etc. My other great interest is alternative theatre and I work with a group of young people from this area, researching local history and creating plays which tell the stories we discover. I also help with local music and theatre festivals. The farm is rich in wildlife, birds and plants with lots of different habitats, marshland, ponds and birch woods. Other people in the village include builders, a mechanic, teachers and forestry workers. Three years ago I moved out of the farmhouse into a small cottage nearby and I live there alone - no TV, fridge, washing machine etc but good internet, radio and time to sit on the porch and observe birds and animals and the changing seasons. I am 65 years old and still have many plans and dreams for what I would like to do here - there is so much potential but even with WWOOFer help I find it difficult to do much more than keep myself in home grown food (being vegetarian means I supply about 75% of what I eat and give away/sell some too). I am looking for someone, preferably two people - friends or a couple, who would like to come here on a woofer basis but with the option of staying longer and becoming more involved in developing some land based activities. You would need to be practical and independent, able to live in a fairly isolated place (the village is quite far from any shops or pubs, with poor public transport connections!) and not mind living very simply - the only accommodation I can offer is a well insulated wooden cabin with a wood stove and a butane gas cooker but no electricity or running water. A solar installation to generate electricity might be possible to install at the cabin but I don't want to do this until I meet someone who really undestands these systems. I am happy to share my cottage bathroom (wood fired hot running water!) as well as occasional vegetarian meals and electricity-lit evenings. If you decided to stay longer than a few weeks you would need to have or find a source of your own income for anything you need other than what we can produce here. This place would suit either very practical persons wanting the space to grow or make things or writers/musicians/artists needing a quiet place to work in exchange for some help on the farm. Parking your own caravan / mobile home and connecting to the grid would also be an option.

message posted by Ewa Orzechowska
Experienced Volunteer Seeks Nice Place for Long(er) Time Stay

Looking for a place near St. Austell, Cornwall Contact me for more info, or find me on WorkAway and HelpX! You can see some of the projects I have been doing on my Instagram page;

message posted by SjoerdWF