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Help Needed in Bulgaria

I am in my early 60s, a single women who still is inspired by the wonders of life in all of its goodness. I have just moved into my little house in the Stara Planina mountains near Troyan in Bulgaria and would like to find someone to help me restore my beautiful but neglected home and to create fruit, veg and flower gardens. The house is very isolated being 3 kms from the village and about 2kms from the nearest neighbour, the access track is bad, more suited to a donkey than a car ! My old van does just about make it but it is very bumpy in places. The benefits are well worth it though, no noise or light pollution, serenaded by owls and jackals at night, the only other sound is from the little river. The house is very old and I want to restore it using the traditional methods it was originally built with. I need to make interior stairs, build a wood store, compost toilet and solar shower. To create gardens of beauty and a chill out area with pizza oven and outdoor kitchen for a few glamping tents. I need to enclose the land with a cow proof fence and lots of repairs to the access track. There are trees to cut back and scrub to clear, I am also wanting to cut and lay the hedge along the garden boundary. Birds to be listened to, a lake to be swum in and beautiful clean mountain air to be breathed, fun to be had and laughter to be heard ! The house is small but you will have your own single room so when the weather is colder I can only host one person, for the summer I will buy a large bell tent and furnish it to make a glamping space so can then have 2 people, friends or a couple.. There is electricity and the water comes straight from the mountain, so no chemicals. The installation of a water heater for the shower is my first job. This area of Bulgaria is very rich in culture and natural beauty, as I am new to the area I will be going out exploring and visiting local sites so we can have trips out together. Whenever I go into the village or town you will be welcome to come along. I will supply a mountain bike for your use. I live a very relaxed life, being at one with my rural environment. I enjoy sitting around a fire outside when the weather is warm enough, sharing stories. If you are a musician or singer that would be great. I eat mostly veggie but have the odd carnivorous moment.

message posted by justmeandthedog