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Holistic community in Glastonbury / Avalon (Somerset) seeks new members

We are a small but growing community with a retreat centre (called Avalon Priory) rurally located about 9 miles outside Glastonbury in Chilton Polden. There are 6 residents' bedrooms, 3 guest rooms in a tower, a group room, a chapel (for weddings etc.), a great hall, sauna, a 5-bed guest cottage, space for camping/live-in's, woodland (in development) and garages to be developed further. We currently have some spaces for people to live. Hopefully people will become involved with the activities, development and running of retreats, the garden, general maintenance etc. The community is inspired by universal truth, cosmic love, the mystical (true) spiritual Christian/Buddhist/Hindu teachings as well as the truth in all other world religions, faiths, traditions, philosophies, sciences etc. (e.g. Native American, Sufi, Jewish/Kabbalist, Advaitist, Jain, Greek philosophy). The aim of the community is to teach genuine spirituality, natural/sustainable ways of living and to facilitate healing, self-realisation/development & soul evolution. Living in a harmonious, supportive & joyful community helps everyone in this endeavour. We host various courses & programs which members may be able to join (e.g. yoga, tantra, tai chi, ceremony & ritual, spiritual development, fasting, meditation, prayer & study of the wisdom teachings). There is furthermore plenty of opportunity to work with the land, planting trees & gardening in alignment with the principles of organic growing, no-dig, agroforestry & permaculture. We are aiming to become as self-sufficient as possible in terms of food production, water, fuel & energy. Potential members should be vegetarian (or at least ready to make the transition) with an aim to eventually become vegan. We are also into wholefood, organic & rawfood nutrition. Additionally, drug use, alcohol & smoking are not allowed on site and are discouraged. For further information, please contact Paz (07989 598889) or You can also check out the facebook page here - Peace, love and blessings.

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