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accommodation and food in return for work.

hi. i am looking for accommodation /food and expenses in return for work. i am able to do most things around houses like gardening and cleaning and car washing. i have my own transport and a full clean driving licence. please ask for more skills if you are interested. i have been living in my van for over one year. please reply soon if interested and i will answer your questions. please send a private message.

message posted by staff64
New Community - France

We are thinking about changing direction! Our 'not for profit', spiritual Retreat is nearing completion after five years of blood, sweat, tears and fun. We're now looking at creating a 'like-minded' Community offering artisans, artists and creative beings the opportunity to come together to live a fulfilling and peaceful lifestyle. Could you live in Rural France and contribute skills, passion, ideas and calm on a medium to long-term / permanent basis whilst contributing to running costs and creating a rewarding, working community? We are looking for ideas, ingenuity, integrity and kind beings to come together. Have a look at our current website - BEFORE CHANGING DIRECTION and see the potential! Can you - make? bake? create? grow? do you want space and peace to explore your desires and thoughts? Open to creative ideas from like minded beings looking for peace of mind. Hoping to hear from you soon - Steve

message posted by French Retreat
Discrete builder

Are there any farmers etc, in Surrey/Southeast looking to convert/renovate any of their unused outbuildings? I'm a seasoned builder with experience in such work Gray

message posted by giffygray
Need a place in a wild area in the UK fairly soon - needs to be fairly near to a railway station

I'm looking for a place to live and to practice (herbs - I'm a Herb-Witch, and pretty good), and Reiki-Seichem) in a wild place, and smallholdings/places with animals (especially horses; I love horses, and I've worked with them since I was 4 and a half) would be even better, preferably with its own spring water supply, and if there's a wild place to swim, so much the better. I'll need a space to live in - just a hut or a yurt or a shed or a tent would do, as long as it has a woodburner or a hearth, and you don't mind my making herbal remedies and essences. I'm quite happy with communities, families, or other women (please no veggies/vegans; I eat meat, well, I actually like the opportunity to have some every so often to stay in optimum health), and rent - please say how low you can offer, as I'll be living off my family's money until I can get enough saved up from working with the herbs and making Flower Essences. Oh, and some garden space to grow herbs in, and proximity to a town with decent shops and a railway station would be useful ( organic food and so on, and being able to travel - I've got plans to visit Scandinavia next summer, from May to September...)… Contact me if you have a place, and for further details about me and what I could offer in exchange (for example, I can help out with animals (I love horses, and I can help with most other critters; I'm just a bit out of practice), help in the garden (with a degree of instruction!); I can sew a bit as well, and I can cook, or help a bit with children, and make herbal things and so on)….

message posted by Rhiannon Lynn
Looking for a place for peace and some meeting of minds in Bulgaria

Hi to all, i have uploaded a picture but i don't know where it actually shows,( have just seen my photo !!!) anyway, i live in England but am really interested in moving to Bulgaria, i am 73 but still ok in terms of relative fitness apart from a slightly damaged nerve in my left wrist, which does grow back after a couple of months, so the consultant tells me !!!i have i guess some of the things you get when you grow older, but not losing my mind ,i am gregarious, but not to the point of annoyance ,am intelligent i guess, and get on with people i have the mindset of the early sixties, yeah you get it, used to be called beatnik/hippie etc etc i used to build boats, make furniture am conversant with all types of woodworking machines /lathes bandsaws /you name it Am a pretty good cook, make my /our own bread have lived in a commune in London am Jewish but i don't practice Judaism at all i do receive an old age pension, plus i have a small ( very small )private pension , I'm looking for accommodation and food and will pay for it by doing whatever i can, and ill contribute financially what i can afford ( don't know what will happen re pensions after BREXIT ) But i expect that from my inquiries i should be able to still collect it in Bulgaria an E U country I do drive but only automatic, still it means i can legally drive a tractor!/scooter apart from an auto car i wish i had thought of this before when my ex-wife and myself got divorced 9 years ago instead of which i moved into a housing association in which the mindset of people there is totally different to mine and i would imagine to children of the sixties which is what is the best way to describe myself as although we are of course all different I know it says England above, but i have also noticed some notifications from Bulgaria ( i know it's close to Greece so weather has to be better than England !!!!!) I do like the sun!

message posted by Russell Reuben
Swap 13 acre organic fruit and nut farm in Portugal for smallholding in Devon

My place has a small waterfall falling three levels on this beautiful place. It has clear fresh water all year round, even in the baking hot summers, it never fails. it was called 'the queen of quintas' for a long time by local people, for its water, and the sweetness of its walnuts. There are dessert grapes, apple, plum and fig, medlar, quince and almond, and many many olive trees. It is in a national park called the mountains of the stars, Seia des Eatrellas I think is the spelling. The village of Sandomil, is 15 minutes walk downhill from the land. Everything is there, and a broad river runs through it. It is a beauty spot. There are two stone houses on the Quinta, which missed the recent fire, but the third eco-house we built ourselves, had its roof burnt down. The other two houses have been pointed outside and in and re-tiled using some glass ones to allow plenty of light. They are built into the side of the hill. Currently I'm waiting for the new growth of spring to burst through and show mw all that will renew after the fire. Happily I cut most of the cashcrop pine down, to allow the natural deciduous trees to re-colonise where they once lived. The land, plants and trees are very similar looking to Dartmoor, but its MUCH HOTTER there. Fabulous views. surrounded everywhere by endless miles of sweet chestnut forest. When spring comes, I've a plan to landscape the land anew, with a view to a forest garden, and sculpt the land for social living as well as practical needs. It's always been my belief, that the best way to live is off tree food. No digging and delving, just collect the fruit and nuts when ripe, and store.It's why I bought the quinta in the first place. That, and that it had year-round running water, no near neighbours, in a beauty spot, and in a protected national park. So thats the state of play. I want to end my travels in England. If you would like to rent/buy/swap/ or have any wonderful idea for me to consider..please get in touch.

message posted by Roche
Permaculture/forest garden in France

Permagricole Near Bordeaux France Project Permagricole: Members needed My brother and I are setting up a permaculture/forest garden project on a large scale in south west france on a farm that was a cognac producing farm 15 years ago. It consists of a cognac distillery, which is huge and in good sound condition consisting of buildings roughly the size of 6 large houses put together. It has 100 acres of meadow land, a lake, hedgerows and trees. My brother is presently running an organic farm in Orkney and will only be in France on occasions. I am planning to live on the farm permanently from this spring and looking for other people to join the project. We are in the very early stages of setting up the permaculture project, which will probably take years! We also don't know how the land will grow and what will work well. We hope to produce some food by the summer. By spring we will have accommodation available within the building. So for the time being to keep the project funded we are looking for people who can finance themselves, maybe artists and or creatives (potters, jewellers, carpenters, painters who would like to set up their own workshops (theres loads of building spaces) and also be interested in communal living (eating and cooking together) with permaculture ethics at it heart. I am planning to set up a blacksmiths forge and there is the beginnings of a carpentry workshop. We will charge a peppercorn rent to cover bills and food. As with all projects the plans adapt to fit. Let me know if this sounds interesting to you and if so lets chat and share ideas. Kath

message posted by Permagricole
Mature man/woman needed in exchange Food & lodgings, southern Bulgaria

Hi...I'm 63 year old female young at heart & have to say a bit of a spiritual hippy, I enjoy yoga and meditation. I bought my house in southern Bulgaria, 2015 this will be my first winter here, I call it my grand design as I didn't realise what a mammoth task it would be to renovate, its mostly done now but I still need bits of diy doing and funds are running low. Hence why I'm looking for a volunteer. I have myself done voluntary work all over Europe. Firstly you need to love cats and dogs as I have 2 of each. Bulgaria is very beautiful but its a very simple life in the villages, the people are very warm and friendly but its not for everyone. we have 5 stores and a few bars in the centre. I'm looking for someone who will suit this lifestyle, and who will be able to help me do odd jobs like chopping kindling or plastering a few holes, clearing digging garden, and help with cooking etc anything else would be a big bonus for me, in exchange I offer food and lodgings. I speak a little Bulgarian but its a difficult language so have limited conversations with villagers and it can get lonely at times, so the company would also be nice. The location is in Stara Zagora region & around 50 km from Greek border. I live in a mountain village 30 km from the nearest big town, I do have transport and generally go to town weekly, as long as you don't mind a rustic lifestyle, and your not a big meat eater (I mainly eat chicken) but cook well balanced meals. If like the sound of Bulgaria & looking for somewhere to spend the winter or perhaps more permanent. If you like your own space there is a caravan available which can be hooked up to electric. In exchange for around 4 hours work (mon/fri...negotiable) I offer good 3 meals a day. I am easy going and enjoy yoga and meditation so this opportunity would suit someone more mature who is wanting a relaxed lifestyle. Get in touch with any questions you might have. Thanks for reading this and have a nice day. namaste

message posted by Diane
General Genuine Enquiry

Hi , I was originally looking at your site for my son , knowing he would be perfect for an "off grid" lifestyle , it's something I have always wanted to do , but thought I was now too old (52) and there to my surprise was a couple of notices for the mature person .So I thought I'd let you all know I'm here and to contact if you want . Thanks Abigail

message posted by Abigail Kershaw
Farm Cornwall

Insulated wooden cabin with woodburner in south west cornwall offered in exchange for helping with family farm ,occasionally being responsible for the farm when we go away. It is important to us that the person/persons care about the planet and that some effort is made in keeping their carbon footprint low. We are about 80% self sufficient.20 north devon cows.We milk 2 jersey cows once a day. make cheese . 50 chickens.2 children 6yrs and 13yrs, 2 shire horses and a sizable veg patch.Over the next 2 years we hope to plant 6 acres of woodland. We are passionate about; simple ,low impact living, being close to nature, pedal powered machinery ,and our jersey milk. We re use and repair as much as possible. We live close to nature in a simple small wooden cabin. We wish to promote gentle living and are looking for quiet caring gentle people who are willing to learn. This is not a payed poisition.Thanks Paul Harriet

message posted by Paul Welch
Farm life in Northern Poland

I am Polish but was born in Britain and have lived in Zambia and Canada. 20 years ago my partner and I bought a 30 hectare run down farm on the edge of a small village in the beautiful forested Kashubia area of northern Poland with the intention of living as self-sufficiently and sustainably as possible while also integrating with the local community and possibly finding others to share the farm with us. However it soon became clear that this way of life would not suit my partner and he became a full time English teacher with much of his life spent in a town 25 kilometers away although he still harvests his firewood from the farm's own pine forest. I on the other hand, with the help of many wonderful WWOOFers have continued to develop a large organic vegetable garden and keep sheep (for wool), horses (for farm/forest work and pleasure) and chickens. Milk, cheese and butter come from a neighbour's farm. I am also a hand weaver and spend the long winter evenings weaving shawls, scarves etc. My other great interest is alternative theatre and I work with a group of young people from this area, researching local history and creating plays which tell the stories we discover. I also help with local music and theatre festivals. The farm is rich in wildlife, birds and plants with lots of different habitats, marshland, ponds and birch woods. Other people in the village include builders, a mechanic, teachers and forestry workers. Three years ago I moved out of the farmhouse into a small cottage nearby and I live there alone - no TV, fridge, washing machine etc but good internet, radio and time to sit on the porch and observe birds and animals and the changing seasons. I am 65 years old and still have many plans and dreams for what I would like to do here - there is so much potential but even with WWOOFer help I find it difficult to do much more than keep myself in home grown food (being vegetarian means I supply about 75% of what I eat and give away/sell some too). I am looking for someone, preferably two people - friends or a couple, who would like to come here on a woofer basis but with the option of staying longer and becoming more involved in developing some land based activities. You would need to be practical and independent, able to live in a fairly isolated place (the village is quite far from any shops or pubs, with poor public transport connections!) and not mind living very simply - the only accommodation I can offer is a well insulated wooden cabin with a wood stove and a butane gas cooker but no electricity or running water. A solar installation to generate electricity might be possible to install at the cabin but I don't want to do this until I meet someone who really undestands these systems. I am happy to share my cottage bathroom (wood fired hot running water!) as well as occasional vegetarian meals and electricity-lit evenings. If you decided to stay longer than a few weeks you would need to have or find a source of your own income for anything you need other than what we can produce here. This place would suit either very practical persons wanting the space to grow or make things or writers/musicians/artists needing a quiet place to work in exchange for some help on the farm. Parking your own caravan / mobile home and connecting to the grid would also be an option.

message posted by Ewa Orzechowska
Small Home Wanted :)

Small cottage/house/home wanted ideally near a church/chapel and stream/welI. I am a 39 year old single lady and a wanting to have a home in a community context where I can offer hospitality. Having worked in the the charity/Voluntary sector for many years I feel it would be helpful for me to have a home base to both offer hospitality and to be a launch pad from which to continue my humanitarian work. Open to area, but Suffolk, Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire & wales appeal. Yurt/cabin/bricks. Homely & practical needed.

message posted by Rachel M
Global local co-living communities with a shared value set

I host Couchsurfers, and am a tech entrepreneur. My large-ish house near the centre of Krakow in Poland will be empty soon-ish. 2019 I have large parties there from time to time, and my American friend suggested I turn it into a kind of co living space. I came across this web site doing some basic research. A few months ago I saw this TED talk I had the idea then of a global network of co-living houses where there mobility so that those participating could live in one of the houses - maybe with a minimum stay provision like a month, but also not be anchored there the whole time. I like the idea of cross subsidy, people who have less money pay less but somehow contribute, people who have more money contribute more. Somehow combining work and play so there would be time and space for working but also partying, concerts, events. Somehow having a "door policy" that means that the community is for positive people who will contribute/not just take. I'm not rich like "millionaire" rich but can afford to contribute the house... I think I'd like other people in other parts of the world who live in cool places to contribute their houses too !! I'm wondering if anyone has ever come across anything like this.. I can imagine a lot of different types of issues, from legal, rules, security, insurance, through to just more mundane things like free riders and "who does the washing up". It seems hard, even crazy, but that doesn't mean I don't want to think about trying to see if I can see a way to make it work. or at least a pilot work If you are reading this either as a house owner thinking - this could work, I'd like my house to be full of interesting positive people, and to meet others as I travel, then get in touch. if you are an interesting positive person who might like to live like this for a while. can figure out how you could contribute, with your art, work, money or some other way. please contact me. If you are reading this and are thinking. "This already exists" PLEASE contact me and send me the details. I don't want to re-invent the wheel. The difference between this idea and static communities is that I envisage mobility as part of the deal rather than a "no no". If you have constructive critical feedback - it's welcome. I don't mind being told. you are crazy because of x, y and z thanks I might have a pilot month or two in the summer of 2018 or 2019

message posted by Richard Lucas
Off Grid Island Life for a Family - Ireland

A unique chance for a family with toddlers to make a home on the beautiful 650 acre private off-grid island of Lambay, 3 miles off the coast of Co Dublin. My wife Brooke and I came here from England and are raising our 2 toddlers (1 and 2) on the island; we would like to home-school but would need help and the support of a small community in addition to the 4-5 resident workforce: a companion for Brooke; playmates for the kids; help with schooling, kitchen garden and maintenance. A cottage and use of kitchen garden (and possibly a workshop) is on offer in return for educational / gardening / building skills and a genuine commitment for a long-term stay. The island operates as a small cattle / sheep farm and is also developing its rental accommodation; it is resupplied weekly by boat. Island life can be demanding: offer suited to mature, financially stable and level-headed applicants.

message posted by Alex Baring
I would like to visit a community for a day

Hello all, I am looking for a way of introducing the idea of community living to my seven year old son, and I would really like to visit a community for a day (preferably within 100 miles or so). As a child I lived in several intentional, and not so intentional communities, and as an adult I lived for a couple of years in a co-op in Bristol. Community living isn't something that I've thought about for many years, but it's a way of being in the world that I enjoy very much. Added to this, I have a child who seems to be profoundly lonely, and I feel that the way we're living just isn't working somehow. I would really love my child to be able to experience living with other children. I'm looking for ideas, inspiration, maybe an invite to lunch!! I'm in Tiverton, Devon (although probably moving in June) so if anyone near by ish is feeling particularly hospitable, please, please get in touch-we'd love to meet you :-) All the best, Laura (and Moses)

message posted by Laura Brammeld
Vegans invited to join us ...

Humanity House Trust in Matlock in Derbyshire seeks new participants. We support the work of the political party Humanity (, although Humanity has no members and no-one is obliged to do or be anything other than vegan. We do what we are moved to do, in accordance with Humanity principles. Each of us is a free spirit living according to our own needs and desires. Robin Greenwood is the founder of Humanity, is the primary Trustee of the House, and has stood for Parliament in Derbyshire Dales on three occasions since 2010. We use Scott Peck's Community Building process at house meetings and any unresolvable issues are referred to the Trust, where Scott Peck's Community Building process is also used as the foundation for its decisions. As a tenant here, the opportunity is there to become a Trustee. Feel free to come and check us out ...

message posted by Humanity House Trust
Study (Peace) Haven - Haizean (Basque for In The Wind).

Help required from a person with compassion and wisdom. Clydebank/Scotstoun/Scotland needs a peace centre. The project will follow on from a book written by two writers (Haizean; currently on,uk). A study haven run by an experienced writer/journalist. Marcel Proust, the French novelist, observed that "the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new lands but in seeing with new eyes". He realised that by working with other people we learn about their cultures and become able to explore new ideas and prospects. Options that would not have occurred to us before stand out as obvious if we understand how other people experience the world. This is why, I believe, it is so important for students to have a deeper global awareness and understanding of other cultures. A cleaning lady comes in once a week. The flat has been recently redecorated - new fridge, new cooker, new washing machine, new 50 inch TV in lounge, new king size beds and bedding, new study desks and new leather seats. Digital radio in kitchen. Music system and massage chair in the lounge. Treadmill too. No parties or overnight guests. All bills included except phone. Wi-Fi available. Must be tidy and very laid back. Would suit Glasgow University student.

message posted by Wanderingwordsmith
Longest-Term Thrival-Survival

Where could I an elderly state-pensioner promoting peacefully-progressive sustain-worthiness, either fit into an existing "Sustainworthy-ing" community, or real on-the-ground or on a Not-For-Profit e-site such as the three I submit to the public (below).. Or how might I find a few people to found and develop a "sustainworthying" community ? Please see my background situation and present-continuous "predicamant" via and and via the House of Lords 'democratic-reach-out'. as MilesJSD. Warm regards, John Miles

message posted by miles - john
Do you have a small camper van to hire?

hello I'm walking the wales coast path in fortnightly bits and I wondered if anyone has a small and reliable camper van that you would be willing to hire out for two - four weeks a year? I'm in Norfolk so would really need it to be somewhere roughly between Norfolk and Wales if possible. Many thanks jill

message posted by Jill Saunders
Space in rustic retreat on the edge of Exmoor, near lynton.

We’re looking for either a couple or two single people who are searching for long term stay - no rent but shared living costs. We have a smallholding, that has the possibility of growing in the next couple of years, as neighbouring land is due to come on the market. We have an interest in permaculture (see pic of veggie patch looking lovely) and would like individuals with a similar interest and passion of living and working with the land, with minimal impact on the environment. We’d like people who can contribute by working on the place, the garden, woodland and buildings on the plot, so skills with tools and gardening knowledge is an advantage! Also help out with meals and cooking. Living and working as a co-operative. I am writing this post on the behalf on Chris, who I live with, please give me a message with any questions or if you’d like a chat with me or him, then I can get you in contact with him as he’s not an internet user :)

message posted by Hayley Robinson
Couple looking for home to rent/exhange for work

Hello, we're John and Amanda and we're looking for a home to rent or exchange for work from us. Amanda is a writer - novelist, short story writer and freelance environmental sustainability journalist. She also runs her own online creative writing business. I've worked as a tree surgeon for years. We both love spending time outdoors in nature and wandering around. We are looking for somewhere private and rural/semi-rural ideally in the south/south west of England, Wales or the Scottish Highlands/West Coast; and would be willing to look at home for work exchange type deals as well as rental. I have worked in landscape related jobs for almost twenty years, most recently managing a woodland/forestry, have good practical skills including basic carpentry, painting, decorating and property maintenance. I've got plenty of grounds maintenance experience too, such as hedging, strimming, etc. We're mindful, responsible and considerate people and have lots of experience looking after various animals too - cats, dogs, chickens, donkeys, sheep and alpacas. Give me a call or send us a message if you have a potential home for us. 07513 852049. All the best, John

message posted by John Saint
Room in a Peaceful House

Large single room available to rent (possible Housing Benefit)in my 2 bedroom terraced house in Mid-Cheshire. Reduced rent as I continue to renovate and re-decorate. Good Luck

message posted by matnwest
Accommodation on small farm in South West Wales in exchange for work

Hi, I have a small, wildlife friendly farm with rare breed sheep and my own horses in South West Wales. I am looking for someone who is interested in having accommodation in exchange for work. The work will be varied, it may involve doing the daily checks/feed round occasionally, or helping with a task with the sheep. It may involve helping clean the holiday let on site which is the main source of income. But most of the time its likely to involve maintenance for which wood working and DIY skills will be important. Options for accommodation and the number of hours are flexible. I live in the farm house on site, which I am renovating, there is a static caravan with water and electric connection available. Or space for a caravan/van to be parked up. There is the option for people to earn extra income by holding courses on site or continuing with their own crafts or business. I think its more important to find the right match than produce a big wish list/must be description, but I would prefer someone looking for a long term base rather than accommodation for just a few weeks.

message posted by JGwen

Hi. We've been looking for a nice co-housing place/landowner/freehold/farmer. We've just bought a horsebox that we are converting to live-in and would like to find a nice space to store and live-in it. We're really keen on sharing, work exchange and off-the-grid living so I thought I'd post on here :) We're hard working, reliable and love finding new friends. We're open to suggestions on how we can help from farm work,help with media or anything else we are capable of doing! We've just got back from 20 months of travelling by bicycle to Kyrgyzstan and back, wild camping and work exchange/volunteering...we're now looking for some nice people with a little space to create a new home. Please contact us as soon as possible on 07875 080131 (Beccy) or 07504 992229 (Rob) if you think we could do something together. Thanks Beccy and Rob

message posted by Audrey The Aubergine
Lending money to communities

Hi everyone A friend was telling me about a financial scheme he'd heard about at Buddhafield some years ago. We'd like to find out about it again. Does anyone have contact details for the scheme? The scheme is this: People, with various amounts of money to invest, collectively lend an amount to an intentional community so the community can buy a house. Basically giving them a mortgage. But the interest rates are much lower than a mortgage which means the community can afford to pay 'the rent', so it's good for the people in the community & the investors get to invest in something ethical & sustainable. The scheme seemed really well set up with good, legal contract/protection for both the community & the investors. We hope it is still running, please can you let us know if you know of it. Or anything like it. Thanks Abi

message posted by Abi Hirschmann