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Helper required

ALLERTON WILLOW SPA AND RETREAT. Recently acquired 5 acre smallholding in a rural village setting 3 miles from Kettering, Midlands. We have a gated landscaped gardens that includes a stream, 3 cascading ponds, orchard, stables, paddocks, fields, children play area and spa. To use permaculture principles alongside traditional techniques to meet the aim of building a holistic family mini farm, spa and physical, mental and spiritual retreat that also offers fresh healthy food, open to the public. We carry a small number of sheep, goats, geese, ducks, chickens, guinea fowl and pea hens/cocks and plan to increase numbers. We aim to also acquire horses, site dormant bee hives, a variety of other fish and wildfowl as well as to develop home-grown organic produce. The land does not presently have organic certification but is kept organically and the livestock live as naturally as possible. We’d love your help in all types of maintenance to the grounds and ponds as well as assist with livestock, fish and hatching, plus support in preparing the retreat for the spring summer and autumn seasons. It goes without saying that the tasks will be interesting and varied and sharing of information and skills! The work is in the development stages so it can be a little physically challenging, so please bear this in mind when applying. With a minimum commitment of a long weekend , not only will you have the obvious food and accommodation in caravan or yurt, you can also utilise the spa swimming pool, hot tub, gym and steam room facilities plus help in transportation to and from local amenities. Please feel free to get in touch for more information. Looking for 1 or 2 people (couples welcomed) Spike Khan 07746901761

message posted by Spike786
Photography project on self sufficiency

Hi (hope this is allowed on here) I'm a photography student in Cornwall looking to photograph and briefly interview people who live alternatively (e.g off grid/eco communities/vans/tents/boats) for a project as I'm extremely interested in this type of more self-sufficient lifestyle and was wondering if anyone around Cornwall would mind being a part of it or know people who would be? I'd be really grateful and more than happy to give prints to you afterwards Please message me on here or instagram ( if you'd like to help or have any time of information. Thanks so much for reading this, hope to hear from you! :) x

message posted by yenetruoc
Spiral Visions

--Please see below an intentional community vision that we would like to see fully manifested and are looking for other like minded potential members to grow it. Write to us with your contact details if interested saying why and how you feel you could be part of it. --In the short term we are part of a north London household that doesn’t embody this long term vision but it is in transition and could be an ideal place to take the vision forward. If you fit our long term vision with the values and ethics we need then you many also be interested in joining us in this holding phase. Ultimately it may be that we rebirth elsewhere in or outside London. --Again get in touch if this vision calls to you and if you have what it takes to be part of this holding embryonic visionary --*****Intentional Community - Vision Statement *******-- --To have an intentional spiritual co-op community of conscious co existence embedded in values of respect, co-operation and ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share. To create a culture of community building , group process in growing & living together and transitioning to sustainable living. To hold heart centered non violent communication and use consensus in decision making where appropriate with agreed levels of autonomy. --To share food and eat together depending on the rhythm and energy of our livelihoods. To support community by sharing rent and bills. To have some common values that we believe are essential for living together; --Respect for each other’s differences and for their personal space --Respect for communal space to create a home that is mutually comfortable and safe. --Maintaining a communal space that is clear and harmonious for all to enjoy. Clearing up communal space after use. Having agreed quiet zones and times. --Participating in weekly allocated domestic tasks and chores. --Appreciating we all have our own friends, family and colleagues who we have to visit and who we are responsible for at all times. Sensitively arranging use of communal spaces to entertain guests. Being willing to negotiate with others for use of communal space. --Being committed to communicating effectively with each other & participating in alternating fortnightly meetings re infrastructure and mutual support. --Our broader aspirations are ; To become resilient as individuals, as a community and as a hub in the broader community. To acknowledge we are inextricably linked to the seasons, the elements and our larger body of the earth. To live with as low a carbon footprint as we can. To responsibly recycle and compost. To save energy; switching off lights and appliances when not in use. To eat local ( to grow as much food as possible in our back garden); To grow food for and with our neighborhood in our front garden; To practice permaculture practice and ethics of Earth care, people care and fair share. To participate in any local Community Supported Agriculture/ box scheme; To be active members of any LETS (Local exchange and trading system)/ Timebank ; To support thru membership and/or participation local grassroot community and transition/ sustainability initiatives. To always have active representation and membership in any associated housing Cooperative ctttee. To seeks repairs and renovations that are as eco as possible. To use non toxic domestic, gardening and decorating resources. To car share where possible. To share tools and resources generally where possible. To acknowledge and actively practice being inhabitants rather than tourists in nature

message posted by Spiral Visions
Seeking Accommodation

Mature semi retired british lady seeking a room in London from june for 6 months.Can also exchange/part exchance for housekeeping /petcare.NO CHILDCARE. I have been following the summers for many years and stay in London for summer and then go to Australis for winter.I lan to do this for the foreseeable future.Wwhen in London I do fundraising for a charity I am a non-smoker but no objection to sharing with a smoker.Quiet clean and tidy and frugal with utilities

message posted by Chocolate-Labrador
Looking for a like minded "au pair"

Hi there, We're a little big family of 6, Kim (40, dutch), Fred (37, French) and our four kids Mayi (9), Leo(7), Woody (3.5) and Frida (13 months). We're living in the Ariège, south of France, in a gorgeous spot. We are looking for a kind of like minded "au pair", who is familiar with or interested in attachment/natural/unconditional parenting, to come and stay with us for a longer period of time to help with our 4 children. We are homeschooling/unschooling, and would like you also to help with setting up the organic vegetable garden and some help in the house! Some keywords to describe us and things we care for : free birthing, co-sleeping, nappy-free, extended breastfeeding, non-violent communication, permaculture, biodynamic gardening, fermentation, homemade, wool, knitting, woodcarving, photography, no smoking/drugs/alcohol, barefoot, simple living, community, sacred plant medicine... We are living in the Ariège, in the foothills of the Pyrénées, in a rented house settled in 47ha of organically grown land. Amazing views on the mountains ! A very rich social network with many alternative people living around us. Our main job is to take care of these young kids so help with them would be very much appreciated, especially if you have some special skills or talents that they can learn from. We are looking for a "big brother" or a "big sister", to be part of our family for some time. It can get a bit hectic, chaotic with all these kids, but also very funny ! We have a big bedroom to offer (which is also used as a play room), in our house, so it is a bit challenging to have a lot of privacy ! Luckily the kids go to bed pretty early so at least evenings are calm ! We are pretty unconventional in our lifestyle, not sending the kids to school, not working, mainly trying to lead a simple life, as freely as we can. We eat good, local organic food, try to ban plastic from the house, use only eco friendly products, limit the exposure to EMR. Well, if you feel like joining our little crazy family for some time, please get in touch ! Fred & Co

message posted by horizon
accommodation and food in return for work.

hi. i am looking for accommodation /food and expenses in return for work. i am able to do most things around houses like gardening and cleaning and car washing. i have my own transport and a full clean driving licence. please ask for more skills if you are interested. i have been living in my van for over one year. please reply soon if interested and i will answer your questions. please send a private message.

message posted by staff64
Discrete builder

Are there any farmers etc, in Surrey/Southeast looking to convert/renovate any of their unused outbuildings? I'm a seasoned builder with experience in such work Gray

message posted by giffygray
Looking for a place for peace and some meeting of minds in Bulgaria

Hi to all, i have uploaded a picture but i don't know where it actually shows,( have just seen my photo !!!) anyway, i live in England but am really interested in moving to Bulgaria, i am 73 but still ok in terms of relative fitness apart from a slightly damaged nerve in my left wrist, which does grow back after a couple of months, so the consultant tells me !!!i have i guess some of the things you get when you grow older, but not losing my mind ,i am gregarious, but not to the point of annoyance ,am intelligent i guess, and get on with people i have the mindset of the early sixties, yeah you get it, used to be called beatnik/hippie etc etc i used to build boats, make furniture am conversant with all types of woodworking machines /lathes bandsaws /you name it Am a pretty good cook, make my /our own bread have lived in a commune in London am Jewish but i don't practice Judaism at all i do receive an old age pension, plus i have a small ( very small )private pension , I'm looking for accommodation and food and will pay for it by doing whatever i can, and ill contribute financially what i can afford ( don't know what will happen re pensions after BREXIT ) But i expect that from my inquiries i should be able to still collect it in Bulgaria an E U country I do drive but only automatic, still it means i can legally drive a tractor!/scooter apart from an auto car i wish i had thought of this before when my ex-wife and myself got divorced 9 years ago instead of which i moved into a housing association in which the mindset of people there is totally different to mine and i would imagine to children of the sixties which is what is the best way to describe myself as although we are of course all different I know it says England above, but i have also noticed some notifications from Bulgaria ( i know it's close to Greece so weather has to be better than England !!!!!) I do like the sun!

message posted by Russell Reuben
General Genuine Enquiry

Hi , I was originally looking at your site for my son , knowing he would be perfect for an "off grid" lifestyle , it's something I have always wanted to do , but thought I was now too old (52) and there to my surprise was a couple of notices for the mature person .So I thought I'd let you all know I'm here and to contact if you want . Thanks Abigail

message posted by Abigail Kershaw
Farm Cornwall

Insulated wooden cabin with woodburner in south west cornwall offered in exchange for helping with family farm ,occasionally being responsible for the farm when we go away. It is important to us that the person/persons care about the planet and that some effort is made in keeping their carbon footprint low. We are about 80% self sufficient.20 north devon cows.We milk 2 jersey cows once a day. make cheese . 50 chickens.2 children 6yrs and 13yrs, 2 shire horses and a sizable veg patch.Over the next 2 years we hope to plant 6 acres of woodland. We are passionate about; simple ,low impact living, being close to nature, pedal powered machinery ,and our jersey milk. We re use and repair as much as possible. We live close to nature in a simple small wooden cabin. We wish to promote gentle living and are looking for quiet caring gentle people who are willing to learn. This is not a payed poisition.Thanks Paul Harriet

message posted by Paul Welch
Global local co-living communities with a shared value set

I host Couchsurfers, and am a tech entrepreneur. My large-ish house near the centre of Krakow in Poland will be empty soon-ish. 2019 I have large parties there from time to time, and my American friend suggested I turn it into a kind of co living space. I came across this web site doing some basic research. A few months ago I saw this TED talk I had the idea then of a global network of co-living houses where there mobility so that those participating could live in one of the houses - maybe with a minimum stay provision like a month, but also not be anchored there the whole time. I like the idea of cross subsidy, people who have less money pay less but somehow contribute, people who have more money contribute more. Somehow combining work and play so there would be time and space for working but also partying, concerts, events. Somehow having a "door policy" that means that the community is for positive people who will contribute/not just take. I'm not rich like "millionaire" rich but can afford to contribute the house... I think I'd like other people in other parts of the world who live in cool places to contribute their houses too !! I'm wondering if anyone has ever come across anything like this.. I can imagine a lot of different types of issues, from legal, rules, security, insurance, through to just more mundane things like free riders and "who does the washing up". It seems hard, even crazy, but that doesn't mean I don't want to think about trying to see if I can see a way to make it work. or at least a pilot work If you are reading this either as a house owner thinking - this could work, I'd like my house to be full of interesting positive people, and to meet others as I travel, then get in touch. if you are an interesting positive person who might like to live like this for a while. can figure out how you could contribute, with your art, work, money or some other way. please contact me. If you are reading this and are thinking. "This already exists" PLEASE contact me and send me the details. I don't want to re-invent the wheel. The difference between this idea and static communities is that I envisage mobility as part of the deal rather than a "no no". If you have constructive critical feedback - it's welcome. I don't mind being told. you are crazy because of x, y and z thanks I might have a pilot month or two in the summer of 2018 or 2019

message posted by Richard Lucas
Vegans invited to join us ...

Humanity House Trust in Matlock in Derbyshire seeks new participants. We support the work of the political party Humanity (, although Humanity has no members and no-one is obliged to do or be anything other than vegan. We do what we are moved to do, in accordance with Humanity principles. Each of us is a free spirit living according to our own needs and desires. Robin Greenwood is the founder of Humanity, is the primary Trustee of the House, and has stood for Parliament in Derbyshire Dales on three occasions since 2010. We use Scott Peck's Community Building process at house meetings and any unresolvable issues are referred to the Trust, where Scott Peck's Community Building process is also used as the foundation for its decisions. As a tenant here, the opportunity is there to become a Trustee. Feel free to come and check us out ...

message posted by Humanity House Trust
Study (Peace) Haven - Haizean (Basque for In The Wind).

Help required from a person with compassion and wisdom. Clydebank/Scotstoun/Scotland needs a peace centre. The project will follow on from a book written by two writers (Haizean; currently on,uk). A study haven run by an experienced writer/journalist. Marcel Proust, the French novelist, observed that "the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new lands but in seeing with new eyes". He realised that by working with other people we learn about their cultures and become able to explore new ideas and prospects. Options that would not have occurred to us before stand out as obvious if we understand how other people experience the world. This is why, I believe, it is so important for students to have a deeper global awareness and understanding of other cultures. A cleaning lady comes in once a week. The flat has been recently redecorated - new fridge, new cooker, new washing machine, new 50 inch TV in lounge, new king size beds and bedding, new study desks and new leather seats. Digital radio in kitchen. Music system and massage chair in the lounge. Treadmill too. No parties or overnight guests. All bills included except phone. Wi-Fi available. Must be tidy and very laid back. Would suit Glasgow University student.

message posted by Wanderingwordsmith
Longest-Term Thrival-Survival

Where could I an elderly state-pensioner promoting peacefully-progressive sustain-worthiness, either fit into an existing "Sustainworthy-ing" community, or real on-the-ground or on a Not-For-Profit e-site such as the three I submit to the public (below).. Or how might I find a few people to found and develop a "sustainworthying" community ? Please see my background situation and present-continuous "predicamant" via and and via the House of Lords 'democratic-reach-out'. as MilesJSD. Warm regards, John Miles

message posted by miles - john
Do you have a small camper van to hire?

hello I'm walking the wales coast path in fortnightly bits and I wondered if anyone has a small and reliable camper van that you would be willing to hire out for two - four weeks a year? I'm in Norfolk so would really need it to be somewhere roughly between Norfolk and Wales if possible. Many thanks jill

message posted by Jill Saunders
Couple looking for home to rent/exhange for work

Hello, we're John and Amanda and we're looking for a home to rent or exchange for work from us. Amanda is a writer - novelist, short story writer and freelance environmental sustainability journalist. She also runs her own online creative writing business. I've worked as a tree surgeon for years. We both love spending time outdoors in nature and wandering around. We are looking for somewhere private and rural/semi-rural ideally in the south/south west of England, Wales or the Scottish Highlands/West Coast; and would be willing to look at home for work exchange type deals as well as rental. I have worked in landscape related jobs for almost twenty years, most recently managing a woodland/forestry, have good practical skills including basic carpentry, painting, decorating and property maintenance. I've got plenty of grounds maintenance experience too, such as hedging, strimming, etc. We're mindful, responsible and considerate people and have lots of experience looking after various animals too - cats, dogs, chickens, donkeys, sheep and alpacas. Give me a call or send us a message if you have a potential home for us. 07513 852049. All the best, John

message posted by John Saint
Accommodation on small farm in South West Wales in exchange for work

Hi, I have a small, wildlife friendly farm with rare breed sheep and my own horses in South West Wales. I am looking for someone who is interested in having accommodation in exchange for work. The work will be varied, it may involve doing the daily checks/feed round occasionally, or helping with a task with the sheep. It may involve helping clean the holiday let on site which is the main source of income. But most of the time its likely to involve maintenance for which wood working and DIY skills will be important. Options for accommodation and the number of hours are flexible. I live in the farm house on site, which I am renovating, there is a static caravan with water and electric connection available. Or space for a caravan/van to be parked up. There is the option for people to earn extra income by holding courses on site or continuing with their own crafts or business. I think its more important to find the right match than produce a big wish list/must be description, but I would prefer someone looking for a long term base rather than accommodation for just a few weeks.

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