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Places needing Members

Communities vary widely in their capacity to host guests during periods when they are not looking for new members. So don't be surprised if a request to visit is turned down. However, the communities listed below have said that they are currently looking for new members so, generally while that need remains, they will also be the keenest on visitors who have a genuine interest.

SA17 5ES
We are looking for up to two new members
GL54 5AQ
We are a small community of eight families living in separate homes within a large Cotswold manor house. Our bit of the Postlip Valley holds a mainly Jacobean house, a medieval Tithe Barn, and the 12C Chapel of St James, in Gloucestershire. We do lots of things together, from growing organically and maintaining the house and grounds to running public events but we also have private lives. We are currently looking for new members to join our community and have units for sale. For more information about Postlip and the unit for sale, have a look at our website
Interested in joining Earth Heart Housing Coop? There is currently two properties for sale - THE OLD STABLES and THE HAYLOFT ****************************************************************** THE OLD STABLES - £299,950, a 3-bedroom barn conversion in a beautiful courtyard of stone farm buildings. It is well insulated, double glazed, heated by communal wood pellet boiler, fully modernised and beautiful interior, with stunning views across a valley in rural Derbyshire. See more details about the property on Right Move, search with DE6 1NS. Please contact current owners for more details if you are interested - Selina or Simon on 01335 372114 or ***************************************************************** THE HAYLOFT - £250,000, a 2 bedroom first floor barn conversion, located in an old farmyard courtyard. Large open plan living room that is open floor to ridge with a mezzanine at each end. All rooms have stunning views of the Derbyshire countryside. Partly insulated / part exposed stone interior walls, double glazing, log burner, communal pellet boiler heating. Ring Vic on 07802 771957 for further details.
We are always interested in meeting Potential Members and we would love enquires from energetic, enthusiastic, sociable young people and young families. We live in an area of outstanding natural beauty in East Bergholt, famous for its links with John Constable. East Bergholt has good transport links and excellent primary and secondary schools within walking distance. Living spaces of all sizes become available at times. Two spaces have become available in September 2017. A number of potential members have been visiting over the past two years. Potential members make several visits here over a period of time which is how we get to know each other. You have to buy into our community which means you must have capital (the amount depends on the size of space you buy). Small top up loans are occasionally available but not at the moment. You are unable to get a standard mortgage.
Pendragon Community in Glastonbury Somerset is a centre for low impact living and an experiment in living together happily. We are creative people who find community living enjoyable and care about sustainability. Long-term community members mainly have outside jobs, pay for their stay, and do not necessarily need to do anything at the community other than normal house cleaning and attending the weekly community meeting. We often eat communally but it happens organically rather than being structured. There is scope to keep animals and for community members to involve themselves in finding additional creative uses for our large meeting room and art studio. At present we have available rooms for individuals and a suite for a family, both with en-suite facilities. Please e-mail if you are interested.
We currently have one 2-bed recently refurbished cottage for sale. If you are interested please see our website ( or email us on
IV36 2RE
We are currently looking to recruit a new Maintenance Manager who is in charge of the maintenance department at Newbold House. You should have a range of practical skills e.g. decorating, repairing, carpentry, building, basic plumbing and electrics etc. We do not expect to find someone with skills in all these areas – but we are looking for someone generally handy and good with tools, health & safety etc You allocate the work and supervises Volunteers who work in his or her department. You maintain the proper safety regulations and training for the people who work in the department. He/she makes sure that the co-workers work within the Purpose Statement of Newbold Trust. Job Schedules to begin January 2018 Application process closed at 12:00 on 1st December 2017.
OX10 6AN
Hello! Looking for a change in your life? Looking for new challenges and new scope for fulfilment? Looking to join a thriving community living in a socially and environmentally responsible and thoughtful way? Looking to explore new ways of thinking, and co-operating, and being and feeling? We have a number of interesting opportunities available for people wishing to join our community as working residents. We are currently looking for a Kitchen Co-ordinator, a Maintenance person, and an Gardener & Estate Worker (combined role). Check the Job descriptions, the procedure to apply and the application form on our website:
We are currently looking for 2 new members to live in a shared house within our 6-household co-op in North Herefordshire. Members renovate our buildings and some share the management of our seven acres of land. We are specifically seeking in applications from people who are keen to get involved in our ongoing large-scale renovation project, restoring our three Edwardian buildings to create living space for more members. The way to apply is by using our website - - please read it carefully to work out if this co-op could be for you. We are also hosting an open day on 23rd September for people interested in applying, please look at our website for details. Closing date for applications is 20th October.
Be part of an exciting and inspiring project in beautiful surroundings! Monkton Wyld Court is looking for passionate, imaginative and resourceful people to become community members and take on a full-time job in the community in exchange for accommodation, food, a small stipend and community life! Get in touch if you think you may be interested in a role in the kitchen, garden or office. The first step? Contact us for a job description and arrange to come and volunteer.
Bowden House is an established community currently looking for members: We have a 4 bedroom house for sale £450,000 and a 2 bed flat for £235,000. See our website for photos and more details about the property.
We run a rolling advert for Short Term Core, our essential supporting people, who are with us for 3 months to 1 year, with full board & lodgings & a small stipend. This position is available from NOW. Even if you are not available until later in the year you are very welcome however to start the recruitment process now as it can take several months to complete. Short Term Core members support the team and help provide a good experience for our visitors. You may be taking a gap year, a career break, a change of direction or want to explore service and hospitality. Personal attributes include a desire to live in community, mature outlook, self awareness, sensitivity to others, flexibility and adaptability, enjoyment of working in a team, being on a spiritual journey, possessing good health and an open-mind. You also receive time off, opportunity for personal development, a contract, and extensive experience in beautiful natural surroundings. If you live in the UK, we will want you to visit Othona as part of the recruitment process. If you’re interested please email Caroline at Othona West Dorset would love to welcome a new Core Member - Housekeeper to join the permanent residential community. Are you someone whose observant eye and thoughtful housekeeping will ensure that our visitors have a comfortable time? Can you organise our cleaning and bedding supplies and liaise with colleagues and volunteers to get it all done? You will have a desire to live in community and probably have had previous community experience, a mature outlook, self awareness, sensitivity to others, flexibility and adaptability, enjoy working in a team, be on a spiritual journey, and possess good health and an open-mind. You will need to be able to attend an event as a paying visitor as part of the recruitment process. You will have: a desire to live in community, mature outlook, self awareness, sensitivity to others, flexibility and adaptability, enjoyment of working in a team, being on a spiritual journey, possessing good health and an open-mind. Please look at our website for more information about living and working with us.