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This noticeboard is intended for individuals, small handfuls of individuals or families that would like to find others to get something going. People are likely to be at a very early stage and so not big enough or thought-through enough to go into our Forming Groups section. We would always urge people to consider whether they really want to "reinvent the wheel" all over again. Existing communities are often looking for new members (take a look here) and there are usually several forming groups who've already got some way down the line here.
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North Bristol Community Project

North Bristol Community Project is a small local charity which aims to promote well-being through community participation, social inclusion and self-empowerment. If you would like to join an urban based community of like-minded people come and visit us, have a cuppa, learn new things, share your skills and make new friends. The office tends to be open Mon, Tues, Thurs, Frid 10am-4pm.

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Forming cohousing communities in London, Bristol, and Exeter

We are currently in the process of helping community groups interested in building cohousing schemes in London, Bristol, and Exeter form. We (KIN) are a design-led, architecture and development practice. Our objective is to deliver the world’s most environmentally and socially sustainable homes: creating a beautiful, healthy, sustainable, carbon-free built environment for everyone. Having lived and worked in community, we know it can be an overwhelming process to, literally, build a community. Our aim is to bring people together, who are looking for a better way to get the homes that want. We have the expertise and support needed to make things happen, be that design, finance, securing land or providing general advice. NB: If there is sufficient interest in other cities/areas, then we are happy to explore those too. You can sign up to express your interest at If you already have a group of people together, or have a particular project or site you want to discuss, please do get in touch at You can also connect on Facebook at

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Young family looking for land

We have 2 children, (nearly 4 and 1) and have a dream of owning a smallholding. When looking for suitable places, I often see things that are out of our price range, but more space than we need. This got me thinking... What if we could find another like-minded family to purchase a property with. Maybe if we could find something with a big enough house that we could somehow divide it into 2 homes, where both families have their own private space. Or if there were outbuildings, maybe do some accommodation converting. Things I like the idea of: planting trees, already having an established orchard, growing veg, having chickens, renewable energy, composting toilets, basically living as self-sufficiently as possible. Open to any other ideas. We would probably be looking at getting a mortgage for around 200k, so with another family, looking at properties within the region of 400k My partner works in finance risk, so any property buying would have to have suitable contracts drawn up to protect all parties. How this would work would obviously be an area for discussion. Location wise I think we are fairly flexible. Wherever in the UK we can find what we want at a price we can afford. (Wales looks promising) We currently live in Northampton. Drop me an email with a bit about yourself if this sounds like something you would be interested in, and maybe we can arrange to meet. Someone else with young children is quite important to me. It would be nice for our kids to have someone to play with, and also I think it would be annoying for someone who didn't have kids to live in close proximity to someone elses. My email is Look forward to hearing from somebody. Beck.

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Community for youthful retirees (Updated August 2017)

Community for youthful retirees Southern Cornwall - roughly Penzance to Looe. CHARACTERS - Community Housing Association of Retired Arty Crafty Types (Environmentally Responsible Souls) Imagine a cross between “Last Of The Summer Wine” and “Friends” – a friendly and eco friendly community set up with the aim of improving individual quality of life as well as substantially reducing the collective footprint. I am a retired fella seeking like-minded-souls to join me in a rental property in a lovely area that my kids would want to visit - and not just to see me... Preferably big garden and by the sea - boat share anyone? Not sure how to go about setting this up but students seem to be able to manage... perhaps all members could put up a bond sufficient to initially acquire a suitable property as well as helping to ensure the group maintained it’s focus and had time to vet replacement candidates when necessary? Looking for people who enjoy the likes of:- working/playing together, live music whether listening or playing, cooking, arty-crafty stuff, gardening, good conversation, sport etc... When I searched the internet there were any number of expensive Care Homes and the likes for the aged but I am neither old nor in need of any care. A rental property would seem the quickest and simplest way forward – a hotel or big Guest House or? I suspect a minimum personal requirement would be to have a double en-suite bedroom and access to social areas both indoors and out to relax proportionate to the group. Perhaps the group, or a subset thereof, would have a desire for a more permanent arrangement as some kind of Cooperative through what I believe is called Crowd-Funding - maybe a property suitable for development both internally and externally. I believe there would be a place for all kinds of members with different financial portfolios from investors at one extreme to those purely wanting a relatively fixed modest rent. ADVANTAGES-FINANCIAL. The expenses associated with acquiring accommodation can be drastically reduced as well as day to day living expenses – especially for someone living on their own. For someone like myself who is “managing” by themselves there is the prospect of being relatively “comfortable” ADVANTAGES-SOCIAL. Especially for a single person, the prospect of independent living far beyond that which might be enjoyed living alone - in particular with regard to their mental health. Pals to play with and share life’s ups and downs. It just seems so much more civilised! We are all old enough to have acquired hobbies and interests that others might be interested in and I would dearly love to be introduced to more... Consider this – unlike a transient student accommodation this would be an opportunity to settle in a beautiful area with like-minded souls with time at their disposal who would become your good friends – of course there would be challenges along the way but there are thriving groups out there proving group living can be done... Possibly the most powerful reason to some might be that a surviving partner would not suddenly be left alone – a very comforting thought... DISADVANTAGES. HARD work at first... As with everything where some kind of gain is possible there are of course risks hence renting first to hone the group and learn how best to go forward successfully. If any of this appeals and you are interested and/or know someone who might be and/or know of any existing groups along these lines please post a reply, thanks. Den

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Brighton Cohousing

We are two retired & active women looking to form a small cohousing group which we see as living in a cooperative & mutually supportive way. We live in Brighton & want to remain living in the city. We envisage the group as owner occupiers of their own units with additional internal & external spaces being owned & shared by all. An important factor will be to develop friendships, both individually & collectively, to enhance our potential, & to look outward to the community in which we live. This is a brief resume of our ideas (we have more detail) & if any of it is of interest to you we can be contacted via our emails, &

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French Mill for co-housing

Derelict Normandy mill on acre site. Suit six people for co-housing project. Planning granted. Suit builders. Details

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People willing to Buy a large house together.

Hi, we are looking for like minded people who are fed up with having to run their own homes single handedly. We are open to many suggestions but the prime aim is to live together happily into old age. We havent a particular area in mind so are not fixated on either coast or city.The importance is having a collective, which should enable us to have many more valuable possessions ie: swimming pool, gym, large garden with gardener, cook, possible river or coastal views,sports car, motorhome, caravan, timeshare holidays, the list is endless.. I am not interested in living off the land or living on a shoe string budget, just a really good living. Equally importantly we will be amongst new companions. If you think you might be vaguely interested,or indeed know someone else who could be, by all means give me a call, many thanks, Tom. 07825687131 Investors would also be very welcome. And people willing to join at a later date. For anyone reading this for the first time, please do not feel left behind, the opportunity to have a collection of smaller groups in different areas is also another possibility, which I find particularly exciting. Look forward to hearing from you, Tom. Update, as of 21/10/2017 I aim to form a company which will have the sole aim of buying property( small to start off with) which will be rented out and all profits going to fund the next purchase. This maybe a golden opportunity for first time buyers to fund with a mortgage. If you are simply curious or indeed have driving ambition but no capital please feel free to contact us. Regards, Tom.

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100% development finance for communal housing

Dear community, Crowdestates is a new platform for funding the development of property development with a social purpose - including communal housing. Through combining peer-to-peer lending, impact investors and traditional mortgages, we provide funding to cover up to 100% of project development costs. If you have a project and are seeking finance, we would love to hear from you. Please contact me on

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Calling for Others Interested in Community and Heritage

Hello, This is a call for others interested in setting up a modestly sized sustainable community, preferably in one of the milder climate regions of the UK!:) My own dream also leans towards the heritage side, as in buying and reviving a lovely old pile. Feel free to get in touch. 01874 938619. Thanks much, Deborah

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People willing to Buy a large house together.

With tongue in cheek, I'll post a message with the same title as Tom, but for a complementary approach. I.e. people who are interested in living off the land or living on a shoe string budget are very welcome. And other minimalists, ecofreaks and sufficientists. The swimming pool will double as the pond, the garden will be the gym. But still, the prime aim is also to live together happily ever after (with clear agreements about a leaving procedure).

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