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Calling forth a tribe of Earth healers

Envisage this- A nomadic tribe of Earth healers, roving the mountains, woods, fields, seas, islands and cities, as simultaneously we rove the sacred ground of our own beating hearts. Seeking and being guided to the places that need us most. We the nomads are skilled in the arts and sciences of earth restoration. We have gained experience in the crucible of Mother Nature’s guiding wisdom. We have sought ourselves through the ever changing elements of many, many seasons and now we see glimpses of our true potential. We hear the call of Gaia in our dreams and the footfall of sisters and brothers rouses us from our slumber. We see a hand outstretched in the bright dawn light. Together…………. we take a step. Could this be? Dare you dream it as I have? What does it take? First I feel it begins with a longing, born of the feeling that something is not quite right. It leads us forward as we try new things, gain new insights, new skills and find new ways of giving. For some this is enough. For others it is just the beginning- The phase of awakening. We rub our eyes and gaze out amongst the masses and we sigh, for they are still asleep. I feel guided to help others wake up- To demonstrate the art of teaching, sharing, giving, and loving unconditionally, to walk barefoot with Gandhi, to be the change I want to see. But I am no Gandhi, I am no master and I have walked far now and there is so much more change that I want to be. So I have a proposal- We come together as a community but unlike all the other intentional communities I have visited we don’t buy land. The whole world is our home. Why limit yourself to one small piece? Instead of getting caught up in the bureaucracy of trying to impose a new way of living onto the very entrenched and archaic framework of civil-isation, why don’t we draw strength from our ancestors, who for the vast majority of the time humans have existed have been migratory and lived lightly on the land. Let’s explore this. I feel a good place to start would be to form a core of dedicated, skilled, spiritually awake, free beings. Perhaps 4-8 people providing a good balance of feminine and masculine energy, with a good range of skills- communication skills, food growing skills, healing skills, creating skills, dreaming skills and most importantly of all to have unconditional love for the all that is! I’m not looking for super-heroes, simply those centred enough to hear their soul calling them to walk forward on this path. We can move from project to project as volunteers working on the land, asking for donations to support our onward travel, making friends, sharing information, planting trees, laughing our heads off, story- telling, spreading light, connecting hearts and giving thanks. This is an invitation, an invitation to an experiment, a forum to dance in the realm of potential manifestation! So………. Hi, my name is Luke and this is my dream. I am a free being! I am also 37 years old and have walked the Earth as a mountain guide, sustainable horticulturalist, rap artist, permaculture designer, hedgerow philosopher and spiritual seeker. But now integration of these things and many others calls me. So with this intention I’m lighting a beacon fire and putting out the call. As an intention this now has infinite potential. All things are possible- for we are all things……..

message posted by Luke Russell
Exeter and Devon Network seeks more settlers for the Resistance

Hi, I am a political activist advertising on behalf of an informally and disparately connected network of growers, alternative livers and political activists at an exciting stage of development around Exeter and across rural Devon. I seek seek more likeminded individuals from across the country and internationally to help build a strong ownership base of land and property in our area, affording opportunities for political strategy, civil disobedience and the growth of truly sustainable human culture. The interests of my contacts include: organic growing, permaculture, ecological engineering, meditation, martial arts, quantum physics, writing, singing, dancing, polyamory, home education of children, low impact solutions, community building, working animals, self-builds, challenging planning law (lots of experience), political activism, nomadic lifestyles, fasting and feasting, eating for optimum health, festivals, appropriate and spiritual psychedelic use, photography, publishing, curating, science and technology, engagement with wider society, rites of passage, foraging, ecopreneurship (making lots of money in order to dismantle capitalism from the inside), documentary making and much much more! We seek folk of all levels of experience and from all backgrounds. Physical fitness and political courage are a bonus. We also seek those who understand that pacifism (at least towards property and machinery) may not always be an appropriate response to the level of oppression that we experience as modern persons, and that the planet experiences to a worsening degree. A couple of us live in a new housing development of flats in a town which is central to the whole of Devon. It is nicer than the average modern development and another row will be built here in 6 months, although it will be possible to reserve from January 2017. Around 110K per flat. For various projects at the moment I particularly seek a live in carpenter and mechanic for one project, and a female grower with her own campervan for another project. Email or phone Matt on 07967738778 I look forward to hearing from you!

message posted by Matt Lepley
Interested in forming a cooperative in Newcastle - request for advice

Hello, I'm interested in setting up a housing cooperative in Newcastle, and have been reading what I can find online about the process, but would like to speak to someone who has gone through it already and ask a few questions / get some general advice / guidance (I don't even know if it is feasible currently with house prices as they are). Not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask, but would anyone with a bit of experience be willing to have a phone call with me for 20 minutes or so and tell me a bit about how their place was set up initially? Many thanks, Annie

message posted by Annie Rose
Can i get involved?

i am currently hoping to find some intentional communities to visit to find the right one to settle and work with. my views are fairly anarchistic, anti-statism, with a slant towards christian-anarchy too, although i am more used to working and living alongside non-christian folk and atheists, very happily. i have lived in a few very successful woodland squats, and a few housed communities in the 90's, and spent some time squatting in new zealand. i would very muchu like to find a community where i can join the communal worklaod, and have a little space to plug in my electronic music recording gear in the evenings/nights. i am a very social person, so long as i have a little space to be on my own when needed. and although entering my 50th year, have so much youthful enerhgy to share. idieally i would like to share ina community that has a strong DIY ethic, perhaps some space to build a small semi-permanent, or temporary dwelling from any natural things around, and take part in whatever needs done, and or find some work locally to help bring funds into the community. in time my music equipment may be helpful, as i get stronger at using it, to bring in some funds. do come say hello!

message posted by Womble Dung
Setting up a Housing Co-op

Adding another dimension to Co-Housing and Housing Co-ops. Hi, Below is an ad I am using to try and get people wanting to set up a housing co-op to join me. I wonder if you might know anyone ? I am looking for other people to join me in setting up a new housing Co-op in Kent/Sussex initially and later with homes anywhere else in the UK, probably funded mostly by grants & crowdfunding. The purpose of the Co-op is to enable members to build up a financial stake in the Co-op using their rent so that they can save a sum of money to be used for them to buy their own home. The Co-op’s aim is to acquire a variety of homes to rent, from shared ‘Co-Housing’ homes to individually rented homes. It is intended the Co-op would continously seek funding to buy further homes to rent to increasing numbers of members to enable more and more people to use some of their rent to save deposits to buy their own homes. Put simply, instead of a private landlord making a lot of money out of his tenant who is effectively buying that landlord the house the tenant pays through the nose to rent, the Co-op will return some of the rent to the tenant to enable tenants to get onto the housing ladder by buying their own homes if that is what they want to do. Contact me if you are interested. My email is:

message posted by Nick Windrum
Looking to form a naturist/alternative lifestyle commune

I am looking to form a naturist/alternative lifestyle commune at a location yet to be decided. As a naturist myself I would like to choose to live with other naturists as they are generally free of life’s inhibitions, clothes and the greed and class structure that appears to prevail us in society today. I want to get back to a society where people talk to each other again and enjoy each other’s company around the table without them feeling the need to be better than each other. The persons joining the commune will be expected to live together in comfortable dormitory style accommodation much like was practised in the olden days with long house etc. There will be no discrimination based on age, race, colour, beliefs or sexual preferences. Toilet facilities will also be communal and shared. It is envisaged that the commune will be owned by its members in the form of a company limited by shares. Members will be expected to contribute to the commune in a number of different ways as suits their existing skill set and life experience, and there will be no buy in fee as I would not want to preclude anyhow from applying. Depending on any business ventures that the commune may partake in, a small allowance will be paid, although ideally this should not be required as food, heat, lighting and daily requirements will be provided by the commune. It is also envisaged that the ratio of the commune will be roughly 50% Male and 50% female although I do not believe this will be set in stone and it will ultimately depend on the view of the members. We will welcome singles, couples and families. Where possible we will use technology to help us in our daily lives while balancing technology with an environmental vision. An example of this is that we may choose to use technology solutions to provide the commune with renewable power and for communication but we may choose to use re-use items that are for sale in the market place rather than buying new items for the commune. In addition we will follow a “Buy in the local community” first ethos where ever possible. It would be nice if we could also grow our own food, but that will depend on the location, land available and the required experience being available within the members. If any of this is of interest to you please contact me at for a short survey questionnaire (single page) which will help us identify member’s requirements.

message posted by adultsland
RECOVERY Assistance Dogs Respite Centre in Sutton On Sea

Would you be interested in working with us to set up a small Community to help people recover from Mental Health problems and in particular feeling suicidal. We would like to base this Centre on the coast near to Skegness in Lincolnshire in a small town called Sutton on Sea. We need 5 people who can afford to help with a minimum of £20,000 each. If you have £115,000 then three of us could get together to buy a large House by the Sea for £335,000 with some money left over for further expenses. RECOVERY Assistance Dogs is a Charity set up in July 2004. We spread the word about how people can recover from Mental Health problems with the help of an Assistance Dog. We are based in Leicester and train RECOVERY Assistance dogs all over the UK. Please contact me on or 07932433148 or 0116 262 3946. See the website or

message posted by Recovery Assistance Dogs
Community for youthful retirees (Updated Jan 2017)

Community for youthful retirees Southern Cornwall - roughly Falmouth to Looe. CHARACTERS - Community Housing Association of Retired Arty Crafty Types (Environmentally Responsible Souls) Imagine a cross between “Last Of The Summer Wine” and “Friends” – a friendly and eco friendly community set up with the aim of improving individual quality of life as well as substantially reducing the collective footprint. I am a retired fella seeking like-minded-souls to join me in a rental property in a lovely area that my kids would want to visit - and not just to see me... Preferably big garden and by the sea - boat share anyone? Not sure how to go about setting this up but students seem to be able to manage... perhaps all members could put up a bond sufficient to initially acquire a suitable property as well as helping to ensure the group maintained it’s focus and had time to vet replacement candidates when necessary? Looking for people who enjoy the likes of:- working/playing together, live music whether listening or playing, cooking, arty-crafty stuff, gardening, good conversation, sport etc... When I searched the internet there were any number of expensive Care Homes and the likes for the aged but I am neither old nor in need of any care. A rental property would seem the quickest and simplest way forward – a hotel or big Guest House or? I suspect a minimum personal requirement would be to have a double en-suite bedroom and access to social areas both indoors and out to relax proportionate to the group. Perhaps the group, or a subset thereof, would have a desire for a more permanent arrangement as some kind of Cooperative through what I believe is called Crowd-Funding - maybe a property suitable for development both internally and externally. I believe there would be a place for all kinds of members with different financial portfolios from investors at one extreme to those purely wanting a relatively fixed modest rent. ADVANTAGES-FINANCIAL. The expenses associated with acquiring accommodation can be drastically reduced as well as day to day living expenses – especially for someone living on their own. For someone like myself who is “managing” by themselves there is the prospect of being relatively “comfortable” ADVANTAGES-SOCIAL. Especially for a single person, the prospect of independent living far beyond that which might be enjoyed living alone - in particular with regard to their mental health. Pals to play with and share life’s ups and downs. It just seems so much more civilised! We are all old enough to have acquired hobbies and interests that others might be interested in and I would dearly love to be introduced to more... Consider this – unlike a transient student accommodation this would be an opportunity to settle in a beautiful area with like-minded souls with time at their disposal who would become your good friends – of course there would be challenges along the way but there are thriving groups out there proving group living can be done... Possibly the most powerful reason to some might be that a surviving partner would not suddenly be left alone – a very comforting thought... DISADVANTAGES. HARD work at first... As with everything where some kind of gain is possible there are of course risks hence renting first to hone the group and learn how best to go forward successfully. If any of this appeals and you are interested and/or know someone who might be and/or know of any existing groups along these lines please post a reply, thanks. Den

message posted by Dreamer Den
Long term woodland and food security project

Hi, I'm looking for people interested in going in on a long term woodland and food security project. It's intended that the food production aspect of the project will focus primarily on tree crops, particularly nuts. A piece of land has become available. It's in the west of Ireland (where I live). The land is devoid of shelter and will require a lot of trees to be planted. It's also quite remote. There is no vehicle access and no likelihood of it happening in the future. It is presumed that all site development including accommodation will be carried out by hand. Owing to the lack of easy access the project requires people who are fully up for a serious physical challenge. Is the project viable? I believe it is. I've a long term interest in land rehabilitation and my work has included the successful establishment of orchards in very difficult environments. I currently run a nursery specialising in fruit and nut trees and am in a position to grow and supply all the trees needed, including the shelter trees. My hope is that the project will eventually support a small low-impact community and provide inspiration to others in terms of sustainable land use and food production. For more info, please get in touch.

message posted by Andi
Looking for 42 like-minded individuals to start a eco-village in czech

The idea is simple, to create a resource based economy without all the trappings of this unnatural modern society. To offer or work towards offering several of the vices and entertainment (eg. tobacco, beer, wine) that the fiat economy offers and to constantly inmprove upon those offerings. This would ease the transition into this "new world". To grow enough food to sustain 100 people and whatever we can't use ourselves we would return to the local communinty to bulid a rapport with our neighbours. The idea is about becoming not only self sufficient but truly succeeding at it. To register this idea as a charity with absolutely transparent accounts. Once the target is hit we develop a new village, with 42 new members, in a new location, which can grow different resources. This would then create an internal trade network, which would only grow. The first venture would be czech for a multitude of reasons, the second perhaps Spain. Free travel offered for community members. But before I get ahead of myself the first hurdle must be tackled. As I see it in order to free ourselves from the fiat economy a price must be paid, at least initially. After that our hopes, our determination would be that the idea itself will have gained enough traction to roll forward under its own momentum. This Human Experiment through sheer force of will could have the potential to spread through the world like a cheamotherapy. Of course I look forward to hearing back about this. Im open to suggestions and ideas. Please feel free to contact me.

message posted by Rich
Sunflower Cohousing Society

Sunflower Cohousing currently has four members, and we are looking for others to join us in an environmentally conscious cohousing project. We have recently purchased a property in a small hamlet near Champagne-Mouton in France, where there is an infant’s school, doctor, pharmacy, post office, and supermarket. The property comprises a modernised 2-bedroomed house, with stone barns on both sides and a hangar, all facing into a central grassed courtyard. We have started to convert one of the barns into 2 small, self-contained cottage-style houses. We also have consent for 3 additional houses, and plans for 2 larger family dwellings. Each house will have its own private garden space to the rear, and a semi-private patio area to the front, facing onto the courtyard. The new houses are all highly insulated, with solar heating pipes under the tiles of a sealed roofing system, and with wood-fired back-boilers producing heat and hot water from regenerative sources. One section of the barns will house a community building, with a larger kitchen and dining/meeting area, craft room, a laundry, office space, and additional bedroom space for visitors. There is also an existing workshop area, machinery bay, and garden tool workshop, all of which will be incorporated into the community space. We have started to create a community vegetable garden (our potager) and a new orchard in an adjoining 4 acre field which is also owned by the community. We intend to keep a small selection of livestock on this field, to complement the chickens and geese that already share our space. We are working towards an ecologically friendly lifestyle, and to be self-sufficient where possible, but we also recognise that true self-sufficiency is very labour intensive, and so we try to achieve a sensible balance in order that we may also enjoy life. We have a range of systems already in place – composting bins, worm bins, aquaponics, vegetable and fruit production – and are constantly looking at ways to improve upon our arrangements but also to minimise our impact on the surrounding countryside. ᅠ Between us, we have gained experience in developing permaculture systems and organic practices in the UK and Spain, in both wet and arid conditions and would be looking to introduce and expand upon those techniques as part of the production of food for the community. We also have a wide range of practical and creative skills, such as building, IT, animal husbandry, fleece spinning, weaving and knitting, willow weaving, preserving, sewing, dying, and basket making. We are looking for others with a similar outlook on life to come and join us. Investing members will be asked to match our own investment to date (we are not looking to make a profit), and will in return receive an equal share and an equal say in the ownership and development of the community as a whole.

message posted by Martin Prosser
Database of people wanting to form a community

I've been looking for the right community for a long time, and I've both been part of groups starting a new community and visited existing communities that were looking for members, but without success so far. It occurred to me that there are loads of people on here who are in similar situations, and that the free-form advertisements on here can make it difficult to judge who to join up with. E.g. everybody wants to live more sustainably, but we all mean different things by that. I am therefore offering to build a database of people who want to join or start a community. What goes into the database can be worked out as the database is created, so will need active engagement, especially at the start. It would need to be limited to information that can either be quantified (e.g. less than x miles from Norwich) or a limited number of options (e.g. vegan, vegetarian, omnivore). The more subjective / interpersonal parts of the process will then still need to worked out, but at least the database could bring together groups of people who want the same things. If you'd like to be in the database please send me the information about yourself that you'd want to use to find others, plus an email address. If there are enough people in the database with overlapping wants to form a group I will send out this information without the email addresses to everybody. You will then be asked to decide whether you want to share your email address with this group. I will not share your information or email address with anyone else. The first thing that has emerged as a clear criterion is location. Please go to , drag the centre and radius of the circle to cover the area where you'd be prepared to move, then include the "URL to last radius" in your response.

message posted by Erik Buitenhuis
New Community for Swansea Central

Hi there. We are Dan and Zyg, two brothers looking to welcome new members to form a community in Swansea. We have a 7-bed house with a decent size garden, conservatory, couple of greenhouses and garage, just half a mile from the beach. The music room has a grand piano and other instruments - bring yours too. We are interested in people wanting to participate in the eco-renovation of the house and growing food in the garden, and then share a happy co-existence with us. Though in a vibrant and cosmopolitan area with all that city life offers, we're on a quiet street, so it's a place of relaxation and enjoyment. Call Dan on 07722 224479 or email if you're interested.

message posted by danzyg