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Looking to form a naturist/alternative lifestyle commune

I am looking to form a naturist/alternative lifestyle commune at a location yet to be decided. As a naturist myself I would like to choose to live with other naturists as they are generally free of life’s inhibitions, clothes and the greed and class structure that appears to prevail us in society today. I want to get back to a society where people talk to each other again and enjoy each other’s company around the table without them feeling the need to be better than each other. The persons joining the commune will be expected to live together in comfortable dormitory style accommodation much like was practised in the olden days with long house etc. There will be no discrimination based on age, race, colour, beliefs or sexual preferences. Toilet facilities will also be communal and shared. It is envisaged that the commune will be owned by its members in the form of a company limited by shares. Members will be expected to contribute to the commune in a number of different ways as suits their existing skill set and life experience, and there will be no buy in fee as I would not want to preclude anyhow from applying. Depending on any business ventures that the commune may partake in, a small allowance will be paid, although ideally this should not be required as food, heat, lighting and daily requirements will be provided by the commune. It is also envisaged that the ratio of the commune will be roughly 50% Male and 50% female although I do not believe this will be set in stone and it will ultimately depend on the view of the members. We will welcome singles, couples and families. Where possible we will use technology to help us in our daily lives while balancing technology with an environmental vision. An example of this is that we may choose to use technology solutions to provide the commune with renewable power and for communication but we may choose to use re-use items that are for sale in the market place rather than buying new items for the commune. In addition we will follow a “Buy in the local community” first ethos where ever possible. It would be nice if we could also grow our own food, but that will depend on the location, land available and the required experience being available within the members. If any of this is of interest to you please contact me at for a short survey questionnaire (single page) which will help us identify member’s requirements.

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