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Creativity ....

Hello Well,,,iam looking to chat and come up with a plan ,,,,iam a plasterer ,,a baker,,,a potter ,,and can also do other diy jobs,,,iam looking for a move in a years time ,,and would like either France ,,,or somewhere south ,,to run a bed and breakfast ,,creative place and to also make and sell amazing ,,organic sourdough bread,cakes and pastries ,,to farmer markets/ mini festivals and even for people to come to us ,my partner is also involved,,would love to see what happens on here,,,,

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New member looking for communal site

Hi to all the community on here.Ive just joined the site as id like to pursue the idea of living in an eco community,as i like the idea of everyone helping each other to share their skills,and friendship and love with each other.I will be exploring the site as things progress for me ,as i move into a new way of living from the current materialistic way of living we currently have on our beautiful planet.I look forward to sharing ideas with you all.

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Experienced cabinetmaker Seeks Nice Place for Long(er) Time Stay

Hello! I am educated as a cabinetmaker, been traveling for more than 3 years and helped people from all around the world! But now I decided to stay in Cornwall, preferably in Truro area. So if you can use my help, or know someone who does PM me! (also for more info and references) Thank you. You can see some of the projects I have been doing on Instagram;

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Looking for community

Hello, my name is Faye. I am a 32-year-old Doula from Germany and mother of a beautiful little girl of 17months. We are currently looking for a community in need of new members or people who'd like to form a small community of like-minded people together with us. We are nowadays placed in Cornwall and would prefer to stay in the area, but we would also be willing to move if necessary. In the past year, we lived in a big house in the countryside with stunning garden and lovely nature all around but we found it too big, too much work for a single mum and baby and too lonely. During the pregnancy, I have lived in a community in Germany but had to move on, as that community got dispersed. Ever since I have felt that longing for a life in community again, but our means for travelling and looking at all possible places around the world are slightly limited and also travelling to and fro with a little one is not always that easy. So here we are, looking for a great place with lovely people and sustainable lifestyle. We are dreaming of a group of genuine people with open hearts and minds and with the will to help each other out. I know it needs integrity and honesty to form a strong community and I am happy to put my heart in it. We are looking forward to hear from you. Best wishes Faye and Maylea

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Comunity Living in a MEN ONLY venue. Bournemouth - Dorset

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☯ Looking for a place to set up my tent life ☯

Hola amigos! I'm a 21 year old british dude looking for a place to put my tent, preferably in the UK but I may be able to travel to you if you're in another country. I've been a part of communities in Australia, Tasmania and France, even staying at a Buddhist monastery for a week in england. Every commune I've been a part of has been mostly people around 20-30 years old living with spiritual or anarchistic values but I don't mind what your community entails, I'm just looking for friends and peace. I don't have any money to offer but I've got experience in mandarin and watermelon farming, and moving heavy loads up to 22kg. I clean up after myself and have experience bartending. I also do fire twirling so I can do a show for you if you want but it's all improvised. I don't have any needs other than a place to put my tent, but of course I'd rather be part of a community that works as a whole and feeds and works for eachother! If you're 420 friendly and are semi interested in spirituality or circus/flow arts then *please* give me a call because I won't judge you. Jonny ☯ :D (

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