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Hardworking, experienced community resident seeks place

I am a singleton looking for a place, preferably, where I can work for my keep and for food (if not, a very low cost and simple place to live). I have spent years working, living, and volunteering in intentional communities across the UK in a variety of roles – the dynamics of community living are cherished by me. I can cook simple food, housekeep, garden (permaculture background), and I have also worked in administration and fundraising. I have chosen to leave the community I am currently staying with because it is going through some quite turbulent upheavals. Preferably, I will look to a new community, or move onto pastures new, by mid July 2017. I am looking for a community, or an individual or family, who can express goodwill towards me and somewhere to stay. Recently I have gone through a series of difficult life-situations and would respond well to simple kindness. I have a background in the arts, in music and writing - perhaps we can share some passions. Also open to staying in a shorter term situation just long enough to 'find my feet' and move on, if commitment is an issue. I can provide CV and references. Please contact me via my profile or use lapsang.leaf(at) - thanks! :)

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Hardworking couple looking to join a rural community

We're Flic and Nick, a nomadic couple in our mid twenties, hoping to learn more about self sufficient, communal living and working with the land. We've returned from a 6 month trip around South East Asia, in which we spent 5 weeks in Thailand, living in the rainforest with a natural building community. It was during our time on the island of Koh Lanta that we discovered the fulfilment of community life and having a closer connection to the land. It was also here that we learned about Diggers and Dreamers from a fellow volunteer, and the possibility of living in a community in the UK. We are happy to undertake any kind of work in return for accommodation and meals. We are particularly keen to try our hand at organic/permaculture farming as we have not had the opportunity to do this before. We have reasonable DIY skills as we completely renovated a small flat before going to South East Asia. We also love to cook and Flic makes a mean loaf of bread. We find joy in a good day's work and we are always looking to learn new skills and ways of living. Perhaps less practical, but hopefully still relevant, Flic is a professional photographer and Nick writes, so we could also be a photographer and writer in residence. Here's a link to our travel blog if you would like to see some of our work: We're planning to spend the next year exploring the UK, and our plans are very flexible. We would love to hear from any communities that would welcome us as visitors, for anything from a volunteering short stay, or with a view to becoming long term residents if our work can benefit the community. Thanks for taking the time to read all of this. If you would like any more information about us, please feel free to ask. We can be reached via this website or .

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Place, purpose, and meaning

Mature man, skilful, independent, caring and trustworthy. A UK environmentalist and pacifist, with long term community experience, qualifications and understanding, I seek a place to share, call home and be actively part of. Meaningfully, I love music, art, people, communication and nature. Willing to consider any location, whatever genuine offer, and respond, please ask the ??s you need answering. My needs are straightforward, not acute, and I always contribute time, effort and payment. Peace and Best to you ~ especially Diggers and Dreamers

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Seeking long term place to live

36yo guy seeking a new place to live (UK). I currently have everthing i need in life car motorcycle house(rented) job(self employed gardener) etc. But its too much and id like to live off grid build my own small dwelling maybe a yurt tent caravan tree house . I'm a self taught mechanic and handy with all tools. I am also trying to find a small piece of land to buy for myself and will be offering space for others. If you may be able to help please contact me. Thanks. Bob

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heading to spain in a few months!

Hello everyone, i was at lammas eco village not long ago volunteering in exchange for food and bourd it was such a beautiful place and im looking for another community that is very bushcraft based. I would like to work in woodland managment and learn primitive skills. im happy to travel out of the uk. Permaculture is very interesting also but id like to find something a little more primitive then lammas. Im a nice guy easy to get on with and happy to stay for however long. I have no commitments here in southampton. So o can just uo and leave when i like. So if you have a community that are very bishcraft based and looking for members or volunteers hit me up. Im looking to find a place with peoplewho know the primitive methods of flintknapping bow making. Foreging. Bushcraft shelters. I am saving a little money for traveling but id like to find a place i use mi inal money as possible. Any paid work in this area would be amazing too. I love to learn and learn very fast! Skills I'd like to learn, . Woodwork . Bushcraft . Herbalism. . Self sufficiency . General gardening. . Earthship building . Wattle and daub . Cob . Stone masonry . Animal husbandry . Permaculture . Blacksmithing . Brewing . Bowyer (for my own amusement and projects not to kill) Kind regards Dan Hope to hear from you Dan

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