People needing Communal Places

Here is just one message on our noticeboard intended for individuals or families who would like to join an existing group. If you're wanting to place a message or reply to one that's already posted then you must either register or sign in. We restrict noticeboard messages to one per person at any time and your message is part of your profile (click "Your account" then the Edit tab). But before you proceed any further we would urge you to take a look here at communities that are currently looking for new members. Don't fool yourself into thinking that those places will be endlessly checking out People needing Communal Places and are, consequently, likely to approach you. Communities rarely do head-hunting and, in fact, they'll probably think far more highly of you if you take the initiative and make a direct approach to them. You should also be aware that there are scarcely any communities where people can live without making any financial input. Offers of work in exchange for a money-free life will most likely be ignored - most members of communities work their butts off for the place where they live AND pay to live there as well!

Place, purpose, and meaning

Mature man, skilful, independent, caring, genuine and trustworthy. A UK environmentalist and pacifist, with long term community experience, qualifications and understanding. I seek a place to share, contribute, call home and be actively part of ~ I prefer to be among people, as well as enjoying my own space, peace and quiet. Meaningfully, I love music, art, family, communication and nature. Oh, and cycling. Good skill in many areas especially garden, kitchen and nature, am willing to consider any location, whatever genuine offer, and respond, please ask the ??s you need answering. My needs are straightforward, not acute, and I always contribute time, effort, understanding and payment. Peace and Best to you ~ especially Diggers and Dreamers

message posted by Torchie