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Space in rustic retreat on the edge of Exmoor, near lynton.

We’re looking for either a couple or two single people who are searching for long term stay - no rent but shared living costs. We have a smallholding, that has the possibility of growing in the next couple of years, as neighbouring land is due to come on the market. We have an interest in permaculture (see pic of veggie patch looking lovely) and would like individuals with a similar interest and passion of living and working with the land, with minimal impact on the environment. We’d like people who can contribute by working on the place, the garden, woodland and buildings on the plot, so skills with tools and gardening knowledge is an advantage! Also help out with meals and cooking. Living and working as a co-operative. I am writing this post on the behalf on Chris, who I live with, please give me a message with any questions or if you’d like a chat with me or him, then I can get you in contact with him as he’s not an internet user :)

message posted by Hayley Robinson
Global local co-living communities with a shared value set

I host Couchsurfers, and am a tech entrepreneur. My large-ish house near the centre of Krakow in Poland will be empty soon-ish. 2019 I have large parties there from time to time, and my American friend suggested I turn it into a kind of co living space. I came across this web site doing some basic research. A few months ago I saw this TED talk I had the idea then of a global network of co-living houses where there mobility so that those participating could live in one of the houses - maybe with a minimum stay provision like a month, but also not be anchored there the whole time. I like the idea of cross subsidy, people who have less money pay less but somehow contribute, people who have more money contribute more. Somehow combining work and play so there would be time and space for working but also partying, concerts, events. Somehow having a "door policy" that means that the community is for positive people who will contribute/not just take. I'm not rich like "millionaire" rich but can afford to contribute the house... I think I'd like other people in other parts of the world who live in cool places to contribute their houses too !! I'm wondering if anyone has ever come across anything like this.. I can imagine a lot of different types of issues, from legal, rules, security, insurance, through to just more mundane things like free riders and "who does the washing up". It seems hard, even crazy, but that doesn't mean I don't want to think about trying to see if I can see a way to make it work. or at least a pilot work If you are reading this either as a house owner thinking - this could work, I'd like my house to be full of interesting positive people, and to meet others as I travel, then get in touch. if you are an interesting positive person who might like to live like this for a while. can figure out how you could contribute, with your art, work, money or some other way. please contact me. If you are reading this and are thinking. "This already exists" PLEASE contact me and send me the details. I don't want to re-invent the wheel. The difference between this idea and static communities is that I envisage mobility as part of the deal rather than a "no no". If you have constructive critical feedback - it's welcome. I don't mind being told. you are crazy because of x, y and z thanks I might have a pilot month or two in the summer of 2018 or 2019

message posted by Richard Lucas
EL POCITO is for sale!

This property is of particular interest to anyone looking to build a small community, based on a more simple and natural way of life, more in tune with and connected to a vast surrounding landscape of nature. By way of introduction, I am originally from London (Sydenham/ Dulwich), but my heart has always been with the countryside, to live somewhere truly remote, where the scenery is as natural and dramatic as possible. Bit by bit, over many years, this is what my partner and I worked at. The last seventeen spent exploring the wilder parts of Iberia & Canada. First in a converted van, then a succession of “tiny” and very basic shelters, until finally we found/ built a very cosy permanent off-grid “tiny” home set in six acres of wilderness. All this time learning the skills necessary to survive without the need for earning money/ vegan/ planting a herbal forest garden/ learning about alternative medicine/ foraging/ and growing organically. A full description of the transformation can be found on my site: Sadly, my partner for 35 wonderful years, died in 2013. After that it has been very tough going, and finally I have decided to move on, start afresh. The land therefore needs new caretakers. It would suit from two to six people full-time, more for courses/ retreats/ festivals. Brief details (more on the site): EL POCITO Is a forest garden started in 2009, set in its own very private six acres (2.5 hectares), amid 182,000 hectares of dramatic hillside, in the idyllic/ unspoilt and lush Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche Natural Park, Andalucia (SW Andalucia, Spain). At an altitude of 600 metres above sea-level, and therefore there are panoramic views of up to 60km distance. Would suit a couple or small eco-community (max 6 full-time), who want to live surrounded by nature, work on continuing the development of the site. With limitless potential to share this with others, as a retreat/ meditation centre, or by running courses/ events/ concerts. Literally hundreds of trees, many with an edible/ medicinal value. Including over 100 olives, which could be producing organic oil. A perfect area for creating a vineyard (producing up to 3000+ bottles a year). Plus other possibilities, such as making incense/ perfume/ charcoal (from the vast amount of cistus ladanifer that is native here), as well as bee keeping. The property includes a totally off-grid stone house (42m2 with solar power) ready to move into. With the possibility to extend, build a separate workshop/ storeroom, site several yurts nearby, or even build an earthship (the local council is anxious to support any ecological initiatives). The pure water source is from a borehole located next to the house. All of this also just 2km/ 1.2 miles, via a beautiful forestry/ donkey track, from the ancient/ Moorish and wonderfully preserved village of Almonaster la Real (pop 800), a local centre with all the usual facilities. While only 120kms (72 miles) away is the amazing city of Sevilla. 140kms (84 miles) the beach. 45kms (27 miles) border with Portugal (Alentejo). Price £125-128,00. Full details on the various pages of the official site: Extra photos on Facebook: For price and answers to any further questions, please email me: Bear in mind I do not have internet connection (by choice), so be patient for the reply. Phil Rooksby.

message posted by Phil Rooksby
Free Land offer for community forming

Hello, I have 11 hectares of land in northern Romania,with forest, terraces,pastures,spring water and a house under construction.I offer free living on this land to people or families passionate about permaculture,art and ecological living. There are 7 dogs and 3 cats living on the property so please consider the offer only if you are an animal lover :).In the future it will be possible for a community to grow here,with equal rights for everyone. It is my dream to create a shared vision for a better future.I am waiting for your messages.Hugs

message posted by Eva Zemlya
Rural Retreat in west of Ireland

An EcoTourism Centre set in 55 acres of land in County Clare, Ireland, with staff housing and buildings to accommodate 40 guests and workshop activities. Currently run by a small community of owners and volunteers. We are retiring after 23 fabulous years of running the Boghill Centre. Our wish is that the centre will continue as an ethical retreat space and nature reserve with minimum impact on the earth. To this end it is our aim to attract new owners who will respect the journey that we have made and continue our holistic, environmental work. The business is a thriving activity venue, hostel and B&B, run on holistic, ethical principles and with a strong sustainable environment focus. Full diary for 12 months plus in advance. All the flexibly designed buildings are mostly situated on a 5 acre portion of the site. The remaining 50 acres offers scope to be utilized in many ways. For example, the organic kitchen garden and orchard could be expanded to a larger scale permaculture or forest garden project. There is an established team of dedicated and experienced part time workers who can, certainly in the interim, continue to contribute to the running of activities and allow a smooth transition. This includes a Housekeeper, a Caretaker and two experienced cooks who have generated the centre’s reputation for delicious healthy vegetarian meals catering for all special diets. For many years the centre has supported the WWOOF (World Wide Organisation for Organic Farming) association and hosted hundreds of “woofers” to help produce food from our organic garden, orchard and chicken compound. The Boghill Centre includes: Stone circle, wildlife ponds, two natural labyrinths and various cob buildings. Bog and wetland areas, newly planted woodland and grazing areas. The land boasts a seam of excellent clay which is dug and processed for the Ceramics Studio. A large organic garden, chicken coop, polytunnel, orchard, sweatlodge field, lawns and barbecue area. A ranch style hostel with commercial kitchen, dining room, large living room, five 4/6 bed dormitories each with associated bathrooms, office and small laundry. A large Octagon Hall - a flexible venue for workshops training and events with seating space for over 100 people. An Eco Hall - a smaller workshop space/therapy room with a wood gasification boiler room and a Ceramics Studio. Two chalet blocks of private bedrooms - 4 singles and 4 twin ensuite rooms. An eco build staff house up the road from the main complex, comprising two separate living spaces with shared porch entrance and sun deck. Each side of the house has separate living room, kitchen, and 2 bedrooms making it ideal for multiple families or friends sharing communal living and the running of the centre together. A selection of sheds, a cob house and a mobile home – currently used to accommodate Wwoofers. Business, property and land for sale outright or as part owner with another investor. Price and further enquiries - For more information please see the following links: Overview of the land Overview of the Business

message posted by Cari Ryan
Northern Spain Rural Retreat in the Cantabrian Mountains 7acres and 2 stone cabins for sale

Land of 29,000M2,just under 3 hetares or 7 acres and 2 stone cabanas in need of internal reforming for permanent living for sale in the Cantabrian mountains at San Roque de Rio Miera. 43.237543N - 3.719550W The nearest town is Lierganes,16km away and the finca is 40km and a 48 minutes drive from the ferry terminal at Santander which has ferry crossings from Plymouth in the UK. The land is good quality rural pasture land with a parcel of woodland. Eco neighbours living on next plot in offgrid turf roofed roundhouse. Californian and Austrian couple. Please email for further info and photos of land and property. Viewings and local land valuation can be arranged. Email me on Offers of £75,000. This is in a beautiful green part of Northern Spain and would make a perfect off grid living or rural tourism project. There is space to build terraces for yurts, yoga platforms, etc. The air is pure and there is no pollution. You can see the stars and there is abundant plant and wildlife. Seriously interested parties only please. The map co-ordinates for the land are given, so please take time to look at these and research the area before asking for photos to be sent, etc. On Google maps the property is shown by a zigzag field system with woodland to the North. Thanks for reading and if you would like to view please get in touch.

message posted by RubyTuesday
Property Suitable for a Community, Colombia, South America

I am acting on behalf of a community in Colombia that has decided to sell one of its pieces of land so as to concentrate energies in one centre (another farm nearby). The farm is located in the department of Huila between the towns of Pitalito and San Agustin. It is on a hillside with vehicular access and has a well developed infrasturcture with 5 houses, a guest house, garage, communal meeting space of good size with underground refuge, a large collection of plants, coffee, sugar cane, fish ponds, spectacular views and ample possibility for further development for people interested in an alternative community lifestyle, a bit off the beaten track and in a beautiful, varied and friendly country. San Agustin is one of the more open areas of the country and there are a fair number of foreigners that have bought land there and formed communities so there is a wider community in the area and plenty of scope for a vibrant and interesting alternative lifestyle The farm is of around 8 hectares and is very well priced compared to an equivalent in Europe or USA. If you are interested I have full information, photos and have lived there personally for a good number of years so I know it well and the surrounding area. Please feel free to contact me through the messaging service on this site. Many Thanks, Chris

message posted by iaom27