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EL POCITO is for sale!

Hi, hope this okay to post here. It might be of some interest/ help to anyone who is currently considering a change in their life, particularly if it is to a more simple and natural way, one where they would like to be living more in tune with and also surrounded by nature. By way of introduction, I am originally from London (Sydenham/ Dulwich), but my heart has always been in the countryside, to live somewhere truly remote where the scenery is as natural and dramatic as possible. And bit by bit, over many years, this is what I have worked at. The last sixteen years spent exploring the wilder parts of Iberia & Canada for an ideal spot. First living/ searching in a converted van, then a succession of “tiny” and very basic shelters, until now I have a basic but very cosy permanent home. Whilst also learning the skills necessary to survive, along with losing my fear and reliance on having to earn money. The last eight years it’s been totally off-grid/ vegan/ planting a herbal forest garden/ learning about alternative medicine/ foraging/ and growing organically. I’ve managed to live the last three years (since my wife sadly died) on earnings of less than 750 euros (a year). A full description of this transformation can be found on my site: Finally, I now have a new partner and we have decided to move on, start afresh, so if it is okay with the Administrator (please edit this as you feel necessary), I would like to include here some brief details of the home/ land in case anyone is interested or could SHARE this wider afield. Meanwhile adding that we heartily support your work and wish the best for the future. Phil. EL POCITO Is a forest garden started in 2009, set in its own totally private six acres (2.5 hectares), amid 182,000 hectares of dramatic hillside, in the idyllic/ unspoilt and lush countryside of the Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche Natural Park, Andalucia (SW Andalucia, Spain). At an altitude of 600 metres above sea-level with panoramic views of up to 60km distance. Would suit a couple or small eco-community (max 6 people), who want to live surrounded by nature, work on continuing the development of the site, and spreading the word of self-sufficiency/ sustainability (by example). Contains hundreds of trees, many with an edible/ medicinal value. Including the potential for olive oil production (there are at least 100 trees), creating a vineyard (producing up to 3000+ bottles a year), and incense/ perfume/ charcoal (from the vast amount of cistus ladanifer that is native here). Includes a totally off-grid stone house (42m2, solar power + pure water supply), ready to move into. All just 15 minutes away (2km/ 1.2 miles) by forestry track from the ancient/ moorish village of Almonaster la Real (pop 800), a beautifully preserved whitewashed local centre (with all the facilities). While only 120kms (72 miles) away is the amazing city of Sevilla. 140kms (84 miles) the beach. 45kms (27 miles) border with Portugal (Alentejo). Full details on the various pages of the official site: Extra photos on Facebook: For price and answers to any further questions, please email me: Bear in mind I do not have internet connection (by choice), so be patient for the reply. Phil Rooksby.

message posted by Phil Rooksby