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Global local co-living communities with a shared value set

I host Couchsurfers, and am a tech entrepreneur. My large-ish house near the centre of Krakow in Poland will be empty soon-ish. 2019 I have large parties there from time to time, and my American friend suggested I turn it into a kind of co living space. I came across this web site doing some basic research. A few months ago I saw this TED talk I had the idea then of a global network of co-living houses where there mobility so that those participating could live in one of the houses - maybe with a minimum stay provision like a month, but also not be anchored there the whole time. I like the idea of cross subsidy, people who have less money pay less but somehow contribute, people who have more money contribute more. Somehow combining work and play so there would be time and space for working but also partying, concerts, events. Somehow having a "door policy" that means that the community is for positive people who will contribute/not just take. I'm not rich like "millionaire" rich but can afford to contribute the house... I think I'd like other people in other parts of the world who live in cool places to contribute their houses too !! I'm wondering if anyone has ever come across anything like this.. I can imagine a lot of different types of issues, from legal, rules, security, insurance, through to just more mundane things like free riders and "who does the washing up". It seems hard, even crazy, but that doesn't mean I don't want to think about trying to see if I can see a way to make it work. or at least a pilot work If you are reading this either as a house owner thinking - this could work, I'd like my house to be full of interesting positive people, and to meet others as I travel, then get in touch. if you are an interesting positive person who might like to live like this for a while. can figure out how you could contribute, with your art, work, money or some other way. please contact me. If you are reading this and are thinking. "This already exists" PLEASE contact me and send me the details. I don't want to re-invent the wheel. The difference between this idea and static communities is that I envisage mobility as part of the deal rather than a "no no". If you have constructive critical feedback - it's welcome. I don't mind being told. you are crazy because of x, y and z thanks I might have a pilot month or two in the summer of 2018 or 2019

message posted by Richard Lucas