Places needing Volunteers

These communities have said that they are currently looking for volunteers. In addition many communities are also members of WWOOF (Willing Workers On Organic Farms) and welcome volunteers via this scheme. Here's a list of communities that are WWOOF Hosts.

Live-in community members and volunteers are needed at Guiseppe Conlon House. Come and be a part of a community of hospitality and resistance. If you want to live simply, in community with the poor, and work for peace and justice, then this is for you! Tasks are diverse and include housekeeping, repairs, gardening, administration, case work, random creative projects and spending time with guests. We usually expect volunteers to make a minimum commitment of 3 months. We offer free accommodation and meals. Please email for more information.
CH45 9JA
We are interested in a volunteer who would be able to commit to a stay of at least 3 months with us here in New Brighton. We are looking for help in our garden growing organic vegetables, composting, tending the chickens and occasional beehive inspections. We are also looking for help in a wide range of activities including indoor sprout growing, herbal beer brewing, local foraging and herbal medicine preparations. We require daily support with general housework and food preparation. We welcome an enthusiastic or learning cook and can teach traditional Ghanian and Pakistani styles. As a member of our community, you are welcome to book complimentary massage or sound healing sessions each week, and use the cinema and music rooms during your stay.
We enjoy when Wwoofers visit us in Glastonbury Somerset, work can vary from household chores to gardening to building or maintenance work, 4 hours per day nominally. Please get in touch if you are interested.
Volunteering at Pilsdon can take many different forms. Most volunteers live at Pilsdon for a period of between 6-12 months, whilst others who live locally come and support community life as day volunteers. Residential volunteers share fully in the life of the community which could mean cooking dinner for 25 people, leading prayers in one of the 4 daily offices in the church, milking, washing up etc. Underpinning this practical work is an ethos of ‘living alongside and serving one another’. One important implication of this is that Volunteers share the same house rules as Guests and Visitors in terms of Pilsdon being a dry house. Volunteers need to be able to feel comfortable participating fully in community life, which can often be emotionally and physically challenging, as well as have a good level of self-awareness and to be able to take responsibility for planning their own leisure and rest periods. Day volunteers support many aspects of community life including cooking, gardening, care of livestock and building maintenance.
IV36 2RE
How you can get involved: - Long Term Volunteering - From Feb '18 onwards 3/4 Month* opportunity to fully experience community life and the work of the Newbold Trust. This is an opportunity for volunteers to develop skills , knowledge and confidence. Volunteers work in the following departments: Maintenance *Limited 4 months placements might be available for engaged volunteers who have an interest in being here for an entire growing season - Short Term Volunteering - From Feb '18 onwards 4-8 week opportunity to play an important role in the busy season of Newbold Trust as a social enterprise. You will have the opportunity to experience community life by working on an 'as needed' basis across our departments (kitchen, garden, homecare, maintenance and office)
At Othona Burton Bradstock, up to six core members live and work full-time so that other people can visit, take part in our programmed events and share in the experience of community. We appreciate offers of volunteer help with a range of tasks, indoors and out. To find out more about our community, go to and browse through the pages. From time to time, we welcome help from: Locally based volunteers, coming in for the day to help us at various times with such things as: • vegetable gardening • cooking and cleaning • log splitting • grounds maintenance • painting • envelope stuffing If you are interested in joining our locals’ network, please contact us at for a list of up-coming Locals’ Days and Events. Volunteers from further afield who stay with us – usually for a week – during our busiest times to help out with general core community work. This helps us cover, for instance, when core members take holidays. Almost always these volunteers will already be familiar with Othona, rather than coming for their first visit. They need to ‘know the ropes’ and be ready to take on a range of duties from welcoming visitors to cleaning or making breakfast for up to 30 people. If you’re interested in this, we ask you to spend some time with us as a visitor first.
We are always looking for 2-week volunteers to help in the House, Kitchen, Garden and Grounds. Please email with the dates you'd be interested in volunteering (arriving on a Monday and leaving on Monday) -- letting us know any particular skills you have to share. Thank you!
SA17 5ES
We are looking for volunteers to come help in the garden and with wood processing
Lothlorien (Rokpa Trust) is a Buddhist influenced therapeutic community for people with mental health problems. Quiet rural setting in SW Scotland. Daily activities include organic gardening, relaxation, artwork, etc. We are seeking full time live-in volunteers who can commit for a minimum of six months. A generous living allowance, accommodation, meals and travel expenses are provided. See our website for further details & application form.
We host volunteers for two week periods from April through to October each year when we close down for the winter. We have set aside spaces for up to a maximum of six volunteers at any one time during this period. We set aside spaces for a maximum of two families during the volunteer season. Our family quota for the 2018 season is already full and so if you are a family then please try somewhere else. Our 2017 season is nearly at an end and we are taking no more applications. Applications for next year start in Jan 2018 when our new volunteer coordinator takes over from the old. Please visit our website and email: telling us a bit about yourself and your reasons for wanting to visit our community. We will send you further information. Have fun planning your year. Do not leave it to the last minute - we get booked up. Thank you.