For many people another way of living starts with this book...

So you’re fed up with living in a little box. Maybe just by yourself. Maybe with your family. Just being a docile consumer alongside the billions of other docile consumers. And the combined outcome of it all is a wrecked planet.

Isn’t there something more to life than this? Couldn’t we have access to many of the best things in life without doing such harm if we were prepared to share more with our neighbours? Perhaps in an intentional community – that’s a community that has come together by intention rather than by chance.

Believe it or not, many people have been living in intentional communities like this for decades. And it’s not all hippy crash pads where nobody does the washing up! This website will open your eyes to the multifarious ways in which communal living happens in the 21st century.

It’s your way into the future!

Here are a few sample pages…

Diggers & Dreamers first appeared in printed form in 1989 and – in its various incarnations – has now been an invaluable resource over many decades. The name came from the recognition that there are two classic types of people living in intentional communities. The Dreamers: who spend a lot of time imagining different ways of doing things; and the Diggers: who do the day-to-day work of making it actually happen. A successful community blends both of those ways of  being together. In 2019/20 the Foundation for Intentional Communities generously awarded us their Geoph Kozeny Communitarian Award!

Taking its inspiration from the famous Summerhill School, Lifespan Community was founded in 1974. Its nineteen terraced houses are situated high up in a remote part of the Yorkshire Moors. Freer Spreckley describes the many phases, changes, triumphs and tribulations that Lifespan has gone through since that time. But it’s still going strong!

Take a look inside at these sample pages >>

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Laurieston Hall was set up as a commune 50 years ago and is still thriving today. Anatomy of a Commune tells the story of those who have lived there in their own words. Some are poetic, or show a wry sense of humour, or paint a revealing picture of daily life. Others seek a more objective evaluation of their successes and failures. They had a lot of fun, and created a place that gave pleasure, and sometimes a life-changing experience, to a great many people.

<< Take a look inside at these sample pages

Join the D&D editors and some members of Lifespan, Laurieston Hall, Old Hall and Bamford Quaker Community for a panel discussion on what lessons we can learn from the experience of earlier intentional Communities. What relevance they might have for the challenges faced today by people trying to set up similar groups and even what they may have to say about major political questions we face as a society today.

One thing that we really want you to know:

There are many different ways to live communally

Cohousing Community

Living fairly separately but with the possibility of sharing a lot of facilities. The best of both worlds perhaps!

Big House Commune

This is the classic idea of the commune in a big mansion in the country. Here are some places that fit that mould.

Here's an example of a big house commune:

Birchwood Hall Community

SUMMARY: We live as a communal household (over two buildings) because this meets many of our personal and political needs…

Read more about Birchwood Hall Community »

Urban Communal

These housing co-ops and big shared houses in built up areas show that not every commune has to be rural!

Check out this urban community:


Giroscope set up in 1985 when a group of like minded people inspired by the writings of Colin Ward and…

Read more about Giroscope »

Spiritual Community

Having a focus often helps. These places all have some spiritual or religious belief that underlies their existence.

Take a look at this spiritual community:

Lunesdale Community

The Lunesdale Community is a new ecumenical Christian community, currently welcoming new members. We intend to be a diverse, international…

Read more about Lunesdale Community »

Low Impact Community

Many aspire to low impact living but these places go all the way with off-grid, low consumption lifestyles.

Want more Detail?

The D&D Reviews are more specialised books about particular types of community

So where
are all these

Explore our online Directory

Currently seeking... communards

Check out these noticeboards for communities that like to host volunteers as well as those that are currently looking for people to join.

Volunteering and WWOOFing are amongst the best ways to to try communal living out for yourself. Once you’ve decided that you really want to go for it then Places needing Members is the next stop.

Places needing Volunteers

Threshold Centre

We currently have one vacancy, which consists of a room in our shared farmhouse.  Please see our website for details of the accommodation and how to apply (N.B. Due to current Covid restrictions, dealing with applications is taking longer than usual).

See more Places that need Volunteers »

Places needing Members

Deptford Housing Co-operative

 The Co-operative has eight shared houses, each with ten single-person bedrooms*. We’re sorry but we can only accept applications for single rooms in these houses and you must be the ONLY occupant (sorry no pets!).This means you will be living in a single occupancy room in a shared house with nine other single house-mates who have a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures, ages and gender.Your room will measure approximately 3 metres square (ceiling height is approx. 2.42m) and is unfurnished, but includes a vanity unit, laminate flooring and double glazed windows.  The rooms are small so if your belongings will not fit in your room, you’ll need to make alternative arrangements for them as storage space is strictly limited and communal areas cannot be used for personal storage.
Each shared house backs onto a large enclosed communal garden and has three floors with a shower and toilet on each, except on the first floor which has a bath. The shared kitchen has two cookers, two sinks, two fridge freezers and cupboards for food storage. All the houses have washing machines and some have microwaves.There is also a furnished communal area in the kitchen.
*Some properties have restricted access so please talk to us if you need more information.The rent is approx. £90 per week which includes all rent, service charge, council tax, utilities (gas, electricity and water) as well as free WiFi!Please download and complete an application form the link below and see other important information about living at Deptford Housing Co-op. Forms must be completed by the applicant and should be returned to the office at 16 Rochdale Way, Deptford, London SE8 4LY or emailed to

See more Places that need Members »

So you want to start or join a forming community?

Don't underestimate the scale of the task! Maybe follow up some of these links...

Developing Groups

Nottingham Co-housing

Who we are • We are forming a group of people that are both intending to build Nottingham’s first intentional…

See more Developing Communities »

This noticeboard is for Developing Groups that are fairly well established – they may even have a building or a site lined up.

People Forming a Group

Earthrise community - for unschooling families

We’re currently 3 families, forming a semi-rural intentional community (Earthrise) for unschooling families in South Devon. We are passionate about…

See more notices like this »

People Forming a Group is our noticeboard for those at the very early stages whereas Developing Groups are usually quite a bit further down the road.

Properties might suit communities

Land without people

I have come here from the Guardian article, Jan 17, 2021 by Sally Howard. Currently exiled on my bush property…

See more notices like this »

Properties might suit Communities is where people who are trying to sell or make people aware of a particular vacant property can place a message.

And don't forget our other Noticeboards...

People needing Communal Places

Two people in search of a place to grow

Hello all, We are two people looking for a place to settle and share our skills and gifts, hands and…

See more notices like this »

General Noticeboard

cabin for sale near Machynlleth

We are selling our beloved cabin on a very small and peaceful site 4 miles west of Mach, half way…

See more notices like this »

Ghosts of Communes Past

What was that about people that don't learn from history being doomed to repeat it?

And finally... are you up-to-date with Chris's Blog?

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