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Diggers & Dreamers is the starting point for many people in Britain who are interested in communal living and want to find out more.

Diggers & Dreamers first appeared in printed form in 1989 and - in its various incarnations - has now been an invaluable resource over many decades. In 2019/20 we were awarded the Geoph Kozeny Communitarian Award by the Foundation for Intentional Communities. Publishing books about communal living remains very important to us. The 25th Anniversary edition contains many fascinating articles as well as a directory. Our popular Review series looks at particular ways of shared living (currently Cohousing and Low Impact Living) in more detail. D&D's various history books (like Communes Britannica) underline the fact that communal living has always been around and is here to stay!

If you really want to then you can buy all these books from Amazon but it's much better to get them from a co-op! Order online from Edge of Time.

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Taraloka is both a community and a Buddhist retreat centre for women, to which women come from all over the world to practise meditation and go deeper into the teachings of the Buddha. The centre has been running since 1985 and offers a beautiful environment in which to practise stillness and simplicity.

All of us living here are committed to Buddhist ideals and to creating the best...

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