Dandelion Community

Dandelion community will be an intentional cohousing community of people who prioritise connection with ourselves, each other, children, the natural world and our planet as

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Ryedale Cohousing

As of now, developing a site on the edge of Kirkbymoorside with a builder. Looking at approximately 40-70 age group at the moment. Do get in

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Kent Cohousing

Kent Cohousing are a group based in Kent with members located in various parts of the county. We are looking to create an intergenerational cohousing

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Rose Common

Rose Common is a developing vegan housing co-operative. We currently have four members, and we live in the house we plan to buy (as it

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The Loke Community

TLC began in May2014. We look to Live Simply. Simply Live.  Individual accommodation pods surround a central communal house. Set in three acres. We enjoy

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Bridge Farm CoHousing

A land owning family and an expert in eco-construction and sustainable development have joined forces to help create an exciting and rare community housing opportunity

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A Lovely Plan

We are three people inspired by nature, community, friendship and wellbeing, looking to start a co-housing project with the values of permaculture, living close to

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