Cohousing Communities in the UK

Cohousing type communities

In a cohousing type setup the majority of members live in self-contained units but share many other facilities (gardens, workshops, laundries etc).

In retrofit examples the larger rooms of a big old house might be shared. In contrast new build set-ups may have a purpose built common house. Cohousing communities will always have a place where everybody can eat together even if they’re not actually doing this everyday.

Cohousing in Britain - A Diggers & Dreamers Review

Balnakeil Craft Village (IV27 4PT)

Balnakeil Craft Village was originally built as an early warning station against nuclear attack, but became obsolete before coming fully into use. The site was taken over by the local authority who initiated the craft village, letting the buildings to craftspeople. Later, the buildings were sold to their tenants and they now change hands on the open market. There is no longer any obligation for every building to house a craft business, but a high proportion do so. The buildings are typical military structures: single-storey, flat-roofed and of concrete block construction. They vary in size, but are mostly roomy enough…

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Brithdir Mawr (SA42 0QJ)

As stewards of this 80-acre farm, we try to live our lives working with, rather than against nature : husbanding goats, ducks, chickens and bees in order to provide our own milk, eggs and honey, and producing organic fruit and veg from polytunnels and large gardens. We coppice wood for fuel, bake bread, preserve produce, and use our own materials such as wood and willow for craftwork. Accommodation is the traditionally built farmhouse and its outbuildings; electricity is supplied by wind, water and solar and we have a couple of green-design buildings. Communal activities include a shared evening meal every…

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Brotherhood Church (WF8 3DF)

To make things clear – we are not a brotherhood or a church. We are a small group of people who are aiming to live in a better way, without consumerism and the madness that goes with it, but making use of modern technology in a pragmatic way. Apart from aiming to live in a way that is sustainable and low impact, we feel it is important to work towards putting things right outside of our own immediate surroundings. We involve ourselves in the local community and in wider movements. We would describe ourselves as environmental and pacifist, vegetarian/vegan, with…

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Cambridge Cohousing Marmalade Lane (CB4 2ZE)

As a cohousing development, Marmalade Lane is a real community – a place to know and be friends with your neighbours. And as well as energy-efficient, architect-designed modern homes, residents benefit from extensive shared facilities and a large shared garden. Cohousing is a way of life in which residents not only get to know their neighbours and enjoy a real sense of community, but jointly manage their living environment together.  As well as their own private home, each resident household benefits from shared spaces and facilities that enrich the living experience and encourage a more social way of life. As…

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Cannock Mill Cohousing (CO2 8YY)

We are a mutually supportive cohousing group living in our own low energy and environmentally friendly homes with a shared ‘common house’, land and facilities at Cannock Mill, Colchester. Our website provides information on our community our homes, land and Common House.   We publish ‘Cannock Mill News’, our email newsletter, so if you are interested you can subscribe via our website.  We know our neighbours and look out for each other and have  as much privacy or socialising as we want.  We do not have any central religious or social agenda, we are diverse indiviudals who see the benefits of…

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Canon Frome Court (HR8 2TD)

We are an intentional community focused around a farming cooperative in rural Herefordshire. We are made up of a main house, stable block and some detached places that provide 20 self-contained living spaces of varying sizes most of which are leasehold but we also support different models including shared ownership & renting. Together we number about 30 adults and a dozen kids that range from babes in arms to wise seventy year olds. We make our decisions by consensus in our regular meetings, and make much of our food based on our hard labour and good times in the gardens,…

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Catholic Worker Farm (WD3 9XJ)

We here at The Catholic Worker Farm are working to support and accommodate destitute women (whom we call 'Guests'). These are vulnerable homeless women and children disentitled to benefits or work permits, literally "street homeless". The house is located near London, England, on a working farm, restored to suit the needs and comforts of our Guests, where we try to live each day by the love and values of Jesus Christ. We have received over 30 women since August of 2006. Along with our family, the house permanently accommodates seven individuals who have battled through horrific circumstances to reach the…

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Chickenshack Housing Co-op (LL36 9NH)

Chickenshack is home to an extended 'family' of people, with usually 6 or so permanent residents at any one time, but with many more family and friends visiting. As a group we are applying a slowly unfolding permaculture design at our home, Brynllwyn, where there are 3 adjoining houses set in 5 acres of land in Snowdonia National Park. We have half an acre of veg garden, a polytunnel, and an ever-improving and expanding forest garden, home to our chickens. We have also planted an acre and a half of coppice, hedgerow and woodland and are protecting a traditional wetland.…

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Coed Hills Rural Artspace (CF71 7DP)

Pronounced ‘coyd’, a Welsh word meaning “woods”, Coed Hills Rural Artspace is one of Wales’ leading centres for sustainable living and the creative arts. We aim to become a centre of education focused on nature, sustainability and traditional woodland skills and crafts, contributing to local tourism, employment and the rural economy. We are working towards self-sufficiency in energy production: this will reduce our costs and our effect on the local and global environment, and serve as a living experiment in what is possible. We do not claim to be perfect, but we are constantly exploring and sharing what we learn…

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CoFlats Lansdown (GL5 1TN)

The Cohousing Company received planning permission in June 2005 for the first CoFlats community. CoFlats is similar to Cohousing but it's just flats. Stroud Coflats has a shared car, an on-site 2KW wind turbine, super-insulation and re-uses an old chapel in the Town Centre. There is a common house, two garden areas, 20 secure bicycle lockups, 14 flats and studios. The related Cohousing Company built the first new-build cohousing community in the UK in Stroud (see Springhill Cohousing entry). And the 3rd Cohousing Community in Stroud. CoFlats Sladbrook. The principles of Cohousing are that decisions are made by consensus, the…

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CoFlats Sladbrook (GL5 1TN)

The Cohousing Company received planning permission in June 2005 for the first Co-Flats community. CoFlats is similar to Cohousing but it's just flats. The related Cohousing Company built the first new-build cohousing community in the UK in Stroud (see Springhill Cohousing entry). The principles of Cohousing are that decisions are made by consensus, the site is pedestrianised, the common house is used for shared meals and is a communal extension to residents' private living rooms.

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Cohousing Bristol (BS3 5ES)

CoHousing Bristol is a small,urban cohousing project We are currently in the process of creating a cohousing community on our site, providing socially, environmentally and financially sustainable housing and shared community facilities for our members. Our current membership is 8 directors, 4 of whom live in the farmhouse and 3 new directors, who live elsewhere. There is also a changing cohort of twenty-somethings who rent rooms on a shorter term basis, they are encouraged to be involved in the life of the community, but are not part of the main decision making processes. They do add a great deal to the…

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Corbenic Camphill Community (PH8 0DY)

Corbenic Camphill Community is situated in beautiful Strathbraan, four miles from the town of Dunkeld, and twenty miles from the city of Perth. The Community was established in June 1978 and is registered with the Care Inspectorate. Over the years it has developed into a community of approximately 100 people, 38 of whom are adults with special needs. Set in 100 acres of land, it is made up of six households and a variety of workshops.

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The Courtyards (BA15 2PB)

Are you interested in living in an established co-housing community and building your own home? The Courtyards Community has 2 building plots with planning permission for 2 semi-detached 3 or 4 bedroom houses for sale at a price of £125,000 or more each. We are currently 6 households consisting of 10 adults and 6 children. Our home is situated on the outskirts of Bradford on avon near Bath in a converted school building, which used to be a large manor house. We have around 8 acres of land, an orchard, plenty of room to grow some veg and some old…

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Frankleigh 011_0

Darvell Bruderhof (TN32 5DR)

The Darvell Bruderhof is located in the hills of East Sussex, about one hundred kilometres south of London, near the southern England coastline. The rolling hills that immediately surround Darvell include woods and hedge-lined fields, usually grazed by sheep and cows. On our property you’ll find brick apartment buildings and communal buildings including a dining hall, meeting room, kitchen, laundry, school, offices, and factory. We are part of the Bruderhof movement. Founded in 1920 in Germany, the Bruderhof (“place of brothers” in German) has its roots in the Anabaptist tradition of Europe’s Radical Reformation. We practice adult baptism. We are…

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Bruderhof Meeting

Dol-llys Hall (SY18 6JB)

Dôl-Llys Housing Ltd was formed in 1992 by 6 families as a housing co-operative. It was originally a regency country house but then empty and owned by Powys County Council. The house is divided into 7 private, self contained flats of varying size, one of which is rented. We also have some communal rooms in the house and share all the outdoor space. New members buy into the co-operative through purchasing loan stock giving them a 1/6th ownership of the entire property and grounds. Daily life at Dôl-Llys is more in line with co-housing. A key difference is that we…

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Dragons Co-op (SY10 0JW)

Dragons housing co-operative limited was established in May 2015 and we purchased our first and so far only property in August of the same year. As a fully mutual par value housing co-op we are managed by those tenants who are resident and paying rent. We were established using the Radical Routes model rules which we obtained via Catalyst Collective. We are also governed by the ethics and principles of permaculture design and the 7 principles of co-operation as set out by the Rochdale pioneers. Dragons is inspired by the work of Robert Owen and the co-operative movement worldwide.

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Earth Heart (DE6 1NS)

Earth Heart Housing Co-operative is an intentional co-housing community based in Atlow Moat, home to an English Heritage scheduled ancient monument. We are located in beautiful, rural Derbyshire close to Ashbourne, Carsington Water and the Peak District National Park. We formed in 1997 as a group of parents having similar principles in attachment parenting, and over the years have welcomed a diverse group of people. We currently have singles, couples and families with children, home-owning members as well as tenants and lodgers. We have worked closely together to pursue our common aims of living within a sociable and mutually supportive…

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Earthworm Housing Co-op (SY7 0LH)

Earthworm is a fully mutual housing Co-op in north west Herefordshire. We are a member of Radical Routes, and have existed since 1989 - that's as long as Diggers and Dreamers! We have a 6 bedroom shared house, a static caravan, a 3-bedroom house and 3 small flats, on 7 acres of land. More details on our website. By 2025 we hope to have 14 adult members and as many kids as come with those. We currently have 12 adults (with 3 infants). Members renovate our 3 buildings and some also share the management of 7 acres of land. Some…

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Conservatory Scrape

Isle of Erraid Community (PA66 6BN)

Erraid is a small Hebridean island in Scotland, in view of Iona. The island is one square mile in size and our small community lives and works on the land. We live in old light house keepers’ cottages, which we share with our guests. Life on Erraid seems pretty much like it must have been in the 1870s when the houses were established. We work in the gardens, heat the cottages and our water with woodburning stoves, drink rain water and live a life very close to the elements. What we are doing on a day to day basis is…

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Findhorn Foundation (IV36 3TZ)

The only thing that stays the same at Findhorn is change. People come here and experience inner changes, their hearts opening, their minds relaxing, their consciousness expanding. The community itself is always changing too, with new management structures, new decision-making procedures, new initiatives moving forward — all the better to reflect the deeper issues and innovative solutions for our times. After 50 years the Findhorn Community is still committed to serving spirit, with “love in action” being the most widely practised mode of service. How that service is carried out keeps changing and developing over the years. Where once the…

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Forgebank (LA2 6FD)

Forgebank is an eco cohousing development consisting of 35 leasehold homes, shared buildings and riverside woodland habitat. The site is just outside Lancaster on the outskirts of the village of Halton and offers stunning views of the river Lune. We aspire to be a cutting edge example of sustainable ‘eco’ design, for both living and working, with close links to the local community. The homes have achieved both Passivhaus and Code for Sustainable Homes level 6 certifications, and we benefit from many eco technologies such as heating from a central biomass/ solar system, and electricity from solar PV panels and…

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L1140995 (1)

Frankleigh House (BA15 2PB)

Frankleigh House is 6 families, each with own living space, and sharing community and resources: garden, additional communal kitchen,7 acres of grounds, including parkland, open air swimming pool, rose garden, front lawn, beech tree field, orchard, bees, allotments and a newly palnted forest garden in our large front field. We're a kind of hybid community- a mix between traditional communites and involved in the 'normal world'..  Our ethos is one of tolerating differences until the differences become intolerable! We equally share the freehold of this place. At present, we don't have any spaces but we have opened a waiting list,…

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Friendship Cohousing (TR16 4QZ)

We have purchased a property, Maningham, and are transforming it into the Friendship Cohousing Community - a perfect place to live as life becomes more difficult in this uncertain world. This property has private units ready for residents to move into and a beautiful house with lovely communal spaces. There is an amazing garden with an area of 4 acres where we can care for the beautiful plants that are already there and, in other parts of the grounds, develop a forest garden and small-holding where we can grow our own food in harmony with Nature. We wish to help…

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Hoathly Hill Community (RH19 4SJ)

Hoathly Hill is on the border of East and West Sussex, set in the beautiful High Weald, between the two villages of West Hoathly and Sharpthorne. There are currently about 70 people of all ages living at Hoathly Hill. There are 27 living units and about 25 acres of land, with vegetable, fruit and herb gardens, a square lawn with formal beds, a playing field, allotments and community buildings used for a kindergarten, sculpture and pottery and community events. There are weekly community meetings, monthly work days, weekly Saturday cafes and celebration of the festivals of the year. Hoathly Hill…

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Mulberry House

Hockerton Housing Project (NG25 0QU)

Hockerton Housing Project (HHP) is a community of five sustainable homes, with a co-operative business on-site running a range of educational and advisory services in sustainable buildings and lifestyles. Hockerton's earth-sheltered homes were built in the late 1990s with high thermal mass and high levels of insulation to eliminate the need for heating systems. Their innovative design has proven itself, as the homes use 20% of the average UK home’s energy use, but still keep cool in summer and warm in winter. Onsite wind turbines and solar PV panels generate their own clean energy to meet much of the homes'…

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General shot&PV's(Med)

Humberstone Cohousing Community (LE5 2FE)

We are a small mature group of three adjacent houses on the outskirts of Leicester. The houses have been extensively insulated and had solar heating and Photo Voltaic panels installed. We combine the advantages of rural and suburban living. There is a good sized communal garden extension beyond the south facing rear gardens leading to allotments. There is more than enough land available for members to be self sufficient in fruit and vegetables. We keep chickens, bees and there is a good sized wild life pond and a small forest garden.

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KindaVillage (SA39 9LX)

In association with the Missing Kind charity, we are developing our first KindaVillage near Pencader, Carmarthenshire, Wales, the UK as a base for a community dedicated to the delivery of social and environmental impact. This will be a community where wealth and success are measured not by personal ownership, but by that of giving. We are in the early stages of this project and our aim is to develop social enterprise businesses as part of the village, which will be focussed on: inspirational and rejuvenating wellbeing and special interest retreats and courses, alternative elderly care and schooling, animal sanctuary and…

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Laughton Lodge (BN8 6BY)

Laughton Lodge is a co-housing community set up as a non-profit company limited by guarantee, where all lease holders are directors of the company. We are 70 adults and children, living in 21 houses and sharing 23 acres of fabulous Sussex meadowland – once a rural, residential hospital. Homes come in all shapes and sizes and are held on a 9999 year lease. We also have 11,000 square feet of communal space in the form of a community centre for our own use and for occasional and regular rental. The community centre comprises offices, large hall, training room, sun lounge,…

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Lilac means Low Impact Living Affordable Community. We are an affordable, urban co-housing development in Leeds, West Yorkshire and have a unique shared ownership model which is the first of its kind in the world. Our community consists of 20 private strawbale and timber eco-homes of different sizes, grouped around our shared common house and pond. Lilac is home to 33 adult members and 12 children, one dog, three cats, chickens and a lot of frogs. Our site is designed using co-housing principles with shared facilities in the middle such as our common house with its dining room for communal…

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lilac andy lord

On the Brink (S11 9BB)

We are a cohousing community in Nether Edge, Sheffield and have been living on site since May 2018. We converted a lovely old house which had been used by the NHS for many years into 11 beautiful and unique flats. We then built another 4 houses to complete the community. Our intention is to create a model for other cohousing groups and to engage with our local area to promote ideas of community and sustainability. Residents of On The Brink (OTB) have their own individual living space and there is communal space for the sharing of cooking, eating, gardening, meeting,…

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Rainbow Housing Co-operative (MK13 0DW)

Rainbow, known by many as 'The Street', has twenty-four terraced houses in one street situated in the north of Milton Keynes. The Co operative was founded in 1977. The aim of the group is to provide housing in a community setting, there is a communal garden with a natural pond, fruit trees and play areas for the children. The membership, generally 35 to 40 including children is very mixed in age, sex and personal circumstances. One house is used as a Community House and has meeting space, office, laundry facilities, a workshop equipped with tools, freezer, domestic equipment and greenhouse.…

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Shirle Hill Cohousing (S11 9DY)

Shirle Hill Cohousing is a thriving, developing and learning community of ten households in Nether Edge, Sheffield, aged from 2 to 74. We took over the acre of grounds and an old stately home turned NHS childrens centre and have revived it with five flats in the victorian/georgian house and five new Ecohouses in the grounds. We aim to share tasks, work, meals and fun as much as possible, while maintaining our own independence and privacy with our own front doors. We are lucky to share a large living room, dining room/kitchen, laundry, developing garden and allotment and bike and…

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Springhill Cohousing Community (GL5 1TN)

Springhill Cohousing is the first new build Cohousing Community in the UK and the first project of the Cohousing Company. The search for land started in 1999 and the site in Stroud was acquired in 2000. Very soon after, all the plots were pre-sold to members who designed the community and layout of their own houses/flats. The principles of Cohousing are consensus decision making, pedestrianised estate, large common house for shared evening meals, private self-contained units. The 35 houses, flats and studios are super-insulated, 20 houses have 49 kWp of PV solar panels, there is a car share scheme and…

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Threshold Centre (SP8 5JQ)

The Threshold Centre at Cole Street Farm, is a small cohousing community just outside Gillingham in North Dorset. We aim to 'walk our talk' with a lifestyle that is more green, more affordable, and more neighbourly. The Threshold Centre consists of fourteen dwellings, seven of which are affordable rent and shared ownership with a local housing association - a first in the short history of cohousing in this country. There is also a common farmhouse with shared facilities and guest rooms, green energy systems and a community vegetable garden. We hold an open afternoon tea on the first Saturday of…

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Trelay (EX23 0NJ)

Trelay Cohousing is a vibrant community of 23 adults of all ages and nine children. It was established in 2007 on a farm with thirty-two acres in North Cornwall, UK. It is a great place to grow, learn and be, to live sustainably and connect in a healthy way with our planet and each other. A rural retrofit cohousing scheme, we welcome visitors and volunteers interested in our way of living. We work hard, and we have fun. The main features of our community are: - it is set up and run by its members co-operatively - members are consciously…

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Trelay barbecue

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