Intentional Communities in the Midlands of England

Places in the Midlands

Birchwood Hall Community (WR13 5EZ)

SUMMARY: We live as a communal household (over two buildings) because this meets many of our personal and political needs and beliefs. We do not try to be self-sufficient, although a number of us enjoy growing organic vegetables. We have a broad sympathy for many green and feminist ideas and values, but beyond that baseline we are a fairly varied group. The key to our success and stability is that we like each other! THE PEOPLE: The community currently consists of eleven resident adults and three children who live here all or most of the time. We span a wide…

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Blackcurrent (NN1 4JQ)

Blackcurrent is based in a Victorian town house near the middle of Northampton. Some people work full time outside of the community; others work part time, and everyone volunteers as much time as they choose to the running of the Co-operative. All communal food is vegan and organic, and the house is a meat/fish/poultry free zone. We don't keep pets or livestock. We (generally) welcome visitors who would like to work with us, Ring or email before coming for our visitor information sheet.

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Canon Frome Court (HR8 2TD)

We are an intentional community focused around a farming cooperative in rural Herefordshire. We are made up of a main house, stable block and some detached places that provide 20 self-contained living spaces of varying sizes most of which are leasehold but we also support different models including shared ownership & renting. Together we number about 30 adults and a dozen kids that range from babes in arms to wise seventy year olds. We make our decisions by consensus in our regular meetings, and make much of our food based on our hard labour and good times in the gardens,…

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Corani Housing and Land Co-op Leicester (LE2 1FA)

Corani is a small housing and land cooperative established in 1978 and based in Devon and Leicester. On the edge of the town of Crediton in Devon 6 residents live in a semi-detached Georgian house bought by Corani in 2013. In Leicester two residents live in a terraced Victorian house bought by Corani in 1996. Three other members, not currently housed by Corani, live elsewhere in Leicester. The Crediton house has a large garden around it in which we grow as many fruits, vegetables and herbs as we can, whilst leaving enough space to play football with the dog. Chickens…

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Coventry Peace House (CV6 5DS)

Coventry Peace House is in a multi-cultural area, 15 minutes walk from the city centre. The original six terraced houses have now been turned into two buildings which encompass living space and a cycle workshop (which is open to others) and a large community space. This is used by us and by the local community for various projects in the day and at night we use it as a night shelter for refused refugees. Other projects come and go with the inspiration, hard work and enthusiasm of members and friends. There is a large back garden and a big warm…

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Crabapple Community (SY5 6HA)

Crabapple was founded in 1975 and moved here to Berrington Hall (a rambling, slightly eccentric, Georgian rectory) two years later. We are situated 5 miles south-east of Shrewsbury and surrounded on all sides by farmland. The house is set in approx 20 acres of woodland, meadows and growing areas. We have a 2 acre walled fruit and vegetable garden, a community-supported market garden, several polytunnels, an orchard, a willow plantation, herb and flower gardens plus 2 camping fields.  There’s also numerous nooks and crannies!  (NB: The photos are all at least 10 yrs out-of-date!) We aim to live as sustainably…

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Earth Heart (DE6 1NS)

Earth Heart Housing Co-operative is an intentional co-housing community based in Atlow Moat, home to an English Heritage scheduled ancient monument. We are located in beautiful, rural Derbyshire close to Ashbourne, Carsington Water and the Peak District National Park. We formed in 1997 as a group of parents having similar principles in attachment parenting, and over the years have welcomed a diverse group of people. We currently have singles, couples and families with children, home-owning members as well as tenants and lodgers. We have worked closely together to pursue our common aims of living within a sociable and mutually supportive…

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Earthworm Housing Co-op (SY7 0LH)

Earthworm is a fully mutual housing Co-op in north west Herefordshire. We are a member of Radical Routes, and have existed since 1989 - that's as long as Diggers and Dreamers! We have a 6 bedroom shared house, a static caravan, a 3-bedroom house and 3 small flats, on 7 acres of land. More details on our website. By 2025 we hope to have 14 adult members and as many kids as come with those. We currently have 12 adults (with 3 infants). Members renovate our 3 buildings and some also share the management of 7 acres of land. Some…

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Conservatory Scrape

Gung Ho Housing Co-op (B29 7PX)

Gung Ho is a fully mutual housing co-operative. Living in a housing co-op gives us the benefits of home ownership in terms of control over our house, the ability to set our own rent, security of tenure and the lack of landlords and letting agents. Moreover, we as individuals do not have the burden of a huge debt, we are still eligible for housing benefit and we have done this without the financial barrier of raising a large deposit. Gung Ho is a member of Radical Routes, which is a UK-wide federation of housing co-ops, worker co-ops and social centres.…

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Hockerton Housing Project (NG25 0QU)

Hockerton Housing Project (HHP) is a community of five sustainable homes, with a co-operative business on-site running a range of educational and advisory services in sustainable buildings and lifestyles. Hockerton's earth-sheltered homes were built in the late 1990s with high thermal mass and high levels of insulation to eliminate the need for heating systems. Their innovative design has proven itself, as the homes use 20% of the average UK home’s energy use, but still keep cool in summer and warm in winter. Onsite wind turbines and solar PV panels generate their own clean energy to meet much of the homes'…

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General shot&PV's(Med)

Humberstone Cohousing Community (LE5 2FE)

We are a small mature group of three adjacent houses on the outskirts of Leicester. The houses have been extensively insulated and had solar heating and Photo Voltaic panels installed. We combine the advantages of rural and suburban living. There is a good sized communal garden extension beyond the south facing rear gardens leading to allotments. There is more than enough land available for members to be self sufficient in fruit and vegetables. We keep chickens, bees and there is a good sized wild life pond and a small forest garden.

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Lee Abbey Aston Small Missional Community (B6 5ND)

We are a small community of Christians based in a socio-economically deprived but culturally rich area of Birmingham. Part of the Lee Abbey Movement, our aim is to 'communicate Christ through relationships'. Our core values are represented by the acronym HOPE: Hospitality, Openness, Prayer and Engagement. We work closely with local churches, and seek to deepen our own faith as we also look to share the love of Jesus with those around us.

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Quaker Community (S33 0DA)

We are a community of 5 to 10 Quakers with a focus on leading a spirit-led life in an ecologically sustainable way. We welcome guests from all faiths and none. We run a range of led courses, events and retreats; these range from the reflective and spiritual to hands-on work in the 10 acres of reclaimed woodland, wetland, wild-flower meadow and organic fruit and vegetable gardens which we have managed since the Community was started in 1988. We also welcome individuals on self-catering retreats, and self-catered groups of up to 16 (if sharing - more if also camping). We are…

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Redcurrant Housing Co-op (G5 0HY)

Redcurrant is an officially registered fully mutual housing co-operative (registration number 4414). In January 2021, we received the keys to our new home in Oatlands, Glasgow. We seek to provide affordable and secure housing for our members; a home where they can feel safe and flourish as individuals and collectively. Our meetings are twice a month, usually on a weekday night. We also use an online collaboration platform to discuss pressing matters in between as well as for random chatter and keeping track of future plans and To Dos.

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Scraptoft Housing Co-op (LE5 2FE)

Founded in 2015, Scraptoft Housing Co-op is a large house with a lovely garden, also sharing an additional extended garden with two of our neighbours. Our collective gardens hold open grass, flowers, trees, vegetable plots, an orchard, chicken coops, a cabin, and it backs out onto the local allotments. As a community, we care about social change. Many of our members are involved in activism in different ways, and we try our best to support and accommodate each others varying needs. We care about our impact on the world, and are steadily trying to make this a sustainable living space,…

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Torch Housing Co-op (B18 5NH)

We're a housing co-operative that's been around for over ten years, a mile or so away from the city centre in what is one of the most culturally diverse cities in Britain. We arose from the radical student population of the early 1990s via New Education Housing Co-op and are members of Radical Routes and take part in an awful lot of different things. We've got two big, beautiful houses 100 yards away from each other, one a five-bedroom Georgian style and the other an eight-bedroomed Grade II listed mansion with office space and a big community room, both of…

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Wild Peak Housing Co-op (DE56 2EF)

Wild Peak is a rural housing co-op with land in the Derwent Valley in Derbyshire. Wild Peak Housing Co-op was set up to house people working or volunteering for environmental change and currently our members do both environmental and social change work. We all believe working and living cooperatively is a positive and resilient choice.   We manage our land for conservation along with a some food growing, firewood and hosting events in the summer. We have a feeling of rural isolation whist being only a couple of miles from the town of Belper and a short trip into Derby.…

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