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Ashram Community (S4 7FN)

Ashram Community began in 1967, with the intention of developing committed urban communities, which would develop appropriate new forms of Christian community related to urban needs. This led to having inner-city Community Houses in the 1970's to 1990's, in seven cities. Now it is concentrated in Sheffield where there is a community house and a community project, although new residents are not being recruited at present. The Community sustains its radical Christian base through regional Branches, half-yearly Weekends and half-yearly Community General Meetings, plus Inner City Retreats, Study and Research, Summer School, Holidays, and other occasions. The Community wrote and…

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Botton Village (YO21 2NJ)

Botton Village, an intentional community within the worldwide Camphill Movement, is home to 330 people, about 140 of whom are adults with special needs. People work on the land, which includes farms, gardens and forest, in workshops and in our houses. We live together as extended families where we share most meals together. Everyone contributes to the wellbeing of the community through their work, irrespective of ability, and our needs are met, not by a wage system, but by sharing resources according to individual requirements. Every year, we have many young short term co-workers coming to us, mainly from the…

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Brambles Housing Co-op (S3 9EH)

Brambles is a Housing Cooperative based in Sheffield that began as a Radical Routes Co-op in 1992. We share two adjacent houses in a vibrantly multicultural but economically poor area of Sheffield called Burngreave. We usually home between 6-9 members, a variety of urban wildlife and act as a stop-off point for many more folk. We have an amazing ‘Permaculture’ garden, dubbed ‘Paradise in Pitsmoor’ by one of our previous members, complete with fruit trees and bushes, vegetable beds, up cycled hot-tub, rainwater harvest system, greenhouse, community workshop, fire pit, frog pond and integrated compost system. We also have an…

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Brotherhood Church (WF8 3DF)

To make things clear – we are not a brotherhood or a church. We are a small group of people who are aiming to live in a better way, without consumerism and the madness that goes with it, but making use of modern technology in a pragmatic way. Apart from aiming to live in a way that is sustainable and low impact, we feel it is important to work towards putting things right outside of our own immediate surroundings. We involve ourselves in the local community and in wider movements. We would describe ourselves as environmental and pacifist, vegetarian/vegan, with…

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The Burrow Housing Co-op (M11 1JX)

The Burrow is a queer-centred housing co-operative in East Manchester. We moved into our permanent building, a former hostel, in 2015. It is a 13-bedroom house, home to nine adults, one child, one cat and one tortoise. Several organisations and small businesses operate from The Burrow. We regularly organise social and political events at the Burrow. To be updated on these, as well as announcements relating to the co-op, ask a member to be added to our Facebook group or Whatsapp chat.

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Cordata Co-operative (M20 3EA)

Cordata Co-operative is the first of several new co-operative house projects that enable groups of people to live in a more sustainable way in large urban houses. Cordata co-operative is in Withington in south Manchester. The house is is owned by a secondary co-operative and run by members of the co-operative house, who have complete control over who lives there, how the space is used, what it looks like. This model also allows for a complete low energy refurbishment, so we have fitted solar panels, a complete insulation envelope, rainwater collection, and other energy reducing features. Current members are a…

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Cornerstone Housing Co-operative (LS7 3HB)

Cornerstone is not so much a community as a collective of people who share the running of a housing co-op, but who have different political perspectives and focuses for their daily lives. Cornerstone has two large Victorian houses in Chapeltown, a culturally diverse part of inner-city Leeds. Both houses need a lot of ongoing maintenance, and have large gardens front and back, which we variously hang out in, tend or leave wild, attracting wildlife and producing some food (herbs, fruit and veg). One house has space for 7 members, the other for 8, and there are sometimes short and long-term…

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Firelight Housing Co-op (LS6 2JG)

Firelight is a small, friendly housing co-operative in Woodhouse, Leeds.

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Fireside Housing Co-op (S3 9DN)

Fireside has a row of five mid-terrace Victorian houses in Burngreave, Sheffield. We’ve knocked our long and skinny gardens into one, giving us plenty of room to play, grow organic veg, have bonfires and parties. There’s lots of green space and wildlife around, a shared allotment, a tree swing and an adventure playground at the end of the road. Burngreave is a quite deprived inner-city area but very multicultural and vibrant.   Every adult tenant is a full and equal member, and between us we manage the business and maintain the houses and gardens. The houses are owned by the…

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Forgebank (LA2 6FD)

Forgebank is an eco cohousing development consisting of 35 leasehold homes, shared buildings and riverside woodland habitat. The site is just outside Lancaster on the outskirts of the village of Halton and offers stunning views of the river Lune. We aspire to be a cutting edge example of sustainable ‘eco’ design, for both living and working, with close links to the local community. The homes have achieved both Passivhaus and Code for Sustainable Homes level 6 certifications, and we benefit from many eco technologies such as heating from a central biomass/ solar system, and electricity from solar PV panels and…

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Giroscope (HU3 6BH)

Giroscope set up in 1985 when a group of like minded people inspired by the writings of Colin Ward and Ivan Illich decided to take action to house themselves. The following year we set up as a workers co-operative and launched ourselves into house buying, house renovating and communal living. At the start of this year 2007, we were down to one founding member so the decision was taken to cease being a co-operative and register as a charity. We now have 25 houses providing accommodation for people in housing need in West Hull. We also own a solar powered…

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Gorsehill Housing Cooperative (CH45 9JA)

Inspired by the countercultural arts lab movement of the 1960s, the New Brighton Arts Lab is a beautiful six bedroom house in New Brighton, opposite the Gorsehill Water Tower. We are a five minute walk away from New Brighton train station, and ten minutes from a 3.5km promenade, the longest in Britain. By car, we are 20 minutes away from Liverpool, 30 minutes from Chester and an hour from Manchester, where some of us work. The mix of different individuals brings diversity to our experience of living together, including different social, environmental and cultural perspectives, and interests ranging from music,…

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Green Wood Housing Co-operative (LS8 4DW)

Green Wood is a housing cooperative that bought its house in 2019. Some of the current group are the original members who formed and developed it together. We're still in the early stages, so some parts of the house are lovely and other bits of the house need some work doing to them to get things looking and feeling warm and homely. We have a 4-floored house accessed by steps at the front and back doors, with a sun-dappled kitchen-diner, garage, 6 bedrooms, plans (with funding) to convert the existing basement into a living room, and a design to join…

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Holy Rood House (Y07 1HX)

A place of peace and tranquillity, overlooking the Hambledon Hills, the Centre for Health and Pastoral Care offers therapeutic and safe space for people of all ages. Discovering acceptance and a relaxed environment, guests find empowerment to work towards their own health and well being, with professional support from counsellors, psychotherapists, masseurs and creative arts therapists. The friendship and care of staff and the residential community, excellent home cooking, gardens and animals, laughter and sharing, create a sense of belonging, and a few days or a couple of weeks becomes an important oasis in life for many people. The gentle…

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The Land of Roots (DH7 8EN)

The Land of Roots Ltd is a co-operative company that owns and manages Cooke’s West Wood, 15.5 acres of land just outside of Durham City. We manage the land using permaculture methods, ethics and principles. The land includes permanent pasture and woodland. The four of us produce a variety of products from the land including vegetables, salad, herbs, lamb, charcoal, willow baskets, chickens, eggs and fruit. Our community is small, consisting of two families with occasional visitors and plenty of volunteers. The Land of Roots co-op owns our land and we trade as another co-op called Abundant Earth.

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Lifespan Community Collective (S36 4TG)

Lifespan Community Collective (aka Townhead Collective) is made up of around 15 adults and 3 kids We have 19 old railway cottages on 3 acres of land in rural Yorkshire. Lifespan was formed in the early seventies as a rural community and has been through different stages of communal living. At present, it is a housing co-op whose main aim is to provide housing for its members. We have our own personal space, as well as communal areas comprising of rooms for visitors, living room, kitchen, bathroom and games room. We try to live with as little impact on the…

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Lilac means Low Impact Living Affordable Community. We are an affordable, urban co-housing development in Leeds, West Yorkshire and have a unique shared ownership model which is the first of its kind in the world. Our community consists of 20 private strawbale and timber eco-homes of different sizes, grouped around our shared common house and pond. Lilac is home to 33 adult members and 12 children, one dog, three cats, chickens and a lot of frogs. Our site is designed using co-housing principles with shared facilities in the middle such as our common house with its dining room for communal…

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lilac andy lord

Nutclough Housing Co-op (HX7 8HA)

Nutclough Tavern has been a housing coop since 2002, however we are a relatively new group looking to rebuild a co-op with a new identity. The co-op is situated in the beautiful and historic mill town of Hebden Bridge. The building is Nutclough Tavern, a renovated pub and grade II listed building, with private rooms, and many communal areas such as a large kitchen, dining and living spaces, studio spaces, and a three-tiered garden. We have recently become a full-house and the current members are aged between 22-46, and we have a lovely dog and cat. We are all interested and invested in the…

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Oakleigh (S4 7AG)

Oakleigh comfortably accommodates 8 people, and the house is so lovely and spacious that occupants tend to stay for 3-10 years before moving on. However sometimes we host volunteers or guests on short courses in Sheffield, and at other times the house is quieter when several people are away. This gives the house an ever changing rhythm with times when only a couple of people are around or larger communal meals with an eclectic combination of dishes and personalities. Interests currently represented in the house include cooking and food growing, crafts and game playing, music and dance, yoga and qi…

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On the Brink (S11 9BB)

We are a cohousing community in Nether Edge, Sheffield and have been living on site since May 2018. We converted a lovely old house which had been used by the NHS for many years into 11 beautiful and unique flats. We then built another 4 houses to complete the community. Our intention is to create a model for other cohousing groups and to engage with our local area to promote ideas of community and sustainability. Residents of On The Brink (OTB) have their own individual living space and there is communal space for the sharing of cooking, eating, gardening, meeting,…

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People In Common (BB5 5UP)

People in Common started in Burnley in the 1970s.

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Rose Common (S2 3EH)

Rose Common is a developing vegan housing co-operative. We currently have four members, and we live in the house we plan to buy (as it belongs to the family of one of our members). We're looking for a fifth member to join us, and move in with us in autumn 2020. The house is detached and set in some beautiful woods between Heeley and Meersbrook. There's a big garden where we're beginning to grow vegetables, and the house is looking pretty homely. We have a good sized sunny kitchen, a living room/dining room with loads of light (photo above), a…

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Rose Howey Housing Co-operative (L8)

Rose Howey Housing Co-operative, is a member co-op of Radical Routes, and is a large house on the edge of a beautiful park near the centre of Liverpool. Its tenants are living together to foster a supportive home which encourages communal living and supports its members to engage with radical social change and ecologically minded living. All communal spaces are vegan, and there are currently nine children living in the house, including some who are home educated. The vision of the house also includes providing spaces for local community projects, such as MaMa (Migrant Artists Mutual Aid), People's Kitchen, Rose…

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Scargill House (BD23 5HU)

Scargill House is home to a Christian community who welcome people for holidays, conferences and retreats in the spectacular Yorkshire Dales. We share hospitality, creativity, fun and really good food together – refreshing and equipping churches, groups and individuals, of all faiths and none.

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Share Instead (S7 1DS)

We are a relatively new housing co-op in Sheffield, since 2015. In our house, costs and responsibilities are shared and we run on co-operative principles. We are a mainly vegetarian and vegan-friendly household who share cooking and costs of food, and grow some food together. We are striving to live sustainably and support our members to work for peace and social change. We are a member of the Radical Routes network. If you are interested in knowing more about us get in touch by email.

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Shirle Hill Cohousing (S11 9DY)

Shirle Hill Cohousing is a thriving, developing and learning community of ten households in Nether Edge, Sheffield, aged from 2 to 74. We took over the acre of grounds and an old stately home turned NHS childrens centre and have revived it with five flats in the victorian/georgian house and five new Ecohouses in the grounds. We aim to share tasks, work, meals and fun as much as possible, while maintaining our own independence and privacy with our own front doors. We are lucky to share a large living room, dining room/kitchen, laundry, developing garden and allotment and bike and…

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Summerhill Housing Co-operative (NE4 6EB)

Summerhill Housing Co-operative is made up of two shared houses with 6 bedrooms each, both of which are on a beautiful street in central Newcastle.

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Tangram Housing Co-op (LS8 5AD)

Tangram is a registered Housing Co-operative. We have 39 units of accommodation, all in or near Bank Side Street in Harehills, Leeds. They range from studio flats through to four-bedroom family houses. Our application process can be lengthy, and it may be some time before a vacancy arises. We are probably most suitable for people already in the Leeds area. We are a Registered Social Landlord regulated by the Homes & Communities Agency. This means that any vacancies are allocated on the basis of housing need. The Co-op is run by the tenants with support from a part-time worker. All…

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301 Housing Co-operative (LS7 3JT)

Established in 1982, 301 Housing Cooperative consists of seven flats based in two large Victorian houses in the Chapeltown area of Leeds. 301 is run collectively by its members with monthly general meetings, subgroup meetings and with individual roles as required. 301’s aim is to provide supportive comfortable and affordable housing to people in housing need. Due to our low turnover we do not operate a waiting list, but advertise widely locally and on the leeds housing coops blog when vacancies do arise.

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Wellhouse Community (LN7 6TX)

We up date this entry as our ongoing situation changes. We are small community of 4 - 8 people (the numbers vary as we accept temporary house mates as well as people looking to find a more permanent community (currently 3x adults and 1x child 3 years old) living in a large, recently purchased 6 bedroom town house with outbuildings, summer house, a workshop, garden and private courtyard. The house is 3 storey and dates back to 1865 having been former residence of the Duke of St Albans. It was purchased for a relatively low price as it needs quite…

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