Urban Communities in the UK

Urban Communal places

Alongside the 1970s dash to communes in the country there was also a huge urban squatting movement. Over time this evolved into a substantial network of housing co-ops that involve greater or lesser degrees of sharing. The movement continues to grow with the modern development of student housing co-ops.

Large shared houses in urban areas seem to also be becoming quite popular and there is now also the interesting development of commercially developed and run “co-living” communities.

Argyle Street Housing Co-operative (CB1 3LU)

Argyle Street Housing Co-operative opened in 1981 as a “fully mutual” co-op. We take decisions through members’ meetings, with voting rights for all tenants. These are held every month (and sometimes more frequently) in our community ‘hut’. A number of smaller working groups implement the day to day management required, assisted by three part time paid workers. Individual houses have a shared living room and kitchen and their own level of communal living, though we all share communal gardens and an allotment on our 3 acre site. Our houses are in an urban environment in close proximity to the railway.…

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Auchinleck Housing Co-operative (EH6 4SG)

Auchinleck Housing Co-operative is a women’s co-op in the Newhaven area, on the north side of Edinburgh. We are currently 8 women - lesbian, bisexual and straight - ranging in age from 20s to 60s. We are an inclusive and trans/trans* friendly household. The house is a three-storey Victorian semi-detached house, with front and back gardens, two living rooms and a spare bedroom for guests. We have communal dinners cooked from organic veg boxes and produce from our garden. Decisions are made at meetings which we hold once or twice a month, the aim is to share equal responsibility for…

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Bath Street Housing Co-op (EH15 1EZ)

Greetings from the Bath Street Housing Cooperative. Our spacious 200 year old Georgian house, nestled in the quaint seaside neighbourhood of Portobello, was established as a cooperative in the early 1980s. We maintain a communal spirit, we hold monthly house meetings, and strive to live as sustainably as possible while taking responsibility for the long-term health of the house and the Cooperative. Home-made sourdough bread and cookies are constant features. ☺

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Blackcurrent (NN1 4JQ)

Blackcurrent is based in a Victorian town house near the middle of Northampton. Some people work full time outside of the community; others work part time, and everyone volunteers as much time as they choose to the running of the Co-operative. All communal food is vegan and organic, and the house is a meat/fish/poultry free zone. We don't keep pets or livestock. We (generally) welcome visitors who would like to work with us, Ring or email before coming for our visitor information sheet.

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Brambles Housing Co-op (S3 9EH)

Brambles is a Housing Cooperative based in Sheffield that began as a Radical Routes Co-op in 1992. We share two adjacent houses in a vibrantly multicultural but economically poor area of Sheffield called Burngreave. We usually home between 6-9 members, a variety of urban wildlife and act as a stop-off point for many more folk. We have an amazing ‘Permaculture’ garden, dubbed ‘Paradise in Pitsmoor’ by one of our previous members, complete with fruit trees and bushes, vegetable beds, up cycled hot-tub, rainwater harvest system, greenhouse, community workshop, fire pit, frog pond and integrated compost system. We also have an…

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The Burrow Housing Co-op (M11 1JX)

The Burrow is a queer-centred housing co-operative in East Manchester. We moved into our permanent building, a former hostel, in 2015. It is a 13-bedroom house, home to nine adults, one child, one cat and one tortoise. Several organisations and small businesses operate from The Burrow. We regularly organise social and political events at the Burrow. To be updated on these, as well as announcements relating to the co-op, ask a member to be added to our Facebook group or Whatsapp chat.

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Carol Street Housing Co-operative (NW1 0SE)

Carol Street Housing Co-Op is a well established affordable housing project situated in Camden Town London. We are a terrace of 6 large Georgian houses with 29 tenants and 2 houses in a smaller terrace around the corner housing 6 tenants. We aim to represent our local ethnic and cultural diversity and to provide shared housing for this community. Each Co-op member has their own room and shares a kitchen, bathroom and living room with other members of the household. To be eligible, you must comply with Camden Council Housing criteria and to have lived in the London borough of…

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carol street

Corani Housing and Land Co-op Leicester (LE2 1FA)

Corani is a small housing and land cooperative established in 1978 and based in Devon and Leicester. On the edge of the town of Crediton in Devon 6 residents live in a semi-detached Georgian house bought by Corani in 2013. In Leicester two residents live in a terraced Victorian house bought by Corani in 1996. Three other members, not currently housed by Corani, live elsewhere in Leicester. The Crediton house has a large garden around it in which we grow as many fruits, vegetables and herbs as we can, whilst leaving enough space to play football with the dog. Chickens…

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Corani Housing Co-op Devon (EX17 3BU)

Corani is a small housing cooperative based in Devon. On the edge of the town of Crediton around 6 adults and one toddler live in a semi-detached Georgian house bought by Corani in 2013. The Crediton house has a large garden around it in which we grow as many fruit, vegetables and herbs as we can, whilst leaving enough space to play football with the dog. Chickens roam around the garden and we have a homemade beehive with a successful colony that produces delicious honey. We aim to live as sustainably as we can in our current situation; the Crediton…

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Cordata Co-operative (M20 3EA)

Cordata Co-operative is the first of several new co-operative house projects that enable groups of people to live in a more sustainable way in large urban houses. Cordata co-operative is in Withington in south Manchester. The house is is owned by a secondary co-operative and run by members of the co-operative house, who have complete control over who lives there, how the space is used, what it looks like. This model also allows for a complete low energy refurbishment, so we have fitted solar panels, a complete insulation envelope, rainwater collection, and other energy reducing features. Current members are a…

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Cornerstone Housing Co-operative (LS7 3HB)

Cornerstone is not so much a community as a collective of people who share the running of a housing co-op, but who have different political perspectives and focuses for their daily lives. Cornerstone has two large Victorian houses in Chapeltown, a culturally diverse part of inner-city Leeds. Both houses need a lot of ongoing maintenance, and have large gardens front and back, which we variously hang out in, tend or leave wild, attracting wildlife and producing some food (herbs, fruit and veg). One house has space for 7 members, the other for 8, and there are sometimes short and long-term…

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Coventry Peace House (CV6 5DS)

Coventry Peace House is in a multi-cultural area, 15 minutes walk from the city centre. The original six terraced houses have now been turned into two buildings which encompass living space and a cycle workshop (which is open to others) and a large community space. This is used by us and by the local community for various projects in the day and at night we use it as a night shelter for refused refugees. Other projects come and go with the inspiration, hard work and enthusiasm of members and friends. There is a large back garden and a big warm…

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Deptford Housing Co-operative (SE8 4LY)

Deptford Housing Co-operative was built in 1978 and is a fully mutual ownership co-operative with 138 residencies, mostly for single people in shared houses, but there are also some self contained houses, bedsits and flats. Seven of the properties are leasehold. The co-op has its own office, community centre, shared wireless broadband and computer facilities, car parks and attractive communal gardens. Located in the north of Lewisham, the co-operative is well placed for travel into central London. Deptford rail and DLR stations are both nearby and many buses pass along the major routes at either end of the nearby High…

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The Drive Housing Co-op (E17 3BW)

The Drive Housing Co-op owns 8 The Drive, Walthamstow. This is a 11-bedroom former childrens’ home, a detached house within a reasonably sized plot of land (for London). In summary there are three aspects to this project: - a housing co-op, which enables its members to have a say in the running of the accommodation that they live in, with no external landlord to have to deal with. For us, making decisions by consensus is at the heart of this. - an intentional community, where people live together as one household, and experiment with new ways of living more sustainably…

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Edinburgh Student Housing Co-op (EH10 4HR)

Edinburgh Student Housing Co-operative is a 106 member fully mutual co-operative, entirely self-managed by its members. Student housing co-operatives are a new phenomena in Britain, first starting in 2014, with ESHC currently the largest. Alongside being a unique experiment in communal living, the co-operative is also the city's cheapest student housing provider by a sizeable margin. The co-operative uses a participatory, consensus based model, with all major decisions being made by general meeting. ESHC also has two large communal basement spaces, regularly playing host to bands, film nights, political discussions, community groups, theatre groups and parties. The co-operative has a…

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Firelight Housing Co-op (LS6 2JG)

Firelight is a small, friendly housing co-operative in Woodhouse, Leeds.

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Fireside Housing Co-op (S3 9DN)

Fireside has a row of five mid-terrace Victorian houses in Burngreave, Sheffield. We’ve knocked our long and skinny gardens into one, giving us plenty of room to play, grow organic veg, have bonfires and parties. There’s lots of green space and wildlife around, a shared allotment, a tree swing and an adventure playground at the end of the road. Burngreave is a quite deprived inner-city area but very multicultural and vibrant.   Every adult tenant is a full and equal member, and between us we manage the business and maintain the houses and gardens. The houses are owned by the…

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Fruit Corner (BS6 6BU)

"Lord grant that I may seek to comfort than to be comforted; to understand than to be understood; to love than to be loved; for it is by forgetting self that one finds; it is by dying that one awakens to eternal life. Amen" (St Francis of Assisi) For us living in an Intentional Christian community is not only a great opportunity but in many ways life changing. Our ideal is that over a period of time the ryhthm of giving and receiving evident in community life inspires in people a more selfless existence, one where life is not so…

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Giffard Park Housing Co-op (MK14 5PA)

Giffard Park Housing Co-operative is entirely dependent on our own members for income and management and that is the responsibility you take on when you become a member. Members of a Co-op need to have a genuine desire to have control over their own housing environment, along with a willingness to become involved and take on some of the day to day responsibilities.

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Giroscope (HU3 6BH)

Giroscope set up in 1985 when a group of like minded people inspired by the writings of Colin Ward and Ivan Illich decided to take action to house themselves. The following year we set up as a workers co-operative and launched ourselves into house buying, house renovating and communal living. At the start of this year 2007, we were down to one founding member so the decision was taken to cease being a co-operative and register as a charity. We now have 25 houses providing accommodation for people in housing need in West Hull. We also own a solar powered…

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Golem Housing Co-operative (SA1 6AB)

We are currently a group of 11 big people and one small one who live in a housing co-operative in Swansea, spread out across two houses. We started getting together to talk about the idea of setting up the co-op in March 2010, and have been working on it ever since. We finally got the keys to our first house on 30th May 2012. Not only that, but at the end of 2019 we had an offer accepted on a second house and expanded our community! Our newer house is just across the road. We are in a very central,…

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Gorsehill Housing Cooperative (CH45 9JA)

Inspired by the countercultural arts lab movement of the 1960s, the New Brighton Arts Lab is a beautiful six bedroom house in New Brighton, opposite the Gorsehill Water Tower. We are a five minute walk away from New Brighton train station, and ten minutes from a 3.5km promenade, the longest in Britain. By car, we are 20 minutes away from Liverpool, 30 minutes from Chester and an hour from Manchester, where some of us work. The mix of different individuals brings diversity to our experience of living together, including different social, environmental and cultural perspectives, and interests ranging from music,…

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Green Wood Housing Co-operative (LS8 4DW)

Green Wood is a housing cooperative that bought its house in 2019. Some of the current group are the original members who formed and developed it together. We're still in the early stages, so some parts of the house are lovely and other bits of the house need some work doing to them to get things looking and feeling warm and homely. We have a 4-floored house accessed by steps at the front and back doors, with a sun-dappled kitchen-diner, garage, 6 bedrooms, plans (with funding) to convert the existing basement into a living room, and a design to join…

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Guiseppe Conlon House (N4 1BG)

We are a community of the radical Christian “Catholic Worker” movement. The Catholic Worker is an ecumenical, pacifist, and anarchist movement founded by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin in New York in 1933. As a community we are dedicated to living simply, in solidarity with those who are marginalised by society and in resistance to violence and injustice. The London Catholic Worker was brought together by the Jubilee Ploughshares 2000 disarmament action, in response to the need for a Catholic Worker community of hospitality and resistance in the world’s second imperial city. In June 2010 the London Catholic Worker opened…

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Gung Ho Housing Co-op (B29 7PX)

Gung Ho is a fully mutual housing co-operative. Living in a housing co-op gives us the benefits of home ownership in terms of control over our house, the ability to set our own rent, security of tenure and the lack of landlords and letting agents. Moreover, we as individuals do not have the burden of a huge debt, we are still eligible for housing benefit and we have done this without the financial barrier of raising a large deposit. Gung Ho is a member of Radical Routes, which is a UK-wide federation of housing co-ops, worker co-ops and social centres.…

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Hammerhead Housing Co-op (BS5 7JE)

We're expecting to move into our house is in the St George area of Bristol during January 2018. We are a veggie/vegan, communal house with activist interests.

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Hamwic Housing Co-op (SO17 1WF)

Hamwic Housing Co-operative has property mainly in the Portswood and Highfield area of Southampton and provides affordable rooms in shared and self-contained property to single adults with no live-in dependents, who are in housing need. Due to our size and limited resources, Hamwic cannot provide housing for people with special needs and we cannot offer any supported housing.   PASS IT ON We’re looking for a number of good-natured, committed co-operators to take our Co-op to the next level in provision of quality co-operative housing. Benefit from affordable housing and hold a democratic stake in Southampton’s only housing co-operative. Tidy,…

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Hargrave Road Community (N19 5SJ)

We live in a custom-built community house sharing a belief in co-operation, negotiation and understanding, to arrange how we live together. The core values of our Housing Association home are that of respect, self-help, mutual support, and participation. We currently have a very vibrant mix of people, skills and cultures from around the world. Over the years our roof has sheltered many fascinating people. We have seen the development of ethical livelihoods: www.zaytoun.org (Palestinian olive oil), www.wholewoods.co.uk (Sustainable woodland skills and events), the study of a variety of subjects from anthropology to town planning, and strong musical influences from British…

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Homeworld (MK13 7BB)

“The best way to fight evil is to make energetic progress in the good”.* People want to feel good. They want to get on with enjoying themselves and life without any hassle. People want freedom, peace, recognition and cooperation. People want fun, learning, variety and growth. Homeworld UK began in 1980, when instead of protesting about society’s ills with fellow students, a group of us decided to ‘make energetic progress in the good’ by creating a viable alternative culture that is more beneficial for human needs. We are creators; a melting pot of artists, engineers, musicians, computer geeks, designers, home…

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L’Arche Highlands (IV2 4QR)

L'Arche Inverness is part of the world-wide federation of L'Arche communities founded by Jean Vanier in 1964, that aims to build community with people with learning disabilities. Our community is based in the capital of the Scottish Highlands and consists of 5 households where community members live together; those with learning disabilities and those who come as 'assistants', sharing in every aspect of daily living: shopping, cooking, celebrating, working and praying together. We are primarily a community comprising members representing various Christian traditions. We are also happy to welcome those of other faith traditions and none. Assistants come from all…

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L’Arche Ipswich (IP1 3QU)

Our first house, The Cornerstone, opened in 2006 and is situated in a pleasant and quiet area of Ipswich near Christchurch Park about 10 minutes' walk to the centre of town. The house has spacious common areas and a large garden. There are six people with learning disabilities and six assistants living together here, with others supporting in various roles. We are creating a network of community houses in Ipswich to provide a range of facilities for people in various circumstances wishing to be a part of who we are and what we do. L'Arche is a place of encounter…

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L’Arche London (SE27 9JU)

L'Arche London is a diverse and inclusive Christian-ecumenical Community of people with and without learning disabilities. We welcome people of all faiths and of none. Mutual relationships are at the heart of our Community. We are committed to high quality support and to developing our relationships with the local neighbourhood and professional services. We recognise and celebrate the unique value of every person and our need for one another. In the joys and struggles of our daily life together, we strive to be a sign of hope and justice. There are four community households in the West Norwood area of…

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Lee Abbey Aston Small Missional Community (B6 5ND)

We are a small community of Christians based in a socio-economically deprived but culturally rich area of Birmingham. Part of the Lee Abbey Movement, our aim is to 'communicate Christ through relationships'. Our core values are represented by the acronym HOPE: Hospitality, Openness, Prayer and Engagement. We work closely with local churches, and seek to deepen our own faith as we also look to share the love of Jesus with those around us.

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Lee Abbey Knowle Small Missional Community (BS4 1JN)

At the invitation of Knowle West Churches Together, the Lee Abbey community has been present on this South Bristol housing estate continually since 1992. Community members commit to the rule of life and to serve where God leads them in the local area. Our ministry has included pastoral visits, meeting physical and educational needs and supporting local churches in their worship, discipleship and mission. Because we are not a project, we focus more on building relationships over time with people who live or work in the area. Although local partnerships help us meet many needs, we humbly acknowledge there are…

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Lilac means Low Impact Living Affordable Community. We are an affordable, urban co-housing development in Leeds, West Yorkshire and have a unique shared ownership model which is the first of its kind in the world. Our community consists of 20 private strawbale and timber eco-homes of different sizes, grouped around our shared common house and pond. Lilac is home to 33 adult members and 12 children, one dog, three cats, chickens and a lot of frogs. Our site is designed using co-housing principles with shared facilities in the middle such as our common house with its dining room for communal…

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Mornington Grove Community (E3 4NS)

We are a diverse urban community and currently have spaces available for new members. We welcome people from all walks of life and would love to attract people with practical skills, as well as those with a head for figures. The community was founded in 1981 to be a stable and secure home. It occupies two large semi-detached Victorian houses, with communal garden, in a quiet road in East London. Over thirty years later the community is still going strong. Our main commitments are to communal living and working by consensus. We are vegetarian and non-smoking at home, though some…

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The Nevill Community (N16 8SL)

The Nevill is a large converted pub, hosting a small community of various ages and from various places. Our shared values are mutual care, sustainable living, respect, vegetarianism, and participation. We like to welcome nice visitors of all kinds. This house has lots of history and communal spaces, including dining, room, spare rooms, photographic dark room, garden, little library for book exchange, cellar, workshop and bike shed. The household is currently made up of 6 adults, 2 children, 1 cat, and has been founded in 1991 by Dave. We share many interests such as art, architecture, music, film, theatre, activism,…

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New Ground Cohousing (N16 8WH)

This pioneering group, which began meeting in 1998, is now resident in a 25 unit environmentally friendly cohousing scheme in High Barnet, London. Planning permission was granted to Hanover Housing, the group’s developer, in April 2013. OWCH is restricted to women aged 50 and over and will have mixed tenure (some social rentals) and individual, self-contained flats with communal facilities and activities. Applicants for the community, which will be self-sustaining and self-managed, will be selected from a waiting pool of those who play an active part and also regularly attend monthly meetings prior to residency. Members are responsible for forming…

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Newbold House (IV36 2RE)

The Newbold Trust is a social enterprise dedicated to nurturing positive change by hosting transformative workshops, classes and events. We are run by a small residential team of members and work exchange help. The house and venue is a beautiful late Victorian mansion with 7 acres of grounds, orchards, woodland. Our walled organic vegetable garden provides the community with delicious food and honey from our own bees. We are on the outskirts of the town of Forres, in close proximity to the beautiful coastline, rivers and mountains of the Scottish Highlands. We have close ties with the Findhorn Foundation ecovillage…

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Newton Dee Camphill Village (AB15 9DX)

We are a suburban community of 185 people, including 90 adults with special needs. We live and work together in 21 households, working on the land, and gift/coffee shop. We receive no salaries and our needs are met by the community. The management of the community is based on consensus with day-to-day decisions being made by mandate working groups. Our workforce is based on volunteers, with young people from Britain and abroad joining us (minimum age 19) for a minimum of one year. Our striving is based on anthroposophy, formulated by Rudolf Steiner. We work out of Christianity and celebrate…

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Nutclough Housing Co-op (HX7 8HA)

Nutclough Tavern has been a housing coop since 2002, however we are a relatively new group looking to rebuild a co-op with a new identity. The co-op is situated in the beautiful and historic mill town of Hebden Bridge. The building is Nutclough Tavern, a renovated pub and grade II listed building, with private rooms, and many communal areas such as a large kitchen, dining and living spaces, studio spaces, and a three-tiered garden. We have recently become a full-house and the current members are aged between 22-46, and we have a lovely dog and cat. We are all interested and invested in the…

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Oakfield Road Community (N4 4LB)

Oakfield Road Community is a small community (5 members) established about 19 years ago and centred simply around the tasks necessary for the upkeep of our house and the sharing of food (vegetarian) . We are situated in a quiet and leafy part of Stroud Green, North London about midway between Crouch Ends more high end shopping and café culture and the more budget Harringay Green Lanes. Harringay National rail is our closest rail link but we are also close to Finsbury Parks excellent tube and bus links. We rent direct from a private landlord, the ground floor and basement…

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Oakfield Rd May 2015

Oakleigh (S4 7AG)

Oakleigh comfortably accommodates 8 people, and the house is so lovely and spacious that occupants tend to stay for 3-10 years before moving on. However sometimes we host volunteers or guests on short courses in Sheffield, and at other times the house is quieter when several people are away. This gives the house an ever changing rhythm with times when only a couple of people are around or larger communal meals with an eclectic combination of dishes and personalities. Interests currently represented in the house include cooking and food growing, crafts and game playing, music and dance, yoga and qi…

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Quaggy Housing Co-op (SE14 6HW)

We're a small housing co-operative of 5 adults living in a shared house in south east London, which we bought in 2020. We’d describe ourselves as left-leaning, and most of us are involved in political or community activism. We aim to balance a certain degree of communal living (e.g. sharing communal space and some meals) with the freedom for each of us to live our own independent lives. We are using a form of housing co-op known as a mutual home ownership society, which means that some of our rent goes towards building up an equity stake in the house…

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Random Camel Housing Co-operative (IP4 1BQ)

Random Camel Housing Co-op of Ipswich, Suffolk, purchased 23-27 Foundation Street, Ipswich in 2012. It’s a terrace of 3 2-up 2-down properties, two of which have been knocked through, one remaining as a self-contained entity. In all, it can house up to 9 tenants. The house is versatile, spacious - big rooms and lots of storage spaces - rather worn in terms of decoration, or in the midst of eco refurb. Our co-op is a great opportunity for a group of people to create a base of community action and live as an intentional community. The houses have calm and…

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Redcurrant Housing Co-op (G5 0HY)

Redcurrant is an officially registered fully mutual housing co-operative (registration number 4414). In January 2021, we received the keys to our new home in Oatlands, Glasgow. We seek to provide affordable and secure housing for our members; a home where they can feel safe and flourish as individuals and collectively. Our meetings are twice a month, usually on a weekday night. We also use an online collaboration platform to discuss pressing matters in between as well as for random chatter and keeping track of future plans and To Dos.

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Rose Common (S2 3EH)

Rose Common is a developing vegan housing co-operative. We currently have four members, and we live in the house we plan to buy (as it belongs to the family of one of our members). We're looking for a fifth member to join us, and move in with us in autumn 2020. The house is detached and set in some beautiful woods between Heeley and Meersbrook. There's a big garden where we're beginning to grow vegetables, and the house is looking pretty homely. We have a good sized sunny kitchen, a living room/dining room with loads of light (photo above), a…

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Rose Howey Housing Co-operative (L8)

Rose Howey Housing Co-operative, is a member co-op of Radical Routes, and is a large house on the edge of a beautiful park near the centre of Liverpool. Its tenants are living together to foster a supportive home which encourages communal living and supports its members to engage with radical social change and ecologically minded living. All communal spaces are vegan, and there are currently nine children living in the house, including some who are home educated. The vision of the house also includes providing spaces for local community projects, such as MaMa (Migrant Artists Mutual Aid), People's Kitchen, Rose…

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Sanford Housing Co-operative (SE14 6NB)

We have beautiful ponds, gardens and a friendly atmosphere, a tropical communal oasis in London with a famous colourful peace movement mural. Many performers and artists live here and we have tried to artistically redesign our living space. Founded in 1973 it was built using private finance supplied by the Housing Corporation and Commercial Union. Sanford Housing Co-op consists of 119 units of shared accommodation in 14 purpose-built houses. Its rents are not set by any outside body but are designed to cover actual costs. All the tenants as members of the Co-operative are collectively landlords and responsible for helping…

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Scraptoft Housing Co-op (LE5 2FE)

Founded in 2015, Scraptoft Housing Co-op is a large house with a lovely garden, also sharing an additional extended garden with two of our neighbours. Our collective gardens hold open grass, flowers, trees, vegetable plots, an orchard, chicken coops, a cabin, and it backs out onto the local allotments. As a community, we care about social change. Many of our members are involved in activism in different ways, and we try our best to support and accommodate each others varying needs. We care about our impact on the world, and are steadily trying to make this a sustainable living space,…

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Share Instead (S7 1DS)

We are a relatively new housing co-op in Sheffield, since 2015. In our house, costs and responsibilities are shared and we run on co-operative principles. We are a mainly vegetarian and vegan-friendly household who share cooking and costs of food, and grow some food together. We are striving to live sustainably and support our members to work for peace and social change. We are a member of the Radical Routes network. If you are interested in knowing more about us get in touch by email.

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Skylark Housing Co-op (BN2)

Skylark Housing Co-operative consits of seven adults and three dogs. On the 1st March 2013 we bought our semi-detached house. Its an ex-council house on the edge of the downs, in Bevendean. In our large garden our fig tree produces wonderfully and we grow vegetetables, flowers and herbs. Bevendean has a vibrant community scene with the first co-operative pub on a council estate The Bevy, a plethora of other housing co-operatives, a community garden and a fruit and nut orchard in the works. All of us at Skylark are queer and many trans/non-binary. We are involved in activism, education and…

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Stourbridge Camphill Houses (DY8 3YA)

Camphill Houses is based in and around the busy town of Stourbridge, on the urban rural fringe to the south-west of Birmingham. Our Camphill community has been assisting adults with learning disabilities and other special needs for more than 30 years, with a supported living programme designed to enable each individual to find his or her own direction in life and an appropriate degree of self-reliance. Our community is fully integrated into the life of the town. A range of supported accommodation is available to meet different needs. Four houses close to the centre of Stourbridge, and one just outside…

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Summerhill Housing Co-operative (NE4 6EB)

Summerhill Housing Co-operative is made up of two shared houses with 6 bedrooms each, both of which are on a beautiful street in central Newcastle.

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Tangram Housing Co-op (LS8 5AD)

Tangram is a registered Housing Co-operative. We have 39 units of accommodation, all in or near Bank Side Street in Harehills, Leeds. They range from studio flats through to four-bedroom family houses. Our application process can be lengthy, and it may be some time before a vacancy arises. We are probably most suitable for people already in the Leeds area. We are a Registered Social Landlord regulated by the Homes & Communities Agency. This means that any vacancies are allocated on the basis of housing need. The Co-op is run by the tenants with support from a part-time worker. All…

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301 Housing Co-operative (LS7 3JT)

Established in 1982, 301 Housing Cooperative consists of seven flats based in two large Victorian houses in the Chapeltown area of Leeds. 301 is run collectively by its members with monthly general meetings, subgroup meetings and with individual roles as required. 301’s aim is to provide supportive comfortable and affordable housing to people in housing need. Due to our low turnover we do not operate a waiting list, but advertise widely locally and on the leeds housing coops blog when vacancies do arise.

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Torch Housing Co-op (B18 5NH)

We're a housing co-operative that's been around for over ten years, a mile or so away from the city centre in what is one of the most culturally diverse cities in Britain. We arose from the radical student population of the early 1990s via New Education Housing Co-op and are members of Radical Routes and take part in an awful lot of different things. We've got two big, beautiful houses 100 yards away from each other, one a five-bedroom Georgian style and the other an eight-bedroomed Grade II listed mansion with office space and a big community room, both of…

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West End Housing Co-operative (NE4 5NL)

The West End Housing Co-op is a small housing co-op of 12 houses and flats in the Westgate Hill area of Newcastle upon Tyne. Members of the co-op live in their own households but meet collectively once a month to organise repairs, rents, housing allocations and other matters of mutual concern. All members are tenants of the Co-op (and vice versa). All the Co-operative’s properties are securely alarmed and have gas central heating. The West End Housing Co-operative operates an Equal Opportunities Policy. Properties are allocated according to criteria that seek to meet both housing need and a willingness to…

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Wild Peak Housing Co-op (DE56 2EF)

Wild Peak is a rural housing co-op with land in the Derwent Valley in Derbyshire. Wild Peak Housing Co-op was set up to house people working or volunteering for environmental change and currently our members do both environmental and social change work. We all believe working and living cooperatively is a positive and resilient choice.   We manage our land for conservation along with a some food growing, firewood and hosting events in the summer. We have a feeling of rural isolation whist being only a couple of miles from the town of Belper and a short trip into Derby.…

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