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Brithdir Mawr (SA42 0QJ)

As stewards of this 80-acre farm, we try to live our lives working with, rather than against nature : husbanding goats, ducks, chickens and bees in order to provide our own milk, eggs and honey, and producing organic fruit and veg from polytunnels and large gardens. We coppice wood for fuel, bake bread, preserve produce, and use our own materials such as wood and willow for craftwork. Accommodation is the traditionally built farmhouse and its outbuildings; electricity is supplied by wind, water and solar and we have a couple of green-design buildings. Communal activities include a shared evening meal every…

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Chickenshack Housing Co-op (LL36 9NH)

Chickenshack is home to an extended 'family' of people, with usually 6 or so permanent residents at any one time, but with many more family and friends visiting. As a group we are applying a slowly unfolding permaculture design at our home, Brynllwyn, where there are 3 adjoining houses set in 5 acres of land in Snowdonia National Park. We have half an acre of veg garden, a polytunnel, and an ever-improving and expanding forest garden, home to our chickens. We have also planted an acre and a half of coppice, hedgerow and woodland and are protecting a traditional wetland.…

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Coed Hills Rural Artspace (CF71 7DP)

Pronounced ‘coyd’, a Welsh word meaning “woods”, Coed Hills Rural Artspace is one of Wales’ leading centres for sustainable living and the creative arts. We aim to become a centre of education focused on nature, sustainability and traditional woodland skills and crafts, contributing to local tourism, employment and the rural economy. We are working towards self-sufficiency in energy production: this will reduce our costs and our effect on the local and global environment, and serve as a living experiment in what is possible. We do not claim to be perfect, but we are constantly exploring and sharing what we learn…

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Coed Talylan (SA19 9DR)

We are currently looking for additional members and further investment in Coed Talylan, a 70 acre woodland on the edge of the Brecon Beacons. We are currently establishing a mushroom cultivation business and Eco/Natural Buildig School. We are looking for new members that have experience in agroforestry and related activities willing to commit to a One Planet Development application for a co-sufficent community farm.

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Dol-llys Hall (SY18 6JB)

Dôl-Llys Housing Ltd was formed in 1992 by 6 families as a housing co-operative. It was originally a regency country house but then empty and owned by Powys County Council. The house is divided into 7 private, self contained flats of varying size, one of which is rented. We also have some communal rooms in the house and share all the outdoor space. New members buy into the co-operative through purchasing loan stock giving them a 1/6th ownership of the entire property and grounds. Daily life at Dôl-Llys is more in line with co-housing. A key difference is that we…

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Dragons Co-op (SY10 0JW)

Dragons housing co-operative limited was established in May 2015 and we purchased our first and so far only property in August of the same year. As a fully mutual par value housing co-op we are managed by those tenants who are resident and paying rent. We were established using the Radical Routes model rules which we obtained via Catalyst Collective. We are also governed by the ethics and principles of permaculture design and the 7 principles of co-operation as set out by the Rochdale pioneers. Dragons is inspired by the work of Robert Owen and the co-operative movement worldwide.

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Glyn Abbey (SA15 5TL)

We live in an old country estate of 10 acres. Glyn Abbey is a trust with a fixed number of shares. We have separate households and distinctish dwellings, some still in the process of being 'reclaimed'. There are mainly compost toilets, spring water, separate organic gardens, mainly shared electricity, some share a washing machine, no management structure, fibre-optic broadband! no agreed ideology other than not to use cars on site and powered machinery on Sundays. Current age range is 2 to 70 plus. The adults are engaged in various meaningful activities and everyone seems to be creative in various ways.…

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Golem Housing Co-operative (SA1 6AB)

We are currently a group of 11 big people and one small one who live in a housing co-operative in Swansea, spread out across two houses. We started getting together to talk about the idea of setting up the co-op in March 2010, and have been working on it ever since. We finally got the keys to our first house on 30th May 2012. Not only that, but at the end of 2019 we had an offer accepted on a second house and expanded our community! Our newer house is just across the road. We are in a very central,…

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Heartwood Community (SA17 5ES)

Heartwood is an old dairy farm with 35 acres of land: woods, pasture, wetland, streams, orchards and gardens. We have a pony that pulls a cart and helps with woodland management. There are two goats providing milk, four hens, twelve ducks and four cats. In the main house we share facilities and enjoy five vegetarian communal meals a week. Some of our members raise and eat their own animals (pigs and ducks) Our practice of permaculture and sustainability includes maintaining sustainable relationships with each other as well as with the land we live on, we use Non Violent Communication and…

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KindaVillage (SA39 9LX)

In association with the Missing Kind charity, we are developing our first KindaVillage near Pencader, Carmarthenshire, Wales, the UK as a base for a community dedicated to the delivery of social and environmental impact. This will be a community where wealth and success are measured not by personal ownership, but by that of giving. We are in the early stages of this project and our aim is to develop social enterprise businesses as part of the village, which will be focussed on: inspirational and rejuvenating wellbeing and special interest retreats and courses, alternative elderly care and schooling, animal sanctuary and…

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Lammas (SA34 0YD)

Lammas is an organisation dedicated to promoting low impact development. We are actively campaigning within the planning system for low impact development across the UK. Our first project is for a hamlet of 9 eco smallholdings in Pembrokeshire - planning permission was granted in 2009. Each household has access to approx. 8 acres on which residents develop land-based livelihoods. The land is owned by a co-operative society. Residents lease their plots (999 year agricultural leasehold). More details can be found at our website.

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Taliesin Housing Co-operative (SY20 8JH)

Taliesin Housing Co-operative purchased Temperance House in Machynlleth, Wales, with a loan from Triodos Bank. It is a lovely house, in a beautiful location which would benefit from more enthusiastic community minded folk to help move the Co-op forward a bit. We are based in the Dyfi valley, West Wales, an area full of woodlands,nature reserves and beautiful beaches. We are close to the sea ( you can see it from the house!) and a bus ride away from Machynlleth (quirky/alternative market town) and Aberystwyth (lively seaside town with independant shops and thriving music scene). There is an alternative, political…

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Tan-y-Fron Housing Co-operative (SY22 6BP)

Tan-y-fron Housing Co-operative Ltd became a legal entity (a fully mutual, non profit-making organisation with the main aim of providing affordable residential accommodation) at the time that the Tan-y-fron property was purchased in Autumn 2010. About Tan-y-fron, the house: Tan-y-fron (literal translation from Welsh 'the dwelling place of the heart') is a large, detached Grade II listed nineteenth century house and was originally a 'gentleman's country residence'. It has a total of 18 rooms over three floors, including several pantries. It is set in about an acre of grounds, with a further five or six acres of mixed deciduous woodland…

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Tan y fronPic

Taraloka Buddhist Retreat Centre for Women (SY13 2LD)

Taraloka is both a community and a Buddhist retreat centre for women, to which women come from all over the world to practise meditation and go deeper into the teachings of the Buddha. The centre has been running since 1985 and offers a beautiful environment in which to practise stillness and simplicity. All of us living here are committed to Buddhist ideals and to creating the best possible facilities for women to come on retreat. For the purposes of our work, people have individual responsibilities for different work areas, for example cooking, maintenance or leading retreats. We all actively pursue…

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Temple Druid Community (SA66 7XS)

Temple Druid community is set in 56 acres in the foothills of the Preseli Mountains.  Our aim is to be a year-round Therapeutic and Educational Centre within a sustainable farm, woodland environment, orchard and kitchen garden. The majority of our projects have a particular focus of working with vulnerable children, young people, and their families. We work with the Permaculture ethics of earth care, people care, and a fair share for everyone. We are dreaming into the future and making tentative plans for the renovation and extension so the grade II listed house; planting trees and creating forest gardens; improving…

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Tipi Valley (SA32 7UQ)

We're really sorry but we aren't having any visitors at the moment as we don't have the space for social distancing in our Big Lodge. ------------------------------- Tipi Valley is situated high in the hills of South-West Wales. Our community have been buying it field by field since 1975. In this time our oldest fields have regenerated from sheep farming land to mixed deciduous woodland rich in wildlife. It’s a wild valley dotted with our homes that are low impact dwellings - tipis, yurts and turf roofed round huts. Living this close to nature and the elements creates a deep connection…

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Ty Brethyn (LL20 7BS)

We are a small, friendly, open minded community who have come together to live co-operatively and creatively. Co-operating challenges us to take account of others' needs and place our own needs in that context. This is at the heart of what we're about and the means by which we help each other to grow. We all value living ethically, with compassion and a spirit of generosity. We have a beautiful converted water mill and outbuildings, with 5 acres of land with woodland and a stream, in our own secluded valley. There is easy access to Llangollen - a vibrant, welcoming…

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