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We are three people inspired by nature, community, friendship and wellbeing, looking to start a co-housing project with the values of permaculture, living close to nature, open and honest community, and joyful living. A predominantly plant-based lifestyle is important to us.

We are intending to purchase a smallholding + land in SW England/Wales within the next two years.

We are at very early stages, we are looking for other people who want to join us in this adventure and be part of shaping the plan.

What we end up creating will depend on who else joins us and what land we can buy. These are some of the things we aspire to creating:

  • A place where we can collectively work to lower our impact
  • A place with shared indoor space (we wish to be connected)
  • A place with private living areas (we value our privacy and alone-time too!)
  • A place with land to rewild (we wish to restore what we can)
  • A place with land to farm (we want to grow our own!)
  • A place that is welcoming (we intend to build community)
  • A place that is connected (we hope to be a welcome part of an existing area!)
  • A place that is peaceful (we wish to enjoy the sounds of nature)
  • A place which allows us to work less (we wish to experience life more fully)

Please drop us a line for a chat if you are interested in finding out more.

Diggers & Dreamers
care of BCM Edge
United Kingdom


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