Barney Fields Elders

Marian Van Eyk McCain

EX39 6BU

Barney Fields is a development of new homes in Hartland, a picturesque village on North Devon’s Atlantic coast. Plans are being developed to deliver sustainable homes designed with home-working in mind, spaces to grow food and a co-housing community for over 55s. These elements are to be set within an ecologically rich pedestrian-priority landscape where children can explore and play freely. Barney Fields Elders is an over 55s Co-housing community which will be located in a quiet and sunny corner of the wider Barney Fields development surrounded by native hedgerows within a short walk of the village centre. It will be a planned, small, elders’ eco-cohousing community. The 13 houses and a common house are currently being designed by an architect, with input from prospective community members. The application for full planning permission is about to be lodged and building will start as soon as this is granted. The two-bedroom houses will all be for sale at around £208,000 each, and that will include a one-thirteenth share of the ownership of the common house. See our website for details

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