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We are 6 adults (one child, four dogs, one cat) all working in woods and with a business plan to buy a wood together to work together. We are not incorporated yet, but will be very soon. We want to get on with the work, so we intend to buy the land this year and get on with planning applications and felling timber immediately after. We have a wood in mind. Our aim is to be free of debt in 15 years, autonomous (free from government subsidy), self-supporting (electricity/ water/ wood/ maybe even food on site) and long-lasting. We are based in West Wales. The woods here are conifer plantations often on old broadleaf woodland sites. We want to gradually remove the conifers to sell the timber and replant with broadleaves. We currently work felling timber, thinning, pruning, doing arboricultural work, renovating old buildings, doing hydro-electrical work, saw-milling timber, selling timber, planting trees, doing metalwork, winching timber, processing firewood and delivering wood. In our spare time, we are preparing the co-op, sharpening saw blades, fixing vehicles, raising kids, growing veg and making our own beer.

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