Cambridge Cohousing Marmalade Lane

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9 Marmalade Lane
Orchard Park

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company limited by shares
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As a cohousing development, Marmalade Lane is a real community – a place to know and be friends with your neighbours. And as well as energy-efficient, architect-designed modern homes, residents benefit from extensive shared facilities and a large shared garden. Cohousing is a way of life in which residents not only get to know their neighbours and enjoy a real sense of community, but jointly manage their living environment together.  As well as their own private home, each resident household benefits from shared spaces and facilities that enrich the living experience and encourage a more social way of life. As a cohousing development, Marmalade Lane is the product of an innovative design process in which members of K1 Cohousing, drawn from all ages and backgrounds, have been involved from the outset. All residents are members of Cambridge Cohousing Ltd and contribute to the management of the community.  Residents comes from all ages and walks of life and includes families with young children, retired couples and young professionals.

community does not share income
community requires capital from members
community has broadband internet access
community does not generates any of its own electricity
community uses solar energy
community buildings insulated to a high standard
community members use bicycles
community has organised system for car sharing
community is accessible by public transport
community does not share utilities
community has tool sharing system
community has organised systems for recycling
community does not have any kind of ecosewage system
community is not involved in land management
community grows a lot of vegetables
animals kept communally
regular communal meals
community has policy which restricts smoking
community buildings at least partly wheelchair accessible
community is not involved in campaigning

Cambridge Cohousing Marmalade Lane is currently looking for new members

We hold a waiting list for when homes become available to buy or rent and post on our facebook page CambridgeK1CoHousingProject. Currently (April 2021) we have this opportunity as a family is going away for a year:  Try cohousing for a year, Marmalade Lane, Cambridge – 4 bed terraced house to rent.Fully equipped terraced house which comprises 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms  (with toilet, shower or bathtub), a walk-in closet, a large open kitchen, a spacious dining/living room with oak flooring,  underfloor heating and downstairs toilet. It has a high speed internet connection and is part of a site wide network.  The rear garden gives onto a large south-facing shared garden where residents grow vegetables, fruits, flowers and look after the wildlife. There are several shared facilities including a common house (with lounge, kitchen, laundry, playroom, an adult only room and guest rooms), a gym, a workshop, a shop and bike sheds. It is located next to a stop on the Cambridgeshire Guided Busway and close to a network of cycle ways which provide fast and direct access to Cambridge city centre (15 minutes by bike), the new Cambridge North railway station (10 minutes by bike) and other destinations.Monthly rental fee: £1800 (bills are not included).  Typical bill: c. £150/month (electricity, water, internet).Service charge: £10/month.  Available from August. Contact:

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Cambridge Cohousing Marmalade Lane is currently looking for volunteers

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