Cardiff Cohousing

CF14 2HS

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Our vision is to create, within the next 3 years, a housing-based community in Cardiff that will encourage social interaction and mutual support whilst reducing our carbon footprint. The development will include self-contained and accessible homes along with a shared co-house and other facilities for communal use (laundry, tool and bike shed; external space for food-growing and leisure; car pool etc).
Housing, designed to maximise planned and informal social contact, will be built in line with ecological sustainable principles. A mixed tenure development, it will include 15-25 private, shared and rented homes, in partnership with a Housing Association. Collaboration in the planning, design and running of our community will develop the trust and friendships between all who live there.
With a diverse group of residents, intergenerational and like-minded, we will develop an attractive and healthy place in which to live and thrive. We aim to achieve an acceptable balance between the number of units, communal and private outside space, the eco-specification and costs. Outward facing, the community will contribute to the local economy and culture of the neighbourhood.

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United Kingdom

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