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Crescent Road

Crescent Road Community was founded in 1978.

May 2015, We are on the process of being evicted by our social housing landlord after living in the properties for 36 years. We are preparing to fight this and welcome your support. We are planning a campaign to save the community including a petition. Watch this space for updates on how you can support us.

The Community consists of three houses which are interlinked on the ground floor. We are currently 20 adults and 3 children consisting of senior citizens, employed workers, and families.
We are close to London and have some lovely gardens and shared facilities including three kitchens, work shop rooms, TV room, laundry and meeting room. We grow some of our own vegetables and encourage communal meals and events.
We pay our rent collectively to our housing association.
There is also a network of wider local community people with environmental interests linked to the houses in a social capacity.
We welcome applicants with social housing needs, including disabled people and single parents, some of our residents are key workers. Applicants are chosen via our equal opportunity allocations policy. We regret that we have no space at the present time.
Thank you for your interest

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care of BCM Edge
United Kingdom

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