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This project has been suspended, following the unexpected death of the founder whose vision it was.

What follows will give some idea of what was trying to be achieved. . . . Maybe others can gain inspiration from this to implement the vision anew.

Aim: To create a community based eco-village modelled on villages as existed 150 years ago.


– People work where they live.

– People create their jobs at home.

– Three/four generations live closely together. (a care-village within the village)

– The commitment to, and care for each other is “from Cradle-to-Grave”.

– The emphasis is also on restoring the Human Values and re-connect with their own inner guidance / higher self / God.

– Walk our Talk with Compassion for Self and Others

– Children learn to take responsibility and make things for themselves.

– There is a co-operative nature/forest school based on home-schooling.

– A buddy-system is functioning so that no-one is left out.

– People grow their vegetables, fruit, fish and meat locally.

– People live “preventative” and make use of the “alternative” healing systems with locally-grown medicinal herbs.

– Technical skills will be taught from an early age on regardless of gender.

– Scottish culture and Celtic language play an important part.

– Music making – dance – arts – drama – sports are part of daily life.

– People use their building materials from what is quarried and grown locally.

– During the build as much as possible material is recycled/re-used/reclaimed.

– All organic waste is composted.

– All buildings meet high ecological standards;

– We aim to be central in ecological Pilot schemes.

– The village generates its own energy through solar/wind/water/biomass.

– We can educate by organising training courses and Seminars

– We aim to become a vocational training site on all of the above, a “University of Life”

– We are a registered charity but have so far not attracted a skilled fundraiser. So far our only source of income is the Bunkhouse and B&B and Maryse’s donations from her life savings. We therefore need to focus on other forms of income-generating activities such as a market garden; tree- end plant nursery; organic farm shop and restaurant.

– We use Permaculture principles. See our website for more details about the “Cornerstones” and “Manifesto”:

Diggers & Dreamers
care of BCM Edge
United Kingdom

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