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Dandelion community will be an intentional cohousing community of people who prioritise connection with ourselves, each other, children, the natural world and our planet as a whole. We want to connect with nature by living in a rural area surrounded by wild spaces, woodland and water, growing our own vegetables and practising permaculture.
Our community has a strong focus on families, while also appreciating the importance of multi-generational living. We understand that there is much to be learned from the free-spirited child, as well as the wise elder. We intend to co-teach our home educated children and support each other with parenting and childcare.
We plan to buy an existing house with land in mid or north Devon and have several communal rooms alongside private living spaces.
We all value freedom to learn and make conscious choices in our lives. Our community will also serve as a home education hub and a place where people come to recharge, retreat and be inspired by a different lifestyle and a variety of personal growth workshops. By sharing resources, living space and emotional support, we will create a more cooperative way of life, treading lightly on our Earth, whilst making an impact that can inspire others to do the same. We are five families seeking families/individuals to join us.

Diggers & Dreamers
care of BCM Edge
United Kingdom


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