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Although we are still looking for other members we have a strong core group of 6 people and are in process with business applications and are looking for suitable property in the mid Wales area. Some of us have property we will sell.We are looking for others to join us who would be able to bring some capital to the venture although this is not exclusively so. The main thing is to feel in tune with our vision.We would very much like to have some younger people join us as it feels important to have a wide age range. It is our intention to have our own accommodation within the community as small family units and we will all work within the community, although some may have other work outside.

We are meeting regularly, and are hoping to be ready to move to a property later this year. We have a focus statement which defines who we are and our intentions. Some of us have community experience and our ages range between 38 and 65. We are energetic, healthy and determined. We are ready!


We are a spiritually based community of people intending to consciously create a caring, loving, joyful life together, committed to learning and practising a sustainable way of living.

We believe we are experiencing a major planetary shift and need to align with this, both individually and collectively. We understand that all life is connected energetically and therefore we all share responsibility for our world and its future.

Within this understanding we aspire to live by the following intentions:
Our intentions:

– to express ever more fully our authentic selves and to act with integrity in all our thoughts and actions.
– to co-create with and honour the sacred in nature.
– to consciously strengthen and acknowledge our connection to the source of all life and its expression through Mother Earth.
– to serve something greater than ourselves and our individual needs.
– to be active participants in the emergence of a new co-operative and harmonious way of living.
– to nurture our world by optimising our use of resources and to become conscious stewards of any land we are privileged to take care of.
– to listen to each other in a non-judgemental way, respecting boundaries, belief systems and personal life choices.
– to foster life-long learning, recognising that each person is both teacher and learner and to be a centre offering educational opportunities to the wider community, thereby encouraging spiritual and cultural inclusivity whilst honouring diversity and celebrating all forms of spiritual expression.
– to meet each other in times of peace and conflict face to face with openness and caring reaching through our egocentric hurts and fears to find and share our truths.
– to encourage and facilitate healing on all levels, both personal and planetary and be advocates of a joyous and peaceful expression of human life.
– to share many forms of expression and creativity, such as dance, music, yoga, celebration, various healing processes, meditation and essentially to be ourselves.

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