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We’re a group of people with a shared aim; to work together to co-create ecovillage / co-housing projects in Wales. We aim to share resources, and work to live sustainably, with the additional support that can be gained from living nearby to one another. Options for these projects include Community Land Trusts, and Co-operatives, although some of us are also looking into ‘Freeman’ eco-villages. One of the main ideas evolving from the North Wales meetings is a peace village project of ‘united diversity’, where, similar to the Sieben Linden Eco- village, groups of two or more individuals with land next to each other form areas where they specialise in their chosen way of living. The idea is that people will thrive in the individuality of their chosen way of sustainable living, in the part the land they live on, while having the opportunity to form a group or co-operative with others who share specific goals and ways of living, and support each other in doing so. In having these groups/co-operatives near to each other we can also have the enrichment of diversity, by being able to share life also with people who choose different ways of living, united by our wish to live sustainably, and peacefully with each other. This united diversity of projects can be close together, or far apart, and so we are linking up with other projects too. Other project ideas suggested include an environment centre, working with alternative economies (e.g. bringing in at least elements of gift economy/free economy); creating a peace village like Tamera in Portugal; an eco-business centre (with a range of businesses suggested from artist studios and workshops, to eco-technology, to eco-holidays, holistic medicine); re-foresting and conserving woodland for public as well as community use; and the shared aim to provide mutual benefits between other local communities too. Our meetings will be listed on our websites, and in Network news. FACEBOOK PAGE:!/group.php?gid=112471258796688 SKYPE: creuynnikatie

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