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Enlinca (Environmental Living In Cambridgeshire) is a group working towards the establishment of a (probably new-build) co-housing community with possibly 10-30 separate living units of varied size together with a central Common House and shared and personal outside space. We came together in 2000 and registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee in 2003 and currently have about 8 active members including 2 families. Our ages range from 4-70 Some of us have houses to sell and others rent property or have shared ownership arrangements.

Our shared philosophy is to reduce our ecological footprint as much as we are able. Buildings will incorporate latest design principles as far as is financially possible and we hope to have outside space for growing produce and perhaps rearing livestock. A large multi purpose Common House, which will enable our individual houses to be smaller, will include a large room to be used for group meetings, fun times and shared meals as we wish,as well as providing space for the surrounding community. Office/studio space and guest rooms are also planned.

Most of us have an arts, IT or therapeutic background and we would especially welcome new members with relevant practical training. But of course everyone is welcome so please check out our website for more details

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Enlinca is currently looking for new members

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