Postal Address
9 Forgebank Walk

Year started
urban/rural edge
Number of over 18s
Number of under 18s
Ideological focus
Sustainable living
Legal structure
company limited by guarantee
Open in principle to new members
Charge visitors
Work in Lieu

Forgebank is an eco cohousing development consisting of 35 leasehold homes, shared buildings and riverside woodland habitat. The site is just outside Lancaster on the outskirts of the village of Halton and offers stunning views of the river Lune.

We aspire to be a cutting edge example of sustainable ‘eco’ design, for both living and working, with close links to the local community. The homes have achieved both Passivhaus and Code for Sustainable Homes level 6 certifications, and we benefit from many eco technologies such as heating from a central biomass/ solar system, and electricity from solar PV panels and a mini-hydro plant.

The project was planned and designed by the residents with architects Eco Arc and local building firm Whittles Construction. Residents, who are members of the management company – Lancaster Cohousing Ltd – actively participate in the day to day running of the community. Discussions are democratic and consensual. While we do have community agreements and policies, our ambition is to rely on trust, respect, friendship and understanding rather than rules and regulations.

Our Common House contains a communal kitchen and dining room where we cook vegan and vegetarian meals for each other several times a week. There are communal food stores, play areas, guest rooms, a bike shed and laundry.

We also operate a car club/ car sharing system.

community does not share income
community requires capital from members
community has broadband internet access
community generates some of its own electricity
community uses solar energy
community buildings insulated to a high standard
community members use bicycles
community has organised system for car sharing
community is accessible by public transport
community shares utilities
community has tool sharing system
community has organised systems for recycling
community does not have any kind of ecosewage system
community is involved in land management
community does not grow vegetables
no communal animals
regular communal meals
community has policy which restricts smoking
community buildings at least partly wheelchair accessible
community is not involved in campaigning

Diggers & Dreamers
care of BCM Edge
United Kingdom

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Forgebank is currently looking for new members

There are currently 3-bed houses and 1-bed flats for sale at the award-winning Forgebank development (also known as Lancaster Cohousing).

Details of the properties available can be found at:

Mobile: 07825610342

Send them a message:

Forgebank is currently looking for volunteers

Send them a message: