Gorsehill Housing Cooperative

Gavin Kendrick

Postal Address
19 Gorsehill Road
New Brighton
CH45 9JA

Electronic Mail ianbysh@gmail.com
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Open in principle to new members
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Inspired by the countercultural arts lab movement of the 1960s, the New Brighton Arts Lab is a beautiful six bedroom house in New Brighton, opposite the Gorsehill Water Tower.

We are a five minute walk away from New Brighton train station, and ten minutes from a 3.5km promenade, the longest in Britain. By car, we are 20 minutes away from Liverpool, 30 minutes from Chester and an hour from Manchester, where some of us work.

The mix of different individuals brings diversity to our experience of living together, including different social, environmental and cultural perspectives, and interests ranging from music, art, psychedelia and permaculture through to martial arts, saunas and nature spirituality.

We eat together most evenings, buy our wholefood staples communally, grow some of our own food, and keep bees and a small flock of chickens. We are part of an organic veg co-operative based in Chester and receive a fortnightly order of seasonal and mostly British produce. Every few weeks, we visit a local spring to collect our drinking water.

The house has several communal spaces, including a music room with a record collection and library, a living room with a wood burner, and a cinema room in the loft where we host regular film nights, workshops and community gatherings.

The house is privately owned, and we make decisions together. Our long term vision is to expand this intentional community with more properties in the street, to reignite the ancient ways and play our small part in creating what Charles Eisenstein calls ‘the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible’.

community does not share income
community does not require capital from members
community has broadband internet access
community does not generates any of its own electricity
community does not use solar energy
community buildings not insulated to a high standard
community members use bicycles
community does not have an organised system for car sharing
community is accessible by public transport
community shares utilities
community has tool sharing system
community has organised systems for recycling
community does not have any kind of ecosewage system
community is involved in land management
community grows a lot of vegetables
animals kept communally
regular communal meals
community does not have policy which restricts smoking
community buildings not wheelchair accessible
community is not involved in campaigning

Gorsehill Housing Cooperative is currently looking for new members

We registered our housing cooperative with the FCA last year, and moved into a house in New Brighton on the Wirral at the end of January, which we rent. We are looking for at least one and possibly two new members.

Send them a message:

Gorsehill Housing Cooperative is currently looking for volunteers

We are interested in a volunteer who would be able to commit to a stay of at least 3 months with us here in New Brighton. We are looking for help in our garden growing organic vegetables, composting, tending the chickens and occasional beehive inspections.

We are also looking for help in a wide range of activities including indoor sprout growing, herbal beer brewing, local foraging and herbal medicine preparations. We require daily support with general housework and food preparation. We welcome an enthusiastic or learning cook and can teach traditional Ghanian and Pakistani styles.

As a member of our community, you are welcome to book complimentary massage or sound healing sessions each week, and use the cinema and music rooms during your stay.

Send them a message: