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Hockerton Housing Project (HHP) is a community of five sustainable homes, with a co-operative business on-site running a range of educational and advisory services in sustainable buildings and lifestyles.

Hockerton’s earth-sheltered homes were built in the late 1990s with high thermal mass and high levels of insulation to eliminate the need for heating systems. Their innovative design has proven itself, as the homes use 20% of the average UK home’s energy use, but still keep cool in summer and warm in winter. Onsite wind turbines and solar PV panels generate their own clean energy to meet much of the homes’ remaining energy needs.

The co-housing approach, where individual homes are private, but land, water and energy systems are shared, enables residents to do more with less. It also encourages social interaction and skills which can be lost in more insular housing developments.

– Food is grown communally, with households growing 50 – 80 per cent of their fruit and vegetables
– Chickens provide eggs for residents, bees pollinate the orchard and provide honey, and sheep are kept for grazing and meat
– The 15 acre site provides food, renewable energy and a water catchment area, but also offers space for social activities with a woodland walk, a lake and a football/volleyball pitch
– Residents pay for their energy proportionate to their use, and any income from exported energy and the Feed in Tariff is shared equally.

Each household contributes 300 hours a year to food-growing, land maintenance and managing water and energy systems, with tasks agreed in line with interests, ability and availability.

HHP runs a a not-for-profit co-operative which hosts tours and courses for all ages (see website for details), and provides consultancy services to help others deliver sustainability in their home, community or workplace. The original planning permission required the Project to generate employment, and it provides income and flexible employment for each of the households with jobs following members’ interests, skills and availability provided they fall within the broad remit of promoting sustainable living.

community does not share income
community requires capital from members
community has broadband internet access
community generates some of its own electricity
community uses solar energy
community buildings insulated to a high standard
community members use bicycles
community has organised system for car sharing
community is not accessible by public transport
community shares utilities
community has tool sharing system
community has organised systems for recycling
community has some kind of ecosewage system
community is involved in land management
community grows a lot of vegetables
animals kept communally
no regular communal meals
community does not have policy which restricts smoking
community buildings at least partly wheelchair accessible
community is not involved in campaigning

Hockerton Housing Project is currently looking for new members

An eco 4-bed house is for sale at Hockerton Housing Project. It is one of the five private solar passive homes on this sustainable co-housing development. The earth-sheltered house comes with shared access and use of renewable energy systems, rainwater harvesting and 6 acres of land, with a further 8.5 acres on an agricultural lease.

Members own their own homes, with a private garden, carport and workshop, and share the surrounding land, energy and water facilities. Food is grown communally, with an allotment, 3 large polytunnels and an aquaponics system. Members also share the care of chickens, sheep, hedgehogs and the bees that pollinate the orchard and provide honey.

The shared land includes a lake used for canoeing and swimming, a volleyball pitch and woodland walks. Each household spends time maintaining the land, energy and water systems (in exchange for our exceptionally low energy and water bills), and paid work for the cooperative business which offers a range of educational and advisory services in sustainable development. Tasks are agreed in line with members’ interests, skills and availability.

The development is in the Nottinghamshire village of Hockerton, 1.5 miles from the market town of Southwell and 7 miles from Newark, with its 75 minute train link to London. The village has a pub and an active community spirit, assisted by its own community-owned wind turbine and PV arrays. Southwell is a bustling historic town with a useful range of shops, two weekly markets, and regular festivals throughout the year.

£460,000 (aligned to the local housing market). Please contact us for more details contact@hockertonhousingproject.org.uk

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Hockerton Housing Project is currently looking for volunteers

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