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“The best way to fight evil is to make energetic progress in the good”.*
People want to feel good. They want to get on with enjoying themselves and life without any hassle. People want freedom, peace, recognition and cooperation. People want fun, learning, variety and growth.

Homeworld UK began in 1980, when instead of protesting about society’s ills with fellow students, a group of us decided to ‘make energetic progress in the good’ by creating a viable alternative culture that is more beneficial for human needs.

We are creators; a melting pot of artists, engineers, musicians, computer geeks, designers, home educators, gardeners, biologists, inventors. Most of us can do lots of different things, and do.
Since then we’ve established an international community network of ‘Homeworld Embassies’, of which HW UK is one. Each is run independently by the groups who live there, according to the context of what country it is in, although if you join you have access to all.
HW is a place for any peaceful people who sincerely want to ‘get out of the rat race’ into an anxiety-free space, to experience being part of a supportive group of allies whilst accepting responsibility for their own independent lives, direction and wellbeing.
People thrive in an ‘enriched environment’ (in which they can remain creative, unencumbered by the materialism, coercion and hassle in ordinary society). We have a light-hearted, playful approach to life and a good sense of humor is essential.
HW has a Prime Directive and it is “No Coercion”. That is to say we believe nobody should be forced, threatened, blackmailed, paid, deceived, seduced, scared or otherwise coerced into doing anything they don’t want to do or don’t feel good about doing. It sounds obvious and simple, because it is.
We take no interest in politics, organized religion or commercialism. We strive to live by the guidelines of core conditions for interaction and they are Honesty, Empathy & Respect. We hope to show by example that these conditions are all that is necessary for intelligent creative (ordinary) people to live a life that addresses the development and needs of the whole person to fulfil their own potential.
We interact with ‘ordinary’ society in various ways: some of us work from home, some work part time locally, some work online, there is no official requirement to work. We support home birth and home education as being in line with the prime directive. Smoking is allowed -do not visit if you disapprove of smoking, drinking or partying.
Communal meals happen on birthdays etc but there’s no obligation to join in. Low-GI (hunter gatherer diet)is recommended but you can keep/eat whatever you like in your own rooms. No pets.
*I Ching hexagram 43 ‘Breakthrough’

community does not share income
community does not require capital from members
community does not have broadband internet access
community does not generates any of its own electricity
community does not use solar energy
community buildings not insulated to a high standard
community members use bicycles
community does not have an organised system for car sharing
community is not accessible by public transport
community does not share utilities
community does not have tool sharing system
community does not have organised systems for recycling
community does not have any kind of ecosewage system
community is not involved in land management
community does not grow vegetables
no communal animals
no regular communal meals
community does not have policy which restricts smoking
community buildings not wheelchair accessible
community is not involved in campaigning

Homeworld is currently looking for new members

Any peaceful people who sincerely want to ‘get out of the rat race’ are always welcome at Homeworld. Email to arrange a free visit.

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