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We have been evicted from our much-loved home and so will not be looking for new members for the foreseeable future.

“Close to 40 years of thriving social housing.” We are a community of individuals aged between 18 and 79. Our cultures and occupations are mixed and we share a large, communal house in Islington, near to the Highbury Corner end of Upper Street. We operate on a social housing policy which encourages those on low-income and in housing need to apply as future residents. We cook for each other and share house jobs. Big decisions are made by monthly meetings, small ones by scraps of paper on the notice board (the nerve centre.) The house is a happy environment with lots of music, conversation, scrabble and summer nights on the balcony. The community has a lot to offer including great location, excellent transport links, wireless internet, a film projector for that cinema feel, two gardens (one of which has a listed fig tree) and two lovely terraces. Some of our residents have been living here for almost 35 years. We feel very lucky to have such a warm, fun and supportive community right in the heart of London. We are involved in local community projects and some of our residents are involved in global/social justice campaigns. We aim to be more eco-friendly than at present, so any advice/auditing services would be appreciated. We are keen to make links with other communities like ours and to learn more about co-op living projects. We do not encourage visits due to the extremely high number of requests we get, but please do contact us if you have any questions about the way we live.

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Islington Park Street Community is currently looking for new members

”We are a diverse mix of 18 people with different backgrounds, lifestyles and interests who share a large home in the heart of Islington. We all take a share of cooking, cleaning, shopping, gardening, maintenance and running house meetings.

**Please not that we prioritise those living or working locally, who are on a low income and in housing need.**

The applicant would need to be pro-active, responsible, tidy and willing to commit to communal living.”

Please write to to request an application form.
Deadline: 01/03/2015

Send them a message:

Islington Park Street Community is currently looking for volunteers

Send them a message: