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We’re pioneering a model that will create sustainably built and permanently affordable homes while also allowing people to come together and create their own communities. Lowfield Green aims to create a strong community of people interested in finding a solution to the problems of traditional housing models.

Lowfield Green will feature: Communal outdoor space and gardens; Plenty of secure cycle parking; Common house for resident shared meals and activities; Car, workshop, shed and tool share.

Lowfield Green is for people: interested in new ways of living that create strong communities; with a York connection, especially Y024; who are first time buyers; in need of a larger home; looking to downsize.

Our houses are built along One Planet Living principles, meaning that while they’ll meet the needs of the people who live there, they also use resources in a way that our planet can sustain.

And unlike most houses, the homes we’re creating won’t ever be sold on the open market for quick profit. Residents will be shareholding members of the cooperative that owns the houses, paying a deposit and monthly contributions to give them security and equity.

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