Merseyside Cohousing

George McNamara

CH41 5LD

Our Vision & Values Merseyside Cohousing has new modified aims – we are essentially now a group of older single people, and we are very aware of the need for mutual support and companionship as we get older. We don’t want to have a long and complex purchase, design and build process – we prefer to look for an old “merchants house” that we can eco-retrofit, and then maybe grow our community by buying further houses in the vicinity. Being old and/or single is not meant to be the only members we have, but it does describe the parameters of the property we are looking for ! If we find a property with a space suitable for a family or young person, we will include them too We have viewed several houses so far… watch our Facebook for more information, or subscribe to our newsletter. We will be rental only, probably owning the property via a housing co-op / loanstock structure

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