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Who we are
• We are forming a group of people that are both intending to build Nottingham’s first intentional cohousing community, and to establish a replicable model that addresses the challenges.
• We are also looking to get support from organisations and professional experts.

What we want to do
• To create a mixed intergenerational site:
– of 20 to 40 households from 1 bed apartments to 4 bedroom houses.
– that will deliver the needs of all life-stages from birth to death, so that individuals can stay in the community and be supported throughout their lives.
– that accommodates ranges of ownership, including rental, shared ownership as well as outright, and finds solutions to savings and loans needs over time.
– that uses an eco low impact approach using the latest appropriate technologies to achieve low running costs with a high quality, sustainable and adaptable interior environment in all weathers.

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