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We own 22 acres of woodland and pasture near Bromyard in Herefordshire and we are creating an ecological and personal growth community, living as self-sufficiently as we are able. We are four committed adults plus several regular participants who may or may not become long term residents. We are off-grid. We are managing our woodland in accord with a Woodland Management Plan we have agreed with the Forestry Commission and, in the long run, will use timber from it and clay from the earth to build our low-impact dwellings. We have a planning consultant working with us and we will be putting in for Planning Permission in the spring of 2021. We already have permission for a round-wood timber framed barn for use in connection with our forestry activity and are cutting and preparing timber for this barn.. We aim to be self-sufficient in food and are applying permacultural practices to achieve this. We are vegan, alcohol-free, tobacco-free and drug-free. We intend that participants will live and work on the land, with outside working only where absolutely necessary. We have formed the Living Land Trust, which will own the land and the buildings, and which, once Paradise Valley is established and running well, will offer its resources to other groups to establish similar land-based communities. We will work with Herefordshire Wildlife Trust to create a plan for protecting and enhancing the wildlife on our land. We are open to new participants who want to live and work on the land, and who are committed to their personal growth and to that of those they will be living with.

Diggers & Dreamers
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United Kingdom

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