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A sustainable affordable self/build rural co-housing project is looking for new members. The idea is to provide affordable land for self-build eco-friendly houses and work units with minimal impact on the environment. There will be a low-impact communal building with shared facilities and all services will be provided off-grid, both in individual dwellings and communally, using renewable energy devices. The project is not envisaged as a commune, but as a community of independent households sharing access to communal building and agricultural land.
What we have:

– 23 acres of agricultural land in South Somerset

– planning application prepared with help of leading low-impact planning consultants which took a year to put together but now ready for submission

– 4 households committed to the project
What we are looking for:

– 6 more like-minded households prepared to share commitments and results

Diggers & Dreamers
care of BCM Edge
United Kingdom


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Plotgate Venture is currently looking for new members

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Plotgate Venture is currently looking for volunteers

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