Postal Address
Coopers Hill
Englefield Green
Englefield Green

Electronic Mail
07905 283114

We are a low-impact community based in woodland near Egham in Surrey. We don’t own the land but we have been squatting here for over one year now. We have around 15 full-time members living on 80 acres of land and we are welcoming new members to come and make themselves at home here. We have running water from a spring, guest house, vegetable garden, chickens and lots of rabbits which we hunt. We welcome any guests to stay long term or short term, in the guest house or in tents, but long term stayers are invited to build their own shelters from locally sourced materials. We use a chainsaw and two-man saw to fell trees for building and firewood.

Diggers & Dreamers
care of BCM Edge
United Kingdom

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