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Shangrileeds is a small, emerging co-housing group based in Leeds. Our aim is to develop an urban, intergenerational cohousing community within 4 miles of the centre of Leeds. We aim to create 10 to 20 homes (from 1 bed flats up to 4 bed houses) and a “common-house” which will include features for residents such as laundry, shared kitchen and meeting space as well as offering facilities for the local community. We hope to have a low impact on the environment subject to financial constraints and be accessible to people on modest incomes.

The group has been meeting since 2011 and has developed a vision, policies, an initial business plan and is registered as a Ltd Company. We work on Co-operative principles and consensus decision making. A legal body (probably a co-operative) will own the site/development and residents will own shares equivalent to the value of their own unit and contribute to the cost of the shared facilities.

Over the years, we have actively bid for a number of sites in Leeds and have good links with the local Council and Leeds Community Homes who are working with us to pursue our project.

We are always keen to recruit new, active members to help us shape and move the project on. If you are interested in finding out more and would like to get involved, please contact us through the one of the methods identified below. We are looking for a diverse, inter -generational group of individuals who share our values and vision. We have a range of membership options with differing commitment levels. For further information on ShangriLeeds please contact us at and find us on Facebook :!/groups/shangrileeds/?fref=ts

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