Summerhill Housing Co-operative

Postal Address
6+11 Summerhill Terrace
Newcastle upon Tyne

Year started
Number of over 18s
Ideological focus
Legal structure
company limited by guarantee
Open in principle to new members
Charge visitors
Work in Lieu

Summerhill Housing Co-operative is made up of two shared houses with 6 bedrooms each, both of which are on a beautiful street in central Newcastle.

community does not share income
community does not require capital from members
community has broadband internet access
community does not generates any of its own electricity
community does not use solar energy
community buildings not insulated to a high standard
community members use bicycles
community has organised system for car sharing
community is accessible by public transport
community shares utilities
community has tool sharing system
community has organised systems for recycling
community does not have any kind of ecosewage system
community is not involved in land management
community does not grow vegetables
no communal animals
no regular communal meals
community does not have policy which restricts smoking
community buildings not wheelchair accessible
community is not involved in campaigning

Diggers & Dreamers
care of BCM Edge
United Kingdom

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Summerhill Housing Co-operative is currently looking for new members

We are now accepting applications for 2 rooms
Closing date for applications is 1st May 2018

Our housing Co-operative offers control over your own living environment, affordable rent, communal facilities, a friendly group of people and a very lovely house. We have a large lounge, kitchen, front and back garden, utility room and storage room as communal areas. N.B. We currently have 1 cat living in one of the houses. We are looking for someone who wants to move in because they are interested in communal living, understands and is interested in co-operatives and wants to live in our Co-op for the foreseeable future (successful applications are expected to live in the Co-op for a guaranteed minimum of a least a year) We want someone who is sociable with the rest of the house, easy going and who will contribute to cleaning and looking after our very lovely house, and happy to partake in the responsibilities that come with living in a co-operative (monthly meetings, officer roles etc)
Applications can be downloaded at the top of the page or by being requested and submitted to Alternatively, a printed application can also be requested by calling 07938 453 584. The application deadline is 14/01/18 After receiving applications we will arrange interview dates. A new co-op member will be selected upon housing need but, just as importantly, upon some of who we feel would be most suitable to the well being of the co-op.
We cannot accept applications from students. If you have already interviewed in the past; please alert us to your interest but do not re-fill an application form. We’re looking for people who are looking to stay in the co-op for the long term and who will invest time and effort in ensuring the well-being of the co-op over a long period of time and for future tenants, so please do not apply if you see this as a mere transition.

Send them a message:

Summerhill Housing Co-operative is currently looking for volunteers

Send them a message: