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Tariki is a community of people who believe that Buddhism is something which we live, not simply a practice to be done in limited time slots during a busy day. Buddhism is the spirit which flows in our bones and the beautiful vibrancy of the world we encounter. It is the possibility for awakening to the wonder of the ordinary and to cease searching the ends of the earth for jewels which are already in our possession.
The Tariki Community centres around a large house in Narborough near Leicester. Although we no longer have as large a long term community as we used to have, we now see our role as being to offer a range of activities to the locality and to professional groups and to offer a place for people to come for short term residential stays for retreat, writing intensives, transitional times and interim life phases. We are also the hub for like-minded people, offering events, gatherings and space for a network of people with common interests. Tariki Trust runs a Buddhist psychotherapy training programme out of the house on which house residents teach. It also runs a therapy service. Residents are also involved with various social and environmental projects in Leicester and provide chaplaincy to hospitals and colleges. We share practical tasks looking after visitors and maintaining house and garden. We aim to create a community of people who are interested in learning, ideas, creativity and social responsibility and welcome the involvement of others in this project.

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Tariki Trust is currently looking for new members

The Tariki Community is currently looking for new short and long term members. Initial stay 3 months ideal for a writing retreat, life transition or simply sampling a life with others. Vegetarian and alcohol free household; easy going and quiet with periodic events. Longer term residents need an interest in Buddhism and its application, particularly in therapies and must have a capacity to contribute to the organisation.You will be expected to help out as well as joining in the life of the house and sharing domestic chores. Low rent and friendly atmosphere. contact

Send them a message:

Tariki Trust is currently looking for volunteers

Send them a message: